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    Ban System Rework

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    • -Team Leader

    This is an official announcement regarding the new rework of the Ban and Appeal system, that will be effective immediately.

    Additionally, to reflect the new changes, we will be systematically going over the current roster of banned players and deciding whether or not they should be unbanned or should have to appeal as part of an 'Indefinite Ban'.

    Here is the vote to pass this change in system.

    Vote rework.png

    For: Against:
    Tree Olyblob

    To view the thread please see the below thread.

    Rework 1.png


    This section has seen an overhaul, the focus being largely on the fact that votes on warnings will now be public to the players who have had the action taken against them, and if no action is taken. The vote will still be made available in the report made. Otherwise, warnings build up and expire naturally, if you have two warnings you are on a last warning status. Three unexpired warnings is a ban.


    rework 2.png


    This section has only experienced a small change. The phrase ' Special circumstances such as repeat offences may result in a different expiration time.' as we felt that such actions would be handled in the changes to how bans are handled. All warnings expire after 3 months.


    Rework 3.png


    This is the BIG Change. 

    1. Ban reports now include public votes on the ban and as much evidence as possible.
    2. The Appeal system is 90% gone, instead of being banned and having to appeal to have the ban removed. Instead you will now be 'Temp-Banned' depending on how many times you have been banned. Once the ban expires you can return to the server.
    3. Once you return to the server after being banned, you will now experience a 1 OOC month Probation period, during which you need to demonstrate that your behaviour has changed since you were banned. Effectively, you need to not perform any behaviour that would warrant a ban or a warning.
    4. Should you conduct yourself in such a manner during your probation. You will be banned, and your ban timer will reset and escalate to the next timer.
    5. These 'Temp-bans' are not appealable.



    rework 4.png


    These are the new timers that scale with more bans you have as a player.



    Rework 5.png


    Should you be deserving of having four or more bans under your belt, then you will experience an 'Indefinite Ban'. This most reflects the old ban and appeal system. Instead of being 'Temp-banned', you will instead be banned indefinitely until you appeal to return. If your appeal fails, nothing happens as you are still just banned. If you are successful, you return to the server and experience a 3 OOC month probation period.

    If you have any feedback or suggestions regarding this updated system, please leave your constructive comments on the forum thread below.



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