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    Lore Journal: 2018-2020

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    Yet Another balancing act in the final preparations for Magic:

    Strain regeneration has been nerfed quite heavily to

    • Out of Combat: 50 Every Hour -> 30 Every Hour
    • In Combat: 50 Every 2 Hours -> 15 Every Hour

    and the Cap of 250 has been reduced to 200. Keep in mind the "Hour" is the beginning of an hour, not since the strain started. There is also one addition change to the catalyst strain cap, located [Here]


    Revival System Update:

    Located [Here]


    Vershi, after the general inactivity of the attempts at its revival, has officially lost its lore in the public section and is considered a dead language, returned to the sands forever.


    Also a Reminder: The Hestark Human Race is more or less dead. While still you are able to consider yourself one IC if from the old world, when asked about your race OOC you MUST reference the Aestatian Human thread, as that is what your current race is Lore wise. Please try not to get them mixed up! This includes charatcer profiles! If we spot it after the 1st of July, we will be correcting this in a more forceful manner.


    A major change has occurred to the way we are judging Syrien, by removing the activity requirement, and also making it so that the characters do NOT count toward your 2 special character slots. They still must be applied for, however this is purely for a quality control check.

    Located [Here {Race}] and [Here {Guide}]

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    This was deemed largely important to release in accordance with a post coming later tonight.


    The Lore Calendar has been overhauled.

    Located [Here]


    Please ensure to read up on it and use it IC to your best!

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    Another Lore Update [They just don't stop]


    -Vallahism has undergone an overhaul. Not a large one, but a decent one that fixes it's page and balances the trait more heavily than before. Located [Here]

    -The Soul has undergone large tweaks, restoring it more formerly to its original piece, but compatible with the current system. Located [Here]

    -Event Monsters!

    Mor Owl [Here]

    Phoenix [Here]

    Gargoyles (Not the Void y ones) [Here]

    Crithta Fox [Here]


    Kiir Owl [Here]


    Danakov are receiving minor clarifications regarding whether or not they can have scales or smooth skin. [it is optional and allowed both ways.]


    A clarification for Magic Durations- Permanent effects are things like area wide enchantments, and can be dispelled at any point, while instant duration effects are things such as polymorphs, which instantly changes and then disperses the magic, making it permanent and irreversible unless the spell is casted again on them to change them back. The difference is that the duration is the actual duration of the spell.


    Threshock is being temporarily moved to the private section while we commit to a rework on it.


    And finally, the big piece: Aethier has been lacking a fresh newcomer guide for a long time, so we developed one. Located [Here]

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    -Silver and Gold are now Uncommon

    -Liquid Mana is now Uncommon [This Means you have to have Apprentice to Use. Twisted Manavein still takes Journeyman to Harvest]

    -Lycanthropes are Rare, Require Events to hunt.


    Moved to Event Monster: https://www.aethier.co.uk/forums/index.php?threads/jungle-tyrannosaurus.48682/


    Requires Events to Encounter: https://www.aethier.co.uk/forums/index.php?threads/pegasus.45901/ https://www.aethier.co.uk/forums/index.php?threads/griffins.44459/ https://www.aethier.co.uk/forums/index.php?threads/grandfather-ash.44220/ https://www.aethier.co.uk/forums/index.php?threads/fim-shark.44186/

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    Due to a TOTAL meltdown with my PC, we were not able to release everything we wanted to today, but they should be releasing sometime Monday or other since I'll be gone tomorrow.


    Here are some changes, along with new stuff!


    Clarification: Though applicable, Event races were stated at Non-Applicable despite the opposite being true. While they ARE able to be applied for, they are not easy to acquire! Keep this in mind as we move forward! This change is for ALL event races, including the new ones!

    The Naga [Here]

    The Rahktari [Here]

    The Aedyian [Here]



    Alvirisi [Here]

    Ocean's Breath [Here]

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    Hi my PC didn't meltdown this time and I can release everything else that was missing now :D


    Its quite a bit, so lets go:


    New Aquatic Animals and a tree in preparation for the update, more coming soon as well:

    Eladrah Tree [Here]

    Aelah [Here]

    Fenstor Hvalr [Here]

    Akrell [Here]

    Biharin [Here]

    Chroma Zakra [Here]


    Miscellaneous stuff:

    Arvora's Ascended [Here]

    Waypoints [Here]

    Threshock is back [Here]


    Event Race:

    Vilo'tae [Here]


    New legendary stone that was left over from a scrapped expansion and then edited.

    Portalstone [Here]


    Also, half-orcs got reworded to be less edgy and dumb!

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    Alright so a quick note for everyone out there who has Divinity. Please apply for your spells in a Divinity Grimoire in the Divinity applications. This will make it better for us to catalog abilities, etc. Any Divinity Grimoires not made by the end of September will be unable to use their spells until one is made.

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    • -Founder

    This is a Test Lore Journal post update! (Kyle this is really cool you'll like this new addition!)

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    Everything should be back up to date on the forums. Lore threads should be set up and moved back in. Let me know on discord if I missed anything at Kyle#2504 on discord!


    Except Hestarks, those should be done in a few days!

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    Vallahism has received a set of changes following a rather..intense discussion:

    - All stoneskin traits have been removed for all ranks.

    - Vallah lord is now a purely aesthetic rank and does not grant any additional benefits.

    - Vallah can no longer see their reflection.

    - Vallah are no longer affected by Ferality, and instead is replaced by a new effect!


    For Magic:

    - Overcharging spells now decreases the spell strain cost by 10 every turn, for a maximum total of 30 spell strain removed per spell.

    - Orbs can now only go up to a maximum of 100 strain depending on their size.


    New trait:

    Jacobins Bane [Here]



    - The shadow holy water has been removed. It is now the same as the flame.

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    As we still finish recovering from the Forum Breakage and are constantly working towards the Lore Cull's end, we still have a few sparse projects that have finished. One such being the creation of a new race! Introducing, the Dryad.


    Dryad [Here]

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    The magic system needs another rework! Not really, we just made some slight edits and are always working on fine tuning the system to be easier to understand in general. We have removed the Alteration and Transformation classifications into Transmutation. Redirection has been added into Abjuration to narrow the disciplines. More clarification was offered on the tethering classification.


    The Gambit of Arcana has also received slight edits! The location of the Gambit is now SET in the world, allowing players to discover where it is. The location was made static to give an easier time to construction team to not have to make a zillion of them, but also so others can lead mages to the spot.


    As a reminder, mages only have 200 spell strain. This slight blurb in the lore journal was lost in the forum wipe some time ago. We are currently still working on the systems for profane and working on making magic simpler/more balanced so stay tuned!


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    The fey Wilds have also been released in tandem, as it needed to get out! The Tech realm and some other pieces are still coming from the wipe, however the Lore cull is our main objective still!


    Fey Wilds [Here]

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    Hello Everyone!


    While there are some changes coming right now, most will be coming further in the Summer. As communication to us is extremely important to the community, We will be listing the current plans for the summer and beyond for this year. More will likely be posted when we decide to increase our step, but the Lore cull as of right now is our biggest concern, and we are a good 75% of the way done, and what is left is mostly just grinding out writing and finalizing formatting. Considering its a lot of threads, it's taking longer then expected.


    • Jacobin’s Bane and Revenants no Longer needs an app, and doesn’t require a special slot. Revenants of Past or presently played characters still require an NSCA application for them, but brand new revenant characters are fine.
    • Aestatian Human's are back into core and with an added mechanic, Hestarks are almost finished being written and will come very soon again.
    • Driders are now an Event race.

    Our plans for the Summer are ambitious, but confirmed. Our Game plans have been set, but putting them in motion will only occur after the Lore Cull.

    • Synchronus, The Realm of Technology will return.


    • Vilotae and Skraelyn will become Core races.
      • Minotaurs will be created and added to Core as well.
        • Fey And Hrim giants will receive full race pages like the other core races, but will remain non-standard.

        [*]Discussion is ongoing for Elephant People and Halflings, but will be further Discussed.

        • A Gumiho TRAIT is planned.


    • Divinity will recieve a facelift.
      • A core list of abilities for all divinity users will become avaliable.
        • "Domain" will be removed from abilities for the sake of not drowning people with technicalities.


    • And last but not least..major changes to the Magic system to further optimize, Simplify, and improve the user-friendly aspects of the system. Details will remain scarce on this for now, but its quite a bit. Only some of it will require player action, however. The Fundamentals will remain as they are.
      • Nonetheless, we are dubbing it Generation 5, because of how much it has, and will change compared to the original product that was first released.

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    Just a quick bit for the people doing Spirits and Necromancy to make your lives Easier, the Profane Necromancy [And other things soon] thread explaining it has been released. All mages who dabble in this should take a look.


    As well, the official polymorph rule is now out. Please edit your spells to state that you can only polymorph yourself, and not others. Polymorphing others from this point on is forbidden by conventional mages.

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    Hey everyone!



    Enchantments have been a staple part of the magic system and has been something without any general restriction as to what can be enchanted/what cannot be enchanted. Thus, we are writing stipulations for enchanting items. Let it be noted that spells that cannot be enchanted onto items can instead be put onto scrolls and tomes. We hope these stipulations open up more use of a type of catalyst we feel is underused!



    Enchantment Policy Changes:


    • Only certain spells may be enchanted onto items:
      • Generally spells that only affect the caster in a simple way (i.e. protective barriers, invisibility, illusions, muffling.) However, enchantments may be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
      • Weapon enchantments will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis until we officially release runesmithing and its respective mechanics.
      • Things such as illusions may only give wearers a single appearance.
      • More complex spells such as time-altering spells, or being able to polymorph/shapeshift are not allowed. Note: There are more spells that are generally not allowed to be enchanted onto items.

      [*]Scroll Mechanics:

      • Require the user to focus on reading the scroll.
      • People without a lit spark may activate scrolls, and mages take no strain from activating them.

    Edited by Kyle1322
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    A bit of an update on what's going on, some basic policy changes that some players will hope to enjoy along with a bit of satirical banter of a bugfix.


    • All fey will be getting their pixie form revoked come the update to the fey. Archfey, Seraphina, and Layla will retain this, as the two character received special circumstances of their creation. We will think about finding a way for regular fey to get wings, but no guarantees.
    • Scrolls for Polymorph spells are ALLOWED, however polymorph spells themselves on others raw is still not from the rules.
    • There are some confusing minds debating on whether or not depending on the applicator you would receive helpful advice or a cold hand. We are changing this policy to a purely helpful hand. Lore team will make effort to assist any player applying for something or attempting to get something and will try to assist them their best to either explain why they were declined or how they can fix it to get approved. This was resolved internally by giving everyone rehabilitation treatments.
      • [sATIRICAL]
        • Emily has been given a Lore team shitposting license after signing a contract she didn't read. This limits her to only shitposting in lore team chat lul.
        • Monomyth has been granted a couch to lay on constantly. His mood has improved and he can now actually form coherent sentences.
        • Vyniel was told she could eat people. We have a supply of gummy bear people with kool-aid blood and she seems satisfied [for now].
        • Bloomed can't speak, so we gave her Microsoft Sam. It was a terrible idea but she is happy.
        • Kaoiyr has exclusive veto rights, engaged by saying "no proof" on anything we do. This is abused early and often, and nothing will ever come out again.
        • Kismess was given a virtual puppy. One that actually is a puppy that isnt his weird vomiting chimera.
        • Moon is just happy to be here.
        • Brandon is on a multitude of Joy pills and wearing a stright jacket that frees his hands to type. That should lift his spirits and remind him he's stuck here forever.

      [*][Not Satirical]

      [*]The due date internally for the Lore cull and all the projects is June the 15th. Expect full release by the end of June, and the beginning of Gen 5 Magic changes which will go a lot faster because our team actually wants to do it instead of redoing every thread imaginable.

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    With the new pieces we are releasing, there are a few changes which need to be made to properly balance everything. With that in mind, here are the following changes:

    • Any material can be switched to something of equivalent rarity should the former effect be switched entirely. This includes metals in weapons. Below are exceptions to this:
      • Deep Silver Materials [Ore/Ingots/Etc.] can be converted to other rare material, but cannot be converted to Legendary material. This is the only exception to this.
      • Deep Silver Weapons and actual crafted goods can remain as Silvenium.
      • All Alloys and Alchemicals which are not apart of this rebalance have been removed. Leysteel has since been switched to Mithril. Anyone with Leysteel may switch to Mithril.

      [*]From now on, Metals and Alchemicals will be reviewed more strictly to ensure that their effects are unique TO THE LORE. Any effect which is too similar to another will not be approved. This does not include two different patented healing potions, just to the Official lore itself, not other people's creations.

      [*]If there are any questions feel free to message Kyle?#1322



    • A new policy change is taking place, as the recent complaints by the Lore team for general harassment to the applicator's is extremely unacceptable. If someone is caught harassing an applicator and is confirmed by the Loremaster, that person will receive a temporary-if not permanent ban from Lore applications, and possible consequences from other teams. This is a now 0 tolerance policy.
      • Until July 16th, all Magic SPELL apps are officially on hold and prohibited from being posted. This will come into effect in the Next 24 hours, so if you have the time to get what you need for the final event, please do so. Everything in the section will still be reviewed and approved/declined by the magic applicator.




    Hestark Humans: [Here]



    Aevirius [New]: [Here]

    Wynderan [Pxraphite]: [Here]

    Nagiare: [Here]

    Root of the Mountain: [Here]

    Silvenium [Deep Silver]: [Here]

    Meteoric Iron: [Here]

    Mithril [Mythril/Leysteel]: [Here]

    Siran: [Here]

    Hadalite: [Here]

    Whalorn: [Here]

    Cindium [Gwueior]: [Here]

    Topagen [Topagean]: [Here]

    Metals Specification Thread: [Here]




    Elderium: [Here]

    Necrite [Petrified Necrite]: [Here]

    Mirrorstone: [Here]




    Magic Resistance: [Here]




    Whistle Pine: [Here]

    Flesh Oaks: [Here]

    Mana Willow: [Here]

    Iron-Soul Mandragora: [Here]

    Thistle of the Undying: [Here]

    Onyxwood: [Here]

    Hero’s Ebony: [Here]




    Callinian Fern: [Here]

    Aurora Bells [Alumhnah]: [Here]

    Blackthorn [bloodlust’s Bite]: [Here]

    Wolfsbane: [Here]

    Mouthwater: [Here]

    Lullaby Lillies: [Here]

    Leafthin: [Here]

    Flick's Whiskers: [Here]

    Sunbreath: [Here]

    Glowhisper: [Here]

    Mother's Gilliflower [illwe’Nal]: [Here]

    Kalapis: [Here]



    Aquatic Flora:

    Ocean's Breath: [Here]




    Mhane Cobra: [Here]

    Maned Wild Cat: [Here]

    Striped Antelope: [Here]

    White Stag: [Here]

    Snosabel Tiger: [Here]

    Infernos' Custos: [Here]

    Colossal Crab: [Here]

    Anion Mammoth: [Here]

    The Aurochs: [Here]

    Sabre-Tooth Bear: [Here]

    Griffin: [Here]

    Pegasus: [Here]

    Mimicrov: [Here]

    Kal'gra Croc: [Here]



    Aquatic Fauna:

    Deep-Sea Akrell: [Here]

    Ghoulish Puffer Fish: [Here]

    Sand Glider: [Here]

    Ice Threader: [Here]

    Valois Caravel: [Here]



    Event Creatures:

    Undead: [Here]

    Mor Owl: [Here]

    Gargoyle: [Here]

    Kravera, Hellhounds of the South: [Here]

    Jungle Tyrannosaurus: [Here]

    Leshens: [Here]

    Spriggans: [Here]

    Matekai: [Here]

    Forsworn Treant: [Here]

    Gelatinous Ooze: [Here]

    Reaver: [Here]

    Shike: [Here]

    Bru’tag: [Here]

    Wyvern: [Here]

    Sand Wyrm: [Here]

    Miniature Dragon: [Here]

    Flightless Raptor: [Here]

    Centipreedle [Gal’morri]: [Here]

    Leviathan: [Here]

    Sun Scorpions: [Here]

    Asegai: [Here]


    • The lore Cull has many facets, and the transition period is just as important as all the new stuff.
      • You may now ask CiT to transfer any CULLED materials you have to the same category and rarity of what it ORIGINALLY existed within. I.E:
        • Western Thorncap Plant, Common-Change to Flick's Whiskers Plant, Common.
        • Scorpiite Metal, Common-Change to Siran, Common.
        • The only Exceptions to this Are Mana Willow, Dragon Materials and Hero's Ebony, Mother's Gilliflower and Kalapis. They cannot be changed into these items.

    Edited by Kyle1322
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    Until Further notice, the Scroll system is also going on hold as we work on it for the magic system. This also means that any current scrolls will also temporarily stop working.


    As well, Anyone who does not have a divinity grimoire now officially no longer has divinity, and will be required to re-apply. If found using divinity outside of bounds, they will be given a lore violation.

    Edited by Kyle1322
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    A note for those still unawares, Liquid mana is NOT a catch all reagent for alchemy. It is a magical substance that is used solely to interact and amplify the inherently magical effects of things that are INHERENTLY MAGICAL, therefore if it is not expressly stated that something in the lore is magical, all you are doing is creating a really wet, sloppy mess. Please keep this in mind.

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    Racial Genetics and Vallahism have recieved some minor updates, nothing too major in regards to children and stuff.



    Edited by Kyle1322
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    • 3 weeks later...

    Two major things with this lore drop: Divinity and Magic, respectively.



    -Divinity How-To guide now inside of the Divinity applications section and updated.

    -Divinity; Power of the Faithful is updated, found where it has always been.

    -Domain as a requisite for the App has been removed. Play nice with the Theme of the God in general, instead of its domains. This allows more freedom.

    -The shadow has been removed, replaced with a general compatibility chart for the Deities and how they respond to one another via mortals. Keep in mind this is a soft limiter, special circumstances can have every chance of circumventing these possibilities.

    -All Divinity users now start at the default of 5 abilities. This means that Entrance into divinity will generally be harder, but one will have more variety. In tandem with this, we are also generally downgrading the powers of the divinity users by a smidgen, to make sure they are still above magic, but not overly impossible to defeat. At least, not totally.

    -Slowly, we will begin to be going through people's Divinity grimoires with them, balancing their abilities to tone themselves down.

    -Any Divinity users who started at 3 or have less than 10 will receive an additional 2 abilities that we will do when we sit down with you, due to the default increasing.



    -All outdated threads cleaned out of the section, replaced by new Guide to Magic which is short and comprehensive. It contains all the Hyperlinks to the changes described below. [Here]

    -Catalysts have been entirely overhauled. Be sure to update according to the prerequisite lists of additions into your grimoires.

    -Spell strain has been reverted and effectively reversed. It is now named Mana as it was in the previous generations, and goes from 200 to 0, as opposed to 0 to 200.

    -Basic Profane rules have been released. More disciplines will be effected by profane as we work on it further. This will be worked on/changed if they are unpopular in terms of how it applies to people.

    -Concentration has become a new, major component of the magic system, giving a general more sorcerer like quality to what mages should be instead of running around like maniacs.

    -Disciplines are now allowed to be COMBINED for spells, this means you can use fire and water to make steam!, and other things.

    -Alteration and Space disciplines will combine under the name of Alteration.

    -Magnetism moved to Terramancy instead of Alteration.

    -Spirits and Necromancy combined under a new Discipline: Soul.

    -This is a retroactive change, starting now.

    -Slowly, we will begin to be going through people's grimoires with them, balancing spells with an overall consistent sheet we will create, so that everyone spells are more or less categorized much like catalysts and concentration, but still carry their unique flavoring that gives such appeal to magic.

    -Magical Items have been issued new rules and a general overhaul to their use. We will also be slowly rounding up any magic items, and balancing them just like spells, if not outright removal depending on the severity.

    -Applications for Magical items are now on HOLD until August, on which a new system for applying for magical items will be introduced to ensure proper documentation can be made, as a big problem of unknown magic items is a plague as of right now.

    -You can now apply for Magic spells again by the way.

    -Body Runes and Scrolls have been removed for a more secretive project. [shh]

    Edited by Kyle1322
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    Synchronus, the Realm of Technology has been re-written and added back since the forum wipe all those months ago.

    It can be found [Here]

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    • 3 weeks later...

    Hi! Just a slew of minor little updates as we continue to prepare ourselves for the long road.

    -Ilwenal renamed back from Mother's Gilliflower.


    -For divinity, a new minor policy change is being put in regarding abilities and changes. There are only 3 points where abilities can be removed or replaced entirely if it is NOT for the fact that they may be under/overpowered or need clarification. These times are when a lore member first creates your ability in the timespan of a month-when you first get divinity, and when you reach 9 or 10 abilities, when we remodel your kit to be more like a god's champion when you reach such a point. [Which is really freaking hard to do, by the way. The difference between 8 and 9 is like the grand canyon.]


    -Coming up in the next couple days is the rework of the Dryads to be far more interesting and unique, while also opening up the avenue to create a proper centaur race separate from them that will be coming later. [i hate mentioning this but because of the surprising demand for catpeople, foxpeople and wolfpeople, dryads will be allowed to assume those forms.]


    -Magic item apps are now once again open for buisness, and all magic items, be it golems, amulets, swords or anything in between, must be re-applied for starting now. Catalysts are NOT considered magic items. Magic Items are items with a spell or effect enchanted onto them.


    -Skraelyn and Vilo'Tae are still on course to be added into the Core races, and Halflings will make a return soon to the core as well.

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    The Dryad Rework makes it's appearance! Read well, as it is quite different, and has many more options compared to the original!


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