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    Awakening from an Ancient Slumber (Chapter 1)

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      • Kyle1322
        By Kyle1322
        The final battle approaches at the crater of the Mana Vortex, where the fortresses of the angels and the burning cannons of the demons appear across the no mans land of a once active wrathguard. Two great beings will fight it out, and in the end, only one side will come out on top. Surely there would be no outside interference to cause such a battle to go awry?
      • Kyle1322
        By Kyle1322
        Hibernias is here, full of wishes and cheer! The people celebrate across the lands, both demon and angel, mortal and animal.
        It seems a great peace and serenity has come to the realm for this sept, stopping all manner of hostility and hate if only for a brief moment. The cold persists, yet it cannot breach that warm feeling of comradery that is ever prevalent in each and every person.
        Yet a sense of wanderlust still remains in many people's hearts, of discovering the unknown and to find the greatest of treasures.
        Perhaps for this reason, a strange anomaly has occurred. A great gingerbread castle has appeared in the northern reaches of Ardemor, with four banners flowing atop them. That of the Spade, the Diamond, the Club and the Heart. A letter and crier is sent to all corners of the world, ushering them to the castle with haste. For it seems it will only be here for the sept. It promises a wonderful time, filled with "dancing" and "problem solving", alongside a meeting of all four lords of the castle.
        At such a prospect, many seem to gather, including a rather unexpected ally, and begin their trek to the castle. After all, what could possibly go wrong inside a world of candy?
      • Kyle1322
        By Kyle1322
        The snow falls on the delicate eve of Hibernia, where many patrons, drunk or simply living in the cold with rosy cheeks and a warm brew watch as the grand lit up trees will glow brightest on the eve before celebration. Many a romance gathers around, placing presents before the trees as offerings to both the gods and their own fortunes for the new times ahead. At the peak of the great tree, a golden star brighter then even the moon at its peak on this eve rested, which was a beacon to those both weary and tested.
        Yet, a great noise of a snap and a swallow cuts it all away. A great shadowy beast, dressed in a blackened and half dissolved Father Hibernias (Santa) outfit has seemingly swallowed the star that glows so bright! The patrons look in shock as they speak and mumble..and before long, they all notice the same thing once the strange beast roams out of sight.
        The color of the world, the happiness of the season is fading away!
        To those willing to take up arms, of which many usher and prepare, a letter rests beneath the corpse of an old bear.
        "If any of thou dare to take back your wares, come and find me."
        And so the story of how Gluttony Ate Hibernias began.
      • Kyle1322
        By Kyle1322
        Despite the supposed festivities from the other realms, many of the divine have seem to have gone silent. Even the appearance of Demi-servants upon Oklamats plane have dwindled, and people have begun to gradually go home. Despite this, the realm has remained open and stable, until soon enough a sign blocks the entranceway into the realm.
        "Until further notice, the tournament has been postponed indefinitely. Matters relating to the survival of the multiverse have been brought forth that requires our undivided attention."
        If it could possibly get any more ominous then that, a strange pitch black ripple was sent through the skies, which originated somewhere within Aversia. Something had made landfall.
        And then reports of large silhouettes in the sky above every city in the west only called further question of what came next.
        [Expect random events in the next few days in Arkolos!]
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