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    Welcome to Aethier- a fantasy medieval roleplaying server! If you are a new player reading this thread, we are excited to see you show the interest in joining and only want you to feel comfortable during your first days growing familiar to our forums, community, and of course the online server. There is a lot to discover on Aethier, possessing a wide variety of different lore pieces, all of which are in great depth. While everything may at first seem overwhelming, do not fret. Much of the first days are adapting, and many players are willing to answer any questions a new player may have.

    Regarding roleplay, you may find there are many different styles each player has for themself. Aethier is not specific in attention to present or past tense writing. Separation between actions and dialogue is needed, of course, yet immersion and conformation to the historical timeline the server has been set in is likely the most important when roleplaying- that and well formulated writing! By taking in these brief guidelines, enjoyable roleplay is just up the road, making the server fun for both veteran and new players alike.

    Becoming familiar with the lore and Aethier’s different systems is the next step. This thread helps with all the first steps a player must take in order to feel more settled in, including basic help for both forums and on-server scenarios. It narrows down our broad range of lore just to focus in on the larger details a newcomer must know of before joining. We hope you find these guidelines helpful, and that you will soon have fun on the Aethier server!


    Knowing the Lore


    Creating a Character - Races:

    Of course the first steps to becoming familiar with the Aethier server is to create a character! We have an extensive thread all about our races, each one being described separately with different and unique characteristics. While taking the time to read each one can give you a much broader perspective on which you would like to play the most, it can take a long time. If you are eager to hop onto the server and would rather gradually sift through the lore over time as you play, then look no further- linked below is each playable race, along with a basic overview of each one for an easier understanding of any new player.


    The races in each class are listed in order from the most played, to the least played.


    Click here if you would like to see the entire race forums. Click on a name if you would like to view the entire lore of that race.


    Below we have brief overviews of the various races in the lore.






    • Common Height:
      • Male: 5'6" - 6'
      • Female: 5'1" - 5'7"
    • Common Build: Ectomorph, Mesomorph, Endomorph

    • Common Eyes: Brown, Grey, Hazel, Green, Blue

    • Common Hair: Brown, Black, Blonde

    • Common Skin Tone: Tanned, Pale

    • Real Life Comparison: Portuguese, Spanish, French, Romanian

    • Common Languages Spoken: Valois, Common

    • Summary: Valois are known for having a set structure in social classes, where monarchs rest at the top, followed by knights, artisans, peasants, and slaves. Their culture tends to be surrounded much with religion, broken down into simple facets: The Lord, the Lady, and the Wayman- with the female deity tending to take charge of the pantheon, equivalent to Ombra and Arvora. Unholy matters are very crucial to be dealt with, usually by the means of conflict. Noble Houses are also of great importance to the Valois, with dowries occuring in marriage and surnames being passed down to the wife.



    • Common Height:
      • Male: 6'1" - 6'7"
      • Female: 5'5" - 6'1"
    • Common Build: Ectomorph, Mesomorph, Endomorph
    • Common Eyes: Blue, Green, Brown, Black, Gold, Grey, Hazel
    • Common Hair: Brown, Blonde, Black, Ginger
    • Common Skin Tone: Full Human Spectrum, Mainly Peachy
    • Real Life Comparison: Roman, Greek
    • Common Languages Spoken: Aestatian, Common
    • Summary: The Aestatian people pride themselves mainly on law and order, and thusly their pantheon mostly reflects this, their clergy showing favoritism to the gods Veltes and Vassas. With males being the dominant sex, boys are tutored by their fathers or other male figures and girls their mother or grandmother to learn how to manage a household. Traditionally, able-bodied men perform five years of military service, which can help their future in government positions- strongly being militaristic.



    • Common Height:
      • Male: 5'9" - 6'6"
      • Female: 5'6" - 6'2"
    • Common Build: Mesomorph, Endomorph
    • Common Eyes: Pale Blue, Amber, Green, Grey
    • Common Hair: Brown, Blonde, White, Platinum, Ginger
    • Common Skin Tone: Pale with a Pink Tint, Pale White
    • Real Life Comparison: Old Norse, Slavic, Scandinavian
    • Common Languages Spoken: Avaltan, Common
    • Summary: Avaltans are largely tribal people, occupying the North and are considered nomadic. Unlike many other races they find the gods weak, instead their Jarls seen as lesser demi-gods of the sort- following a moral code through elders and chiefs instead of the pantheon. They follow many unique tribal traditions, such as a right-of-passage when children come of age, with little divide between genders associated with jobs. Tribal Avaltans consider their brethren which have traveled South ‘Weak Kneed’, whom have instead sustained themselves by living in towns or farms.



    • Common Height:
      • Male: 5'3" - 5'9"
      • Female: 5'1" - 5'6"
    • Common Build: Ectomorph, Mesomorph, Endomorph
    • Common Eyes: Black, Brown, Green, Gold, Red, Lavender
    • Common Hair: Black, Brown, White, Red
    • Common Skin Tone: Pale, Yellowed, Tan
    • Real Life Comparison: Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Mongolian
    • Common Languages Spoken: Hanese, Common
    • Summary: The Hanese are a spiritual people, being from the Far Eastern continent of Honji. Worshipping their Empress as divine in status, the Hanese live a relatively peaceful life, steeped and tradition and low on crime. The Hanese are best known for their work in the arts, their ancient knowledge and texts and their conflicts with the West.



    • Common Height:
      • Male: 5'2" - 5'8"
      • Female: 4'9" - 5'6
    • Common Build: Ectomorph, Mesomorph
    • Common Eyes: Brown, Amber, Black, Orange
    • Common Hair: Dark Red, Black, Brown
    • Common Skin Tone: Caramel, Dark Brown
    • Real Life Comparison: Egyptian, Gypsies, Northern African
    • Common Languages Spoken: Common
    • Summary: The Yusati are largely involved in mercantile businesses and travel, mainly presiding in the Desert. They establish centers of trade within markets and populated towns and villages, collecting and presenting wide varieties of goods. Usually involved in a patriarchal system, Yusati men strongly rule over their trade bands and towns. They are known to have a staunch set of beliefs mainly based around Venti, Oklamat, and occasionally Sol.



    • Common Height:
      • Male: 5'5" - 5'9"
      • Female: 5'2" - 5'6"
    • Common Build: Ectomorph, Mesomorph
    • Common Eyes: Brown, Gray
    • Common Hair: Brown, Black
    • Common Skin Tone: Caramel, Brown
    • Real Life Comparison: Aztec, Mayan, Incan, Native American
    • Common Languages Spoken: Tocoatl, Common
    • Summary: The Tocoatl are an exotic race of man, found mostly on the Southern Island continent of Belinard. The Tocoatl are perhaps one of the more variable cultures, each varying from island to island in their traditions and unique characteristics. Most hold a strict adherence to preserving nature and are named after the snake which consumes the sun, Coatl.



    • Common Height:
      • Male: 5'7" - 5'11"
      • Female: 5'4"- 5'8"
    • Common Build: Ectomorph, Mesomorph, Endomorph
    • Common Eyes: Blue, Green, Brown, Black, Gold, Grey, Hazel
    • Common Hair: Brown, Blonde, Black, Ginger
    • Common Skin Tone: Full Human Spectrum, Mainly Peachy
    • Real Life Comparison: Holy Roman Empire, German
    • Common Languages Spoken: Heilig, Common
    • Summary: The Hestark are a proud people, only being named as such within recent times. Their Konig or King, Conrad von Einar recently reclaimed Bannesiel from the profane forces. These people value family, strength, and order above all. For religion they pray most commonly to the deities of Sol and Veltes who helps maintain their pure and strong characteristics.





    High Elves

    • Common Heights:
      • Male: 5'10" - 6'5"
      • Female: 5'8" - 6'3"
    • Common Build: Ectomorph, Mesomorph
    • Common Eyes: Hazel, Grey, Brown, Blue, Green
    • Common Hair: Brown, White, Blonde, Black, Auburn
    • Common Skin: Pale Peachy Skin
    • Real Life Comparison: Gaelic
    • Common Languages Spoken: Elven, Common
    • Summary: Considered to be of the Noble Elven class, High Elves have been greatly integrated into human society, celebrating the same Aversian traditions and holidays. Usually living in whatever lands they are born in, due to their long life span High Elves they can find themselves gaining power and authority. Most of the time they do not have a set worship, taking after whatever faith their parents had. However, Vikret and Vassas may be the most prominent ones within certain sects of Elven society

    Dark Elves

    • Common Heights:
      • Male: 5'7" - 6'
      • Female: 5'5" - 5'10"
    • Common Build: Ectomorph, Mesomorph
    • Common Eyes: Purple, Pink, Red, Porcelain
    • Common Hair: White, Black, Grey
    • Common Skin: Varying Shades of Grey, Purple-Grey
    • Real Life Comparison: Elder Scrolls Dunmer, Dungeons and Dragons Drow
    • Common Languages Spoken: Elven, Common
    • Summary: Dark Elves notably live within natural or hand carved caves, thriving in underground cities traditionally. They have a very set social structure, with hunters being the highest caste, followed by tradesmen and farmers- who are the poorest and most unappreciated. Those on the surface are considered to be exiled from these protected underground cities. Dark Elves most commonly pay patronage to the gods Domm, Ombra, and Belek, who fit their ideals of tradition

    Forest Elves

    • Common Height:
      • Male: 5'10" - 6'2"
      • Female: 5'9" - 6'
    • Common Build: Ectomorph, Mesomorph
    • Common Eyes: Green, Brown, Hazel
    • Common Hair: Brown, Black, Green, Red
    • Common Skin Tone: Tanned
    • Real Life Comparison: Gaelic, Tolkien Wood Elves
    • Common Languages Spoken: Elven, Lahn, Common
    • Summary: Forest Elves are known to be somewhat distant from societal boons, being more loosely organized and primitive. Ignoring the process of farming, they are highly nomadic in singular tribes which roam the breadth of a single forest. They most often worship Arvora, who not only promotes their hunt but for the cycle of life. In this way, it is not uncommon for Morto's worship to be found alongside the worship of the goddess of life

    Snow Elves

    • Common Height:
      • Male: 5'6" - 6'
      • Female: 5'4" - 5'11"
    • Common Build: Ectomorph, Mesomorph, Endomorph
    • Common Eyes: Blue, Green
    • Common Hair: White, Blue, Platinum Blonde, Blonde, Uncommonly Brown or Black
    • Common Skin Tone: Pale with Pink Tint, Pale with Blue Tint
    • Real Life Comparison: Inuit
    • Common Languages Spoken: Elven, Common
    • Summary: The Snow Elves are primarily hunters of the North, living within tribes that include many set traditions- some rather harsh compared to other Elvenkind. Though some tribal Snow Elves are still prevalent and follow these structures, some have been split off and found to be living in the midlands and in villages or even cities, thence considered to be of the Noble Elven class. Snow Elves have a different way of showing their pious side, fearing gods but thanking them when they show mercy. They show the most fear and thanks to Morto, Venti, Bahari and Oklamat for the fears of death, harsh weathers and unlucky hunts






    • Common Height:
      • Male: 4'4" - 4'8"
      • Female: 4'1" - 4'6"
    • Common Build: Endomorph
    • Common Eyes: Blues and Browns
    • Common Hair: Dark Blonde, Brown, Black, Ginger
    • Common Skin Tone: Tanned and Darker Skinned
    • Real Life Comparison: Scottish, Old Norse
    • Common Languages Spoken: Dwarven, Common
    • Summary: The Dwarves are considered Domm’s children, their usual capitalistic society focused around manufacturing and construction and often classified as miners because of this. Many ruins of the Dwarven have been found in the past, bearing their vast history which occasionally holds advanced craftsmanship work. Nearly all of the Dwarves, of course, worship Domm. Those that tend to follow either Belek or Foli tend to be looked down by Dwarven society.



    • Common Heights:
      • Male: Average Height Between Mother and Father, Leaning More Towards Father.
      • Female: Average Height Between Mother and Father, Leaning More Towards Mother.
    • Common Build: A Blending of Both Parents. It Is Likely For Them To Be More Stocky Than Normal Elves, and Thinner Than Normal Humans.
    • Common Eyes: Determined by Lineage. May be Either Elven or Human.
    • Common Hair: Determined by Lineage. May be Either Elven or Human.
    • Common Skin: Determined by Lineage, Though Commonly Leans More Human.
    • Real Life Comparison: N/A
    • Common Languages Spoken: Elven, Valois, Aestatian, Heilig, Avaltan, Hanese, Common
    • Summary: Half Elves live amidst either Elven or Human societies, sometimes shunned for their birth due to interbreeding. Their culture varies largely considering their parents likely shared differing life-styles. Half Elves can live in caves, huts, or normal housing, but unless they are outcasted, they are rarely grouped together as themselves. Depending on their parental sub-race they may choose to worship nigh any god.


    Half Orcs

    • Common Height:
      • Male: 6'1" - 8'
      • Female: 5'8" - 7'4"
    • Common Build: Half-Orcs tend to have a blend of builds between each parent. They tend to be stockier than humans on average and thinner than orcs.
    • Common Eyes: Determined by lineage, may be orcish or other human/elvish.
    • Common Hair: Determined by lineage, may be orcish or other human/elvish.
    • Common Skin Tone: Mottled or non-mottled versions of the following: Yellow-green, Reddish-Tan, Gray, Brown, Green, Light Orange.
    • Real Life Comparison: N/A
    • Common Languages Spoken: Orcish, Common, Elven, Valois, Aestatian, Heilig, Avaltan, Hanese.
    • Summary: Some people consider a Half Orc’s birth has been caused by committing sins in their past life at Arvora’s whim. Usually they live in isolationist communities, where active faith practices are rare. Or, instead, they try their best to blend in with society, tending to situate in middle-class standards or in poverty due to racial stigma against them.


    Half Mer

    • Common Height:
      • Male: 5'1" - 5'9"
      • Female: 4'11" - 5'6"
    • Common Build: Ectomorph, Mesomorph, Endomorph
    • Common Eyes: Aquamarine, Sea Green, Blue
    • Common Hair: White, Blue, Platinum Blonde
    • Common Skin Tone: Pale, Tanned
    • Real Life Comparison: Phoenician, Greek
    • Common Languages Spoken: Elven, Common
    • Summary: Half Mer can usually be found on the islands of Belinard or along mediterranean climates. Their culture can be a blended mix of both parents, though tend to have a stronger association to the sea, sometimes preferring to live on their ship than in a permanent settlement. Some of the sailors pray to Venti for good winds, and for Bahari to give them a lack of harsh waters.





    • Common Height:
      • Male: 5'5" - 6'0"
      • Female: 5'2"- 5'10"
    • Common Build: Ectomorph, Mesomorph, Endomorph
    • Common Eyes: Yellow, Red, Lilac, Brown, Black, Light Blue
    • Common Hair: Black, Brown, White, Red
    • Common Skin Tone: Terracotta, Red, Purple/Blue
    • Real Life Comparison: Tibetan, Bhutanese, Indian
    • Common Languages Spoken: Kovish, Common
    • Summary: The Danakov tend to find more of a spiritual connection to their dragon predecessors instead of taking interest in the pantheon. Having a split in their culture, some Danakov take after more tribal ways of life, ranging nomadically across the wilderness and said to have closer connections to dragons. Others have instead integrated into human society, where their connection to the land is much more loose. Danakov are split roughly into three kinds, the northern, jungle, and desert. Each of these Danakov is apart of a different dragon's brood.



    • Common Height:
      • Male: 5'8" - 6'4"
      • Female: 5'6" - 6'2"
    • Common Build: Mesomorph, Endomorph
    • Common Eyes: Browns, Silvers, Golds, Olives, Blues
    • Common Fur: Golden, Brown, White, Black, Mahogany
    • Real Life Comparison: Zulu, Polynesian, South African
    • Common Languages Spoken: Sumili, Common
    • Summary: The Leonin are a proud race of more warm climates. Holding tribal traditions, the Leonin are a race mostly devoted to the Sun God, Sol. There are those who are born out of place, resulting in something more lean and smaller, said to be cursed by Ombra.



    • Common Height:
      • Male: 5'5" - 5'11"
      • Female: 5'3" - 5'9"
    • Common Build: Ectomorph, Mesomorph, Endomorph
    • Common Eyes: Green, Gold, Brown, Blue, Black
    • Common Hair/Fur: Brown, White, Black, Grey
    • Common Skin Tone: Brown, White, Tanned
    • Real Life Comparison: Greek Myth
    • Common Languages Spoken: Elven, Lahn, Common
    • Summary: Satyr’s have been known for their party and greed during their existence. Though really this is due to their pilgrimage in the name of their most often worshipped god Oklamat, having a strong emphasis on luck and fortune. Though usually coinciding with Forest Elves, they accept many other races most of the time, respecting their own customs and traditions.



    • Common Height:
      • Male: 5'8"- 6'2"
      • Female: 5'2" - 6'
    • Common Wingspan:
      • Male: 7'8" - 9'2"
      • Female: 7'6" - 9'
    • Common Build: Ectomorph, Mesomorph
    • Common Eyes: Black, Browns, and Blues
    • Common Feathers: Black, Browns, Grays, White, Russet, Golden
    • Real Life Comparison: Tibetan
    • Common Languages Spoken: Aervani, Common
    • Summary: The Aervan peoples are an extremely scholarly race, having an obsession with writing and recording information within their close society. Their settlements mainly include monasteries within the mountains, though some have managed to find their way into accepting modern cultures. Their worship usually includes Venti, a god which creates the wind for them to soar on.



    • Common Height:
      • Male: 4’0’” - 4’10”
      • Female: 3’6” - 4’4”
    • Common Build: Ectomorph, Endomorph.
    • Common Eyes: Black, Brown, Gold, Red
    • Common Fur: Black, Gray, Brown, Rarely White
    • Common Skin Tone: Tan, Rarely Gray
    • Real Life Comparison: Skaven warhammer
    • Common Languages Spoken: Common
    • Summary: The Skrayln are descended from ordinary rats and a mad alchemist who enjoyed tampering with the natural order of life. They were interbred with one another and given more and more human-like characteristics with each dosage attempting to make them human. Eventually most escaped their captors and now room the world in small caves and other hiddy holes.



    • Common Height:
      • Male: 4’5” - 5'0”
      • Female: 4'7” - 5'3”
      • Letith: 5'9" - 6'2"
    • Common Build: Ectomorph, Endomorph.
    • Common Eyes: Black, Brown, Gold, Red, Purple, Pink.
    • Common Exoskeleton Color: Browns, Beige, Dull Orange, Yellow, Peach, rarely white or varieties of gray.
    • Common Bug Types: Praying Mantis', Ants, Beetles, Cricket's, Cicadas, Moth's, Butterfly's, Ladybug's, Dragonfly's, Bee's, Wasps, etc to other insects.
    • Real Life Comparison: Bee colonies.
    • Common Languages Spoken: Vilish , Common
    • Summary: Vilo’tae are at first glance insectile humans, varying widely in terms of what insect they resemble based on which colony they are from. They colonies are ran by the Lelith of their tribe being seen as queens. They are the only ones that can give birth to children with other Vilo'tae at which point they will loose their wings.






    • Common Height:
      • Male: 8' - 9'4"
      • Female: 7'4" - 8'11"
    • Common Build: Mesomorph, Endomorph
    • Common Eyes: Yellow, Red, Brown, Black, Green
    • Common Hair: Black, Brown, White, Grey
    • Common Skin Tone: Green, Terracotta, Light Red, Grey, Brown
    • Real Life Comparison: Mongolian, Magic the Gathering Orcs, Elder Scrolls Orsimer, World of Warcraft Orcs
    • Common Languages Spoken: Orcish, Common
    • Summary: Tribal Orcish settlements are commonly nomadic, the Orcs controlled by their hierarchy and leader of a chieftain. Tribes include unique cultural traditions, known to be effectively functioning clans. Though the race has proved to be widespread and diverse in these regards. Much of the culture is based on local customs, though some Orcs have broken from these customs, and are no longer considered an Orc by the tribes. Sterk unsurprisingly happens to be their most common worship in the pantheon.



    • Common Height:
      • Male: 4'2" - 4'11"
      • Female: 3'11" - 4'9"
    • Common Build: Ectomorph, Endomorph
    • Common Eyes: Brown, Green, Red, Black, Yellow
    • Common Hair: Black, Brown, Grey, White
    • Common Skin Tone: Green, Terracotta, White
    • Real Life Comparison: Magic the Gathering Goblins
    • Common Languages Spoken: Orcish, Common
    • Summary: Goblins have been told to be the rejects of Sterk, unlike their Orc counterpart. Some cling onto Sterk worship, though their habit to live in underground environments directs them instead to Domm. Unlike Orcs which have a more centralized culture, Goblins rather vary in their traditions from group to group.






    • Common Height:
      • Legged: 4'6" - 5'7"
      • Tailed: 6'2" - 8'3"
    • Common Build: Ectomorph, Mesomorph
    • Common Eyes: Green, Blue, Brown, Black, Violet, Red, Yellow
    • Common Hair: Black, Blonde, Brown, Red, White
    • Common Skin Tone: Pale, Tanned
    • Real Life Comparison: Greek Myth, Greece
    • Common Languages Spoken: Aquatic, Common
    • Summary: The Syrien kind mainly establish a central hub within the ocean, with their kingdom being led by a matriarch. They often settle in coves so they may establish a safe home underwater, though there are some who rather live on the surface instead, where integration in human society doesn’t tend to be difficult. The god they mainly worship is Bahari, seeing her as a protective mother figure.



    • Common Height:
      • Legged: 4'4" - 5'2"
      • Tailed: 7'9" - 10'10"
    • Common Build: Ectomorph, Mesomorph
    • Common Eyes: Indigo, Black, Brown, Grey
    • Common Hair: Black, Brown, White
    • Common Skin Tone: Ashy, Pale
    • Real Life Comparison: Greek Myth, Greece
    • Common Languages Spoken: Aquatic, Common
    • Summary: Syva-Syrien are very similar to their Syrien cousins. Not only are they physically larger underwater, but are considered to be more savage or tribal compared to Syrien. While they share many similar ceremonial traditions with Syriens, they tend to be more distant and lonesome- having more difficulty if they were to adjust to human culture, and rarely establish settlements. Similarly they worship Bahari.
    • Common Height: 4'1" - 6'0
    • Common Build: Ectomorph, Mesomorph, Endomorph
    • Common Eyes: Brown, Amber, Green, Blue, Black.
    • Common Regions:
      • Forest: Lush greens and browns, akin to trees, bark skin patches.
      • Plains: Petals for hair, paler greens, Resembles flowers.
      • Caves: Mushroom kin, Brown or red, toadstool hats.
      • Swamps: Lilypad or Vine like, Long hair, darker greens colors.
      • Sea: Algae or Seaweed, Webbed hands and feet, cyan colors.
      • Desert: Rough skin, weakness to cold climates. Yellow colors.
      • Snow: Survive in the cold, blue/paler green skin. Weakness in heat.
    • Real Life Comparison: Living Flora
    • Common Languages Spoken: Lahn, Common
    • Summary: The Sinnehliv are a plant based race, and are therefore very caring to nature which they are specially connected to. Generally being very passive because of this, condemning the act of harming other beings. Holding onto the belief they were created by Vikret, they often worship her or the god of life, Arvora.


    • Common Height: 5'0" - 6’0”
    • Common Build: Ectomorph, Mesomorph
    • Common Eyes: Green, Red, Amber, Brown
    • Common Hair: Variable, Usually Colors Found in the Forests
    • Common Skin Tones: Pale, Beige, Tanned, Caramel
    • Real Life Comparison: Celtic, Druids
    • Common Languages Spoken: Lahn, Common
    • Summary: Dryads are the fauna cousins to the Sinnehliv. Instead of having skin like leavess they are the descedants of the humans that protected the forest many years ago. Arvora blessed them with the features of the fauna she had created giving the humans the ears, tails and small claws.


    • Common Height:
      • Male: 7’2” - 10’7”
      • Female: 6’5” - 9’3”
    • Common Build: Mesomorph, Ectomorph
    • Common Eyes: Blue, Green, Black
    • Common Hair: Black, Brown
    • Common Skin Tone: Full Human Spectrum
    • Common Furs: Chestnut, Buckskin, Black, Grey
    • Real Life Comparison: Greek Myth,
    • Common Languages Spoken: Lahn, Common
    • Summary: Centaurs have the upperbody of a human and the lower body of an equestrian. Cousins to the spriggan and leshen, centaurs were formed to act as guardians to the historical clash between the two. The centaurs are the guardians of the forests and attuned with Aisha’s element, the vaya of Order and life.





    As written above, the many races have different languages which are often spoken by them. With Common being the main language, each race usually has their own specific dialect. The listed languages that are common are often not all known by one person, but are rather the more likely of what they could know, depending on origin, etc.


    Click here to go to the Language forms.


    Divinity - Gods:

    Though not all people may choose for their character to be affiliated in a religion, a lot of it has to do with which personality would fit with which deity. People may find this fleshes out their character more, or at least gets a foundation set for how they may act in the world around them. Divinity is very free to interpretation of both the player and character, depending on what they believe would suit best.


    Click here to go to the Divine forums.


    The Calendar

    This basic system helps players understand how OOC time translates into IC time, and sets up an easy method to establish IC dates which can come in handy during roleplay. However, be aware that the transition between day and night does not always have to be roleplayed, due to day and night only being one hour each and a single roleplay scene can last much longer than that.


    Click here to go to the Calendar.



    Basic Commands on the Server


    Chat Channels

    As said before, there are many languages which are able to be spoken by different races. Fortunately, all languages have been implemented into the chat system for players to be able to switch to. By viewing the language lore in order to see all of the options, simply type in the command:

    /ch (insert name of language)


    Common is slightly different, though is usually the main chat which is roleplayed on. You can switch to it by typing:

    /ch rp


    Chats which reach a shorter distance are:

    /ch rpi - The ‘I’ stands for Indoors.

    /ch w - The ‘W’ stands for Whisper.


    When roleplaying in the shorter distance chats, players are able to indicate which language they would be speaking by writing the first initial(s) of the language’s name.

    For example, Va: “Hello.”, which would stand for someone speaking in Valois.



    What would be found after soon entering the Aethier server is the ability to have different titles which display to the left of a character’s name. You can set your title using the command:

    /char title (title)



    Ports are essential if you would like to explore the map of Aversia and to meet other online players to roleplay with. Ports warp you immediately to different towns or cities across the map. They can be either ships lined along docks or small carriages near different areas- usually located right outside of city walls. Signs are marked on or near a port to say which carriage/ship leads to what place.


    A very important thing to have up when travelling is the dynmap. This can be accessed at the top of the forums which can be found in the row to the left of your forum name. This can especially help to see where roleplaying hubs are located.


    Click here if you would like to take a look at the dynmap.



    Systems of the Forums



    When first starting out on the server, you may notice the currency of Arunes, which is both the OOC and IC currency everyone uses. The easiest way to get more arunes is by voting for the Aethier server. The voting tab can be accessed at the top bar of the forums to the left of your name. It is under the Contribute option.


    Once the sites have been voted on, Voting Crate Keys will also appear in your inventory. These can be used on the voting crates which are located at spawn- voting crates supply players with IC items, which can prove to add flavor in roleplay or even be helpful to a character. Patron Keys can be obtained from a normal voting crate or can be bought via forums. Patron crates can give a player more rare items that can be used ICly.


    Profession System:

    The profession system serves as a very helpful starter point for players who do not yet know what sort of job their character will take part in. Not only can it give the sense of purpose when playing a character, but also be a source of income when items are made and sold- or be kept personally, of course. Businesses and other opportunities can sprout if enough work is put forth towards a profession or professions.


    Click here to read about Professions.


    Custom/Material Item System:

    The Custom and Material item systems tie into the Professions system. By creating items, it can build up a character’s experience at a profession as they age. Though usually every custom item must be made from something else already gathered. This refers to the Material gathering system, where a short roleplay is needed about how the character happened to obtain a resource which has been written in lore. Here it is important to delve into the geography lore of Aethier in order to know how and where to get certain materials. These collected materials are then able to be used for a Custom Item, where creation roleplay must be written in order to obtain the item in which you planned to make.


    Click here to read about the Custom Items: Applications, Information, and Rules.

    Click here to read about the Material Gathering System.

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    Current Roleplay Groups/Factions/Regions

    Below are descriptions of most of the different regions and factions currently present on Aethier. Click on the spoilers to see a summary of each of the different regions! Everything is in alphabetical order based on the region name you will see on the Dynmap in order to make it easier for players to identify which groups are located where. All regions are player created and owned, so your character can feel free to seek out the different groups in roleplay if you are interested in joining an open group!



    Region NameAeternum

    Faction: Aeternum



    Off the coast of Adelona lies the island of Aeternum. A swamp that inhabits the mystical. Pixies, Lycan, Gargoyles, while the swamps can be perilous, the small city that rests on the highest plateaus is quite the opposite. Steeped in Aestatian culture is the city of Aeternum, that which the island is named after. Lead by Lord Maars Annex, the people value the strength and heart of their peers above all else. Aeternum has become home to hunters and warriors seeking to prove their strength; to families that wish to live peacefully on the off the shores of the mainland. Aeternum is often visited as a vacationing spot due to it's lush growth of large trees, mushrooms, and other flora, all due to the fey that also inhabit the island, making it a valuable destination to alchemists. Aeternm is a welcoming community, happy to see any face that makes its way onto the island, be it for a temporary visit or a more permanent residency. 


    Common Character Types

    • Races
      • Aestatian Humans
      • Danakov
      • Syrien
    • Classes
      • Lycan
      • Hunters
      • Gladiators
      • Mages
      • Alchemists

    Accepting New Players?: Yes!

    Can new player characters leave the faction freely IC if they do not feel it is a good fit for their character? Yes



    Camlann {The Morrigna Clan}

    Region Name: Camlann

    Faction: The Morrigna Clan



    At the edge of the world, where the cold air seizes the lungs and flesh freezes in water, Camlann sits. Lodged on an island in the far north, it is home to An Morrigna, a clan of snow elves from various walks of life that worship bizarre deities known as the Old Faith - supposedly older than the current ones - and proceed with odd traditions. It is a home to whalers, hunters, healers and astòr. It is lit by the light of two great trees; one of perpetual fire, and the other whose leaves are made of lightning. In Camlann, many are expected to pick up trade, to improve themselves and to protect the Clan at all odds, outsiders tend to view the island as full of savages and barbarians worth little else than disgust or avoidance, whilst those accustomed will find a harsh, brutal but welcoming people whose beliefs differ to greatly from other civilizations.


    Basically, we're tribal snow elves living in the cold harsh north, and we worship nature gods. Give us a go: [Click!]


    Common Character Types:

    Mostly snow elves, sometimes other types of elves, rarely anything else. Orcs aren't welcome, neither are vallah, as well as known demons. If you're tribal though, you'll be welcome here. If you're interested in becoming tribal, or just want to hang out in the north, come and check us out. Culture wise, we are a weird mix of Celtic/Gaelic countries, Inuit, and Monster Hunter. We also don't tend to do magic, we're more geared towards shamanism here, and more rarely divinity if it can be attained.


    Accepting New Players?:

    Yup. You can make a character already part of the Clan, or you can choose to join it and learn our culture organically.


    Can new player characters leave the faction freely IC if they do not feel it is a good fit for their character?:

    We give joining characters a month to decide, people are free to check it out, but they won't be a part of the Clan until that trial period is over. We do not recommend making a Clan character if the player means to leave, but all of that can be solved IC.



    The Kingdom of Holmsgard {Holmsgard}

    Region Name: Kingdom of Holmsgard

    Faction: Holmsgard

    Description: The great city of Holmsgard is a vast, industrial city built around the large lake which feeds the Wuxine river. This body of water supplies the land with the necessary sustenance to grow valuable grain and crops. Below the city, the slowly renovating undercity houses a wide assortment of subterranean peoples. Avel von Maddoc and Koldradrum Silvershield founded the nation in the year 2 AE. The country was created to uphold the ideals of Domm: Family, Progress, and Industry. Holmsgard became the first Aversian nation to peacefully transition to a new Sovereign. Following the passing of King Maddoc, the Underking began testing Lady Krianna B. Alum to determine if she would be a worthy successor. At the end of the Ardent Lucem war, the Underking bestowed the Crown of Holmsgard upon the late King Maddoc’s closest apprentice and mentor. Thus, the Kaiserin Krianna Boise Alum ascended the throne of Holmsgard.


    To this day, Holmsgard remains a nation where tradition lives alongside progress. The Maddocian keep of Varraine overlooks the city of bustling streets, favorable housing, and busy shops. No nation surpasses the artisanal know how and industrial might of the Holmsgardian people. The neighboring countryside is populated by more pestorial citizens and small enclaves of settled dark elves. The later groups are shattered through the ample cave systems of the neighboring mountains. It is a common sight to see golems assisting people all over the city. These constructs are well maintained and venerated small extensions like the Earth Father, himself.

    Common Character Types: Skilled and unskilled Laborers, Craftsmen and craftswomen, Engineers, Scholars, Soldiers, Adventurers, Doctors, Alchemists, Mages, Tickers, Nobles, and Merchants are all common within Holmsgard. Domm worshippers are the most prominent faith present in the country. Vikret worshippers occupy a meaningful portion of the population. Cursed beings and worshippers of Foli find Holmsgard a more difficult land to live in. The country is not outright hostile to these persons. The branded servants of demons are unwelcome in Holmsgard and cannot lawfully own a residence in the city. Holmsgard is openly hostile to the Fallen. Holmsgardian/Helmisch alignments usually range from Neutral to Lawful and Neutral to Good.

    Accepting New Players?: Yes.

    Can new player characters leave the faction freely IC if they do not feel it is a good fit for their character?: Yes, the realm is friendly to visitors and temporary workers. It offers hospitality to newcomers. It does not matter if the visitor intends to stay permanently. Holmsgard is always looking for willing members to add to the great Helmisch family. 



    Ilysari {Kingdom of Ilysari}

    Region Name: Ilysari

    Faction: Kingdom of Ilysari


    Description: The Kingdom of Ilysari is a new and blossoming kingdom, settled currently by a sole capital city. They reside beneath the ground and tunnels thereof, setting stone houses supported by dark oak collected and transported into the cavern. It is a sanctuary for those who find themselves wanting to be away from the general debauchery of the world and instead flourish in a more sophisticated and noble city. The island, Duken, is almost paradise like with lush greenery and expansive beaches with a small, humble docks on its northern most beach, its port open to most if not all who wish to trade or stay awhile. It was made to be a safe haven, and despite its firm rule and laws, it most certainly is one. It accepts most if not all sorts of people, with the occasional exception, with little judgement and open arms.


    Common Character Types: The common race seen in Ilysari is humans and dark elves, a small portion being Vallah. The Vallah, being so few in number, are generally nobility or royalty within the kingdom. Greenskins are mostly looked down upon, however, they are free to enter as any other, but have different rights and privileges in the kingdom if they were to break a law or cause disruption in the kingdom. It also has a good amount of fishers, soldiers, miners, and artisans. Smiths are also prevalent due to the flow of materials and precious stones.


    Accepting New Players?: Absolutely.

    Can new player characters leave the faction freely IC if they do not feel it is a good fit for their character?: Depends on IC circumstance, but it is most likely a yes.



    Kal'gorah {Vassal to Holmsgard}


    Region Name: Kal'gorah

    Faction: Vassal to Holmsgard

    Description: In an attempt to escape the genocide and salvers of the North, Shel Dreambinder along with other survivors escaped to the continent of Arkolos. Where they met up with an old ally, The king of Holmsgard, during this meeting he offered to protect the Orcs and Goblins and allow them to build a settlement down the river from the industrial kingdom. Since then Kal'gorah has flourished and is a prime location for Shamans and those would wish to live far from the city life.

    Common Character Types: The typical population of Kal'gorah is made up of Orcs, Goblins and those who follow the Shamanistic path or at the very least respect nature.

    Accepting New Players?: Yes

    Can new player characters leave the faction freely IC if they do not feel it is a good fit for their character? Yes



    Ora'vea {Order of Slakter}

    Region Name: Ora'vea

    Faction: Order of Slakter


    A town made to house the Order of Slakter. The streets are filled with oddball guards of differing armors. The town itself is passive to all other nations, paying no mind to the politics of the world. It takes pride in being an independent party, but will be one to help a city in need. This mountainous town is home to the Mal'arn family, whom run it without need for titles. Artistic in the ways of the people, they value the importance of commerce and trade. A welcoming people, who's Order's only goal is simple. Hunt the monsters of the world, any that threaten the peace of the people.

    Common Character Types:

    All Races Welcome
    All Magic Aurums Welcome
    Curses are treated case by case, depending on the risks and dangers

    Accepting New Players?: Yes

    Can new player characters leave the faction freely IC if they do not feel it is a good fit for their character?: Yes



    Vaedra {The Archduchy of Vaedra}


    Region NameVaedra

    FactionThe Archduchy of Vaedra
    House Aveylon


    The Province of Aversia is filled with different races, cultures, and foes. Elves, Orcish Tribals and distinct Kings dominate the landscape- with twisted profanities such as the Void, Demons and Undead that seek to corrupt all that is known. It is a mystery to all of humanity, all of life has not withered into dust. But through ambition, and sheer will, has Humanity as we know it flourished and grew. There is one nation that fits such an explanation, that serves no other than the icon of Humanity’s versatility, and indomitable spirit. The Archduchy of Vaedra. A recently established Dukedom upon the River that leads to Saerwald, it stands as a rising vision of Mages, Engineers and Warriors alike. 


    There are three things that makes Vaedra great; Faith, Steel, Blackpowder. These three tenets define Vaedra; a faithful society, dedicated to Sol- and to the survival of all that is known in the world. However, while this bite of tenacity is welcome- Sol’s warming light will always be open for any. Offering aid, shelter, and good-will to any well natured individual; Vaedra’s doors remain open to any and all walks of life. But, as their shield is both protecting and strong; the sword will always remain sharp.


    We have a custom culture, and custom religion! Click below for further information-


    Common Character Types: 
    To simply explain; Vaedra encompasses several 'cultures' and 'themes' that are somewhat combined into a single faction. Below, races and character 'themes' that would fit such a faction.

    • Races and Subtypes
      • Human [ Valois, Aestatian, Heilig, Hestark ]
      • Humanoid Races [ Dwarves, Syrien, Elves ]
    • Religious Preferences
      • Sol - Vaedra is home to the organized Church of Sol.
      • Dahriim
      • Vikret
      • Sterk
      • Domm
    • Character Themes 
      • Religious Fanatics [ Crusaders, Zealots, Flagellants, etc ]
      • Mages
      • Warriors [ Sellswords, Knights ]
      • Aristocrats
      • Smiths
      • Aaog Shamans
      • Scholars  


    Accepting New Players?Yes!

    Can new player characters leave the faction freely IC if they do not feel it is a good fit for their character?Absolutely!

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