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    Event Team Announcement

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    • -Team Leader

    Evening All,


    Hopefully this is my first and only announcement of this kind as Event Secretary but I’m here to basically clear up the circumstances and reasoning behind an event ban being issued to a player yesterday. The Team Leader proposed in Event chat, an event ban. However, they wished for it to be discussed and decided on by the members of the team.


    A discussion was held in which the length of the ban and possible existence of it was discussed with several team members contributing, eventually a majority vote was passed in favour of a one month event ban with a one month probationary period following the expiration of the ban. Both myself and the team leader abstained from the vote for the sake of not influencing the vote nor did we express opinions in the discussion.


    In the end, the vote was passed in favour of the ban and whilst a very uncommon thing for us to do, the majority of our DM’s felt it was appropriate. The reasoning behind such was disruptive behaviour in events and repeated toxicity towards DM’s. We on the event team do not tolerate such behaviour and DM’s reserve the right to remove players from Events if they are continually disruptive or rude to the DM’s who willingly volunteer their time to provide events for players.


    We can understand and appreciate the gravity and impact of this decision on the player and their roleplay, and how it can affect other roleplayers around them. This decision was not made lightly but in light of grievances raised by members of the community, in an act of transparency we wished to come forward about our process in making this decision.




    Event Secretary

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