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    Aversian Calendar



    This is a base-line aging method that everyone does not have to follow. Players are permitted to follow their own aging pattern if they would prefer their characters to age at different times.

    One OOC Day = 12 Days or 1 sept

    One OOC Week = 3 Months or 1 Mense

    One OOC Month = 1 Year or 1 Tsel

    One OOC Year = 1 Cycle

    Two OOC Years = 1 Era



    Seasons in Aversia follow the OOC seasons of the northern hemisphere. They also line up with our OOC seasons (GMT).



    Days in Aversia happen every two hours (GMT). The IC names of each day are as follows;


    [12:00am - 1:59am] 1: First

    [2:00am - 3:59am] 2: Second

    [4:00am - 5:59am] 3: Third

    [6:00am - 7:59am] 4: Fourth

    [8:00am - 9:59am] 5: Fifth

    [10:00am - 11:59am] 6: Sixth

    [12:00pm - 1:59am] 7: Seventh

    [2:00pm - 3:59am] 8: Eighth

    [4:00pm - 5:59am] 9: Ninth

    [6:00pm - 7:59am] 10: Tenth

    [8:00pm - 9:59am] 11: Eleventh

    [10:00pm - 11:59am] 12: Twelfth



    Septs in Aversia line up with our OOC day. Each sept is made up of 12 IC days. The Sept names are as follows;


    1: Monsept

    2: Tuesept

    3: Wensept

    4: Thursept

    5: Frisept

    6: Satursept

    7: Sunsept


    Mense in Aversia line up with the corresponding OOC weeks in the month. Mense will usually end on a Sunsept except for the final mense of the tsel.


    January, for Example:

    1st - 6th = First Mense

    7th - 13th = Second Mense

    14th - 20th = Third Mense

    21st - 31st = Fourth Mense


    Years in Aversia line up with our OOC months. The IC names of each year are as follows;


    January: Glacies

    February: Amaries

    March: Leerily

    April: Pluvily

    May: Fonily

    June: Arimber

    July: Cladimber

    August: Simber

    September: Altrina

    October: Folina

    November: Mortina

    December: Hiberies


    A new Era occurs once every 2 OOC years or 24 months. Whilst Exodus have known to occur on the dawning of a new era, they are not a certain event.



    Thursday, August 1st, 2019 at 5:00pm [GMT] = Ninth of Thursept, First Mense of Simber, Five B.E. [before Exodus] Fourth Era

    Sunday, May 24th, 2020 at 10:00am [GMT] = Sixth of Sunsept, Fourth Mense of Fonily, Five A.E. [After Exodus] Fifth Era

    Wednesday. June 8th, 2022 at 8:00pm [GMT] = Eleventh of Wensept, Second Mense of Arimber, Eighteen A.E. [After Exodus] Sixth Era

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