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    Lore Journal: 2018-2020

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    Exodus Lore Update


    Big updates have come to every single piece of lore! Everything from races, plants, animals, etc. have been revamped or updated for the new world. There are some new policies we are ensuring that is known by everyone to express our intents for the future. We will be listing them below for people to view. For the next few days, releases will be trickled over the next week. Non-standard character applications and all other submissions will open on Tuesday.


    New Submission Policy


    We are working on promoting a healthy and interesting roleplay environment for all. With this, we have made all applications on a 'soft' reapplication period so we can properly catalog and store all future information on this. With this noted, for the next month, there will be a period of an OOC month where current items with custom alchemy submissions, alloys, etc will be permitted to be used. After this month period, metals and alchemicals will otherwise be retconned, and replaced with the base material (Ex: Custom alloy sword of Gwuieor and Deep Silver will convert to one or the other, presumably someone would pick Gwueior since it is rarer). Be sure to have custom item team to change your items to the proper way!


    All alloys consisting of Deep Silver and Topegean will be converted to an alloy called 'Xradurum', the properties of which can be read in the metals section when it goes public.


    New Racial Policies


    With this release, many new races have been released. Though the most glaring absence is perhaps the Hestark. These were removed and mechanically merged with the Aestatian race. Previous Aestatians will NOT be forced to change to the new race, however are more than welcome to do so. Hestarks however are DEAD as a race, and are now considered these 'new' Aestatians. This also applies to any current satyr lirram, who are forced to change to the new Satyr lore, and will not be allowed to legacy.


    Another large change is that of halfbreeds. A glaring change to the genetics of these has left males infertile in the new world. Former halfbreeds will be allowed to switch to their fullbreed form as a PERMANENT change. This was done to promote the idea of halfbreeds being an 'outcasted' race, and they have been made to resemble the mechanics of mules breeding.




    All application sections now have guides available for people applying for the specific instance. These respective guides have been updated, please read them as some changes have been made to specific policies.


    New Character Policy


    New characters cannot come from the previous Aversia. Current Families and shelved characters may be brought through however, as this is up to the player discretion. All new characters must be made from the new world.




    All lore questions MUST be diverted to our new Lore Q&A section. If something is not written down on this thread as a clarification or written in the lore section it is NOT canon. All answers which Lore Team, Lore Masters, or Staff Team provide otherwise are NOT official, and may cause the person who asked to be reprimanded.

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    Day 1: Races, Geography and Foreign Continents.


    To begin, today on the day of the EXODUS we will be introducing not only the Brand new Lore section, but some pieces within it!


    You can find the Races, new and Old, [Here].


    Secondarily, you can find the Map, along with the Brief geography descriptions [Here].


    Following such is the Foreign Continents, which are located [Here].


    There are also a couple Event Races we forgot to Release, Located [Here] and [Here]

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    Day 2: Gods!


    The New pantheon can be found [Here]


    Fair warning, there are changes to all the gods..but there is one glaring difference. The pantheon is two gods smaller! There is a Lore reason for this, but it will have to be found out IC!

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    Day 3: Plants, Materials and Animals!


    The newly formatted Flora and Fauna can be found [Here!]


    The new [& Old] Materials can be found [Here!]

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    Day 4: Traits, and Misc Lore!


    There's isn't too much to show today that isn't from the old world, however there is one new trait that you can investigate yourself, located [Here!]

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    Day 5: Applications!


    All Applications are now open, however the niche is that every application, be it an alloy, an alchemy submission or otherwise, is now ENTIRELY public. There will be no more private applications from here on out.

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    Magic is now slowly becoming Re-Enabled. Throughout the realm Mages can begin to feel their power return to them.


    All Archmages are now Tier 2, while regular mages are at Tier 1.


    This will escalate another tier each next Friday.


    Shamans Gain 10 Shakti today, and another 10 every week up until they reach the cap that their instruments allow.

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    Rezzidual Pieces


    The new & Improved Rules of Revival and Arvoras Ascended have been released!


    The Rules can be found [Here], while the Trait itself is located [Here].

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    That time of the yearTM


    It's a Magic Rework!


    Kidding, this time were not reworking this bad boy, were changing it up entirely.


    Starting out, all mages will find that everything they currently have is GONE, kaput, boom. Spell lists are gone [Mostly], as are tiers and proficiency. Everything you thought you knew about the magic system is just as long gone as your hopes and dreams once you joined the mineman pretend server called Aethier.


    So this is gonna be a long explanation and the comedic effect is to ensure you don't go in this with a closed mind from all the rumors that circulated.


    Now, that you finally are a little more open to the idea of how this works, we can get to brass tacks.


    Starting out, the most essential thing to know about Magic and how it will currently work will be found in the two guides, Located in this Order:


    • For Mages adapting to the new system, the guide to get you partially re-introduced can be found [Here].
    • For new mages who want to understand the basics of roleplaying as a basic mage, it can be found [Here].




    Next up is the essentials, the basics of magic that any spellcaster needs to know:


    To start is the Levels of magical knowledge that will be "required" to be understood a little more IC, located [Here].


    Following this is a basic understanding with the Fundamentals of Magic, located [Here].


    In tandem follows the Definitions of Magic, located [Here], assisted by the OOC Rule set for magic & Magic applications, located [Here].


    For those of the majority following the old Magic system translating into the new, much about who you are and your capabilities can be found in detail [Here].


    Following this is the detailed thread about Catalysts [Alternatively known as "Casting Instruments"] which can be found [Here].


    Following up is the nitty gritty of Spellcasting itself:


    The basics of casting a spell is mostly located in a format for when you apply, however two fundamental systems cover those bases that must be understood before you begin:


    • Spell Power [Here]. 
    • Spell Strain [Here].
      Following up is the compendium of aspects, which is everything that "Tiers" used to be, and more.
    • Compendium of Aspects [Here].




    And then comes everything you need to know about Applications & Grimoires:


    Despite the rumors of this being an "Overpowered freeform system", it is far from the truth. While this system provides what is easily the most amount of creative freedom to the players since VERY early iterations of magic, it is also extremely moderated, allowing the Lore team to balance anything and everything that a player wishes to do so that it stays in line with the Lore and the world itself. The applications for everything under the sun relating to Magic can be found [Here].


    Finally Wrapping things up with Magic is the non-essential pieces to people who do not use magic, but wish to view and understand it anyways. To spellcasters, this stuff is still just as important:


    In no particular order we are going to start with Classifications, located [Here] which are the basics structures of spells. Following that we have further in-depth explanations of the Aspect compendium, located [Here]. Mana and the Soul are also explained in depth, located [Here] and [Here] respectively. 


    And finally the two "other" types of magic users that currently exist in the world at large, those being the Corrupted [Here], and Shamans [Here].


    Following this release are a few Miscellaneous things:


    A magic Q & A thread can be found [Here], however we advise you to triple check everything magic wise to ensure you read and understand everything, in case you missed something the first go around.


    Also Lycanthropy got some changes! [Here]

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    The stones are beginning to roll..The World awakens.


    The new continent, Honji, has been released along with the new Human subrace, the Hanese! They can be found [Here] and [Here] respectively.


    Additionally, Shaman spirits have been released, and can be found [Here] for all the shamans out there, which can now begin their work!


    And finally, Griffins and a new tree have been released! Located [Here] and [Here] respectively.

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    Minor updates as we prepare for a relatively large release at the end of the month:

    Regarding Professions: A few requirements of rank are now in place for professions regarding alchemists.

    As a brief list;

    • Lycanthrope and Lesser Vallah Cure require Expert
    • Greater Vallah Cure requires Master
    • Lovepetal requires Journeyman
    • Poison requires Apprentice
    • Cannons require Expert
    • Gunpowder requires Apprentice


    Next up is regarding Undead:

    • To be played from now on, all undead require a non-standard character app to be accepted regardless of circumstance.
      • This includes current undead, who can still play their characters until the 28th, but must reapply before then or else come the 1st of march they are unplayable until re-approved.

      [*]Second, Undead are weak to copper-this is a fact stated on their lore page, however just like silver and gold, instead of being kept secret, we are allowing it to be relatively public that it does have an affect on them. So in a small snippet: Copper being known as a proper tool against undead is now common knowledge.

      [*]Thirdly, We are now going to begin enforcing Degradation rules as stated on the lore page for players just as much as regular NPC undead.

      • This means unless specified by a mage, a sign, a staff or LT member and has valid documentation regarding it, the Staff and lore team will begin to hunt down those who are not properly playing out the degradation of an undead as written.

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    First off to the Community, I'd like to apologize for the delay when it comes to lore releases this month! Inconveniences and delays were rampant this month for a variety of reasons, but I assure you such will not happen again as long as I am able to have a say about it!


    Second, let us get to the reason why you are reading this:


    To Start, we are introducing more Plants & Animals to assist the profession system, due to a lack generally thereof regarding rarities.



    Gnuma Vines




    Lullaby Lilies

    Nature's Ladle



    Aquatic Plants:

    Golden Waves




    Lucidium Bat

    Snosabel Tiger


    Aquatic Animals:



    Event Monster:



    Event Race:

    Hrim Giants


    Second, we are releasing something that has been a long time coming! Divinity!


    Divinity: How-To Guide

    Divinity; Overview

    Divinity: Sanctification


    In addition to this, we are currently still tweaking a couple gods to ensure that they fit this world's new viewpoint, and for a lot of factors involved with such, one Deity has been slightly Tweaked regarding their Domains!



    Regarding The Damage done to the Lore due to the transfer, we are currently working hard on fixing such! As of right now most if not all of the Magic section is fixed, and more will follow soon!



    As a final note regarding Divinity, all apps will be done in the Magic applications section for convenience sake!

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    As a clarification to ensure everyone is on the same page for Divinity!


    If you wish to apply for Divinity WITH abilties that you make, you are more then welcome to.


    Alternatively, if you wish to have the LT create your abilities for you, it is likely that the App will take longer, but we are more than glad to make such if you request it! Simply state if you want us to or not before you make your own abilities. [Or don't]

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    Update: 3/30/2018


    Hello! A small update coming today that has been delayed for some time due to reasons unbeknownst to me. Regardless, some of the magic stones have been removed due to the lack of proper trees like the old system. Instead, Arcamite has become the catch-all stone, and Elderium has been updated. If you have any Salagrite Rubies, Pxyilius, Rubulithyte, or Amethysite, feel free to get in contact with the custom items team and have them changed to Arcamite. The lore section has also been incredibly cleaned up since the forum transfer. If you see any errors of formatting, etc. please report them to us so that we can fix it as we pride ourselves on cleanliness and our lore!



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    Three Updates in Two days, how about that?


    First off- We have decided to Release Valois as a human Subspecies due to its relative commonality in the race as of late, which can be found [Here]


    Second, a return of an old Event race, the Aaseghai , which can be found [Here]


    And third, a whole slew of event monsters!

    Blood-Eyed Arachnid



    Sun Scorpions

    The Leviathan

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    Minor Magic Update to make the system simpler and less complex according to feedback from the community.


    1. Spell Strain Capacity was added to Catalyst applications.

    2. Range was added to spell applications.

    3. Spell power was removed.

    4. Impact strain was removed.

    5. The Corrupted have been removed (all corrupted are now Vikret's mages with regular sparks).

    6. Catalyst thread was updated with some clarifications, Totems were also added.


    If you have any questions regarding to these changes, you can ask them in the QA for Magic!

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    Hello Minor Lore additions here don't mind us.


    Leshen & Spriggan Event Monsters [Here]


    Revenants [Here]


    Horse and Dog Breeds:

    Hanese Hotblood [Here]

    Spotted Carriage Dog [Here]

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    Minor Lore Update!

    The Divinity Application has been edited! Storyline and Feats sections have been added. Storyline is where you tell a basic story or something of your character's progression or current state of their worship. Feats are where it is stated what the character has accomplished in the name of their divines. Extra is now the section where extra comments can be made to reviewers about the application. You can find these changes here: https://www.aethier.co.uk/forums/index.php?threads/divinity-how-to-guide.46186/

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    Secondary update to further refine the system of Magic and reduce the inflation of aspects, while giving more uniformity and possible information across the board.


    The Veil [Here]

    New Classifications and Types [Here]

    Transparency and Resistance received a minor overhaul [Here]


    The spell format has also been updated, and has a new piece on it, "Type". [Here]

    You can ask any lore member to assist in editing your spells for this new format at anytime if they are able to.


    Aspects have been tweaked and redone [Here]

    Major changes:

    Vacuo removed, integrated with the rest of the Trees. This automatically frees up any points you may have had within to explore other options. [Reapplication to insert those points elsewhere is required but does not need any additional story.]

    The soul was transferred to Vita.

    Cognitia received a minor overhaul.

    Electricity is now part of Air in Materia.

    Potentia received a minor Overhaul.

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    Language Update!


    Languages for all the currently released races and cultures have been released! They are located [Here!]


    In addition, a new human subrace that primarily inhabits the Isles of belinard, the Tocoatl, are now playable!


    Also, Aervan are officially no longer an application race. Feel free to play one if you so feel like it! Keep in mind though to use fly responsibly.

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    Elderium has recieved a minor update!


    Located [Here]

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    The Final major tweak to Magic is here, and it's..relatively large.

    The strain cap has been lifted from 100 to 250, and the way to Rp it has been changed entirely to be more accessible and enjoyable, without weird arbitrary effects that are said on the thread.


    In addition, Strain itself has been tweaked slightly, now separating "Catalyst Strain" and "Individual strain". Both of which are exactly the same as Physical and mental.

    Spell Strain can be found [Here]


    The Mind aspects Sentience and Instinct have been replaced with Dreams and Truth. [Consciousness is now the default for those two.]

    Aspects can be found [Here]


    Gloves default Strain has increased to 25, from 15, and wands are up to 35 from 30!


    Finalizing on Magic, spells no longer require a research segment. Enlightenment and Aspect upgrades still require it however! Also, the spell cap is now officially 75 at MAX.


    Magical application rules are also in the process of being updated, stay tuned for that!


    The next Magic update will come soon as well, and will focus primarily on Races themselves, and how each race has a unique aspect to them that may make minor additions to how they interact with magic.


    Lore Submissions to Public Lore:

    Skrayln, Event Race: [Here]

    Kravera, Event Monster: [Here]


    Jungle Tyrannosaurus, Animal: [Here]

    Hopurysa, Aquatic Fish: [Here]

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    One of the final couple polishes to magic:


    Passive spell type has been re-added.

    The thread has been updated [Here]


    The magical RP thread has been updated, and the Aspect point system has been tweaked, as a few rules have come into play.


    Mages can have at maximum 3 of the 5 trees unlocked at any time.

    Branches now cost two, and trees themselves now cost nothing, bar some research RP. All aspects now cost 1 aspect point each with this change. The reason we did it is more mathematical in nature for the sake of being able to effectively use 30 points instead of having a few just hanging and doing nothing.

    Additional details can be found [Here] on the updated thread.

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