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    Aethier Dictionary

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    Aethier Dictionary

    Listed below is a series of terms that are used in the context of the server. The defined things will be used for spells, abilities, and general understanding of server mechanics, etc. This list of terms is flexible and will be expanded upon when more words are deemed necessary to add, remove, alter, etc.


    Ability: Any effect which is not procured by magic.

    • Aura: Effects which are created/cast using aura.
    • Mundane: Effects which are not tied to a specific aurum such as racial abilities.

    Animal: An animal is any non-sentient living fauna.

    Archfey: Powerful unique fey creatures.

    Aurum: The part of the soul which can be enlightened in various ways to gain specific abilities tied to a specific resource or potential.

    Area-of-Effect [AoE]: A spell, ability, etc. that targets an area, usually a sphere, cube, etc.

    Casting Instrument: A casting instrument is how certain aurums cast their spells. Aurums need a casting instrument in order to cast their spells. Casting instruments are not considered enchanted items and do not require attunement as one. Some casting instruments such as mage catalysts have their own attunements however.

    • Catalyst: A mage casting instrument.
    • Idol: A shaman’s casting instrument.
    • Voice: A feyspeaker’s casting instrument.
    • Tool: A runecrafter’s casting instrument.
    • First Gift: A dragonmarked’s casting instrument.

    Charm: An effect which draws a creature towards an object, caster, person, etc.

    Concentration: The ability to focus in order to cast spells or abilities.

    • Low Concentration: A spell or ability which can be cast during full mobility such as running or flying. The caster may be wounded and will only be unable to cast while having taken a Severe tier wound or above.
      • Demonbranded and Divine Blessed always cast at Low Concentration.
      • All enchanted item activations require Low Concentration, unless they have a healing effect—at which point, they will require no concentration.
    • Medium Concentration: A spell or ability which can be cast during combat or walking, but not while running or flying. Surprises such as large explosions, random obscenely loud noises, and greater than minor injuries will prevent casting. 
      • Runesmiths can write while not in direct combat. All writing otherwise is considered at Medium Concentration.
    • High Concentration: A spell or ability which cannot be casted during combat scenarios or while moving.
      • Feyspeakers do not have High Concentration spells.

    Creature: A creature is any living being with any kind of soul, sentient or not.

    Cursed: A curse which has been given from a higher power, usually as punishment.

    Difficulty Class/Dice Check [DC]: A roll that must be made, usually on a d20. To succeed, the number must equal or be greater than the check.

    Divine: Things directly touched by or created by Deities.

    • Deity/God: The highest divine being, created from aura and considered to be one of the most powerful beings in all the realms.
    • Divine Servant: The deities’ immediate servants and most powerful underlings.
    • Divine Spirit: Angels, etc.
    • Divine Blessed: Those touched by the deities and granted boons and blessings.

    Demonic: Things relating to Demons or Farcanith.

    • Prime-Evil: The highest demonic creature, representing each demonic ability.
    • Demon: The highest ranking of demonbranded. These demons are able to grant the powers of the prime-evils to others.
    • Imp: Creatures from the realm of farcanith made of corrupted aura.
    • Branded: Those touched by demonic powers by a demon and granted boons and/or blessings.

    Dragon: Things relating to the Elder Dragons.

    • Elder Dragon: Beings of pure shakti, ancient and being the progenitors of their broods and domains. 
    • Sentient Dragon: Dragons who retain sentience.
    • Feral Dragon: Dragons who may be as powerful as their sentient dragon cousins, but are themselves not sentient.

    Enchanted Item: An item made with aura, shakti, or mana for some purpose or effect.

    • Trinket: A minor enchanted item with small use or aesthetic. Ex: An Ethereal Torch, a Ring that Glows, Etc.
    • Mystic: The standard for items created by players. Ex: Cloak of Invisibility, Fire Sword. These objects must be attuned to. A character may only have three mystic items attuned to. NPC golems count towards this attunement.
    • Artifact: Powerful magical items which are not able to be created by players and purely come from powerful NPCs, Gods, Beings, etc. An artifact counts towards the enchanted item limit, but a character can only have a singular artifact or artifact set if such exists.
    • Gargantuan: Items which are not trinkets, but do not count towards the magical item limit because they cannot be possessed mainly due to their size. Ex: Airships.

    Ethereal: A plane where sources are located and seen. Anything made from Mana, Aura and Shakti can be discovered through it with the right tools, such as arcane eye for Mana. Nothing exists or can naturally exist here either then the sources.

    Golem: Anything which has a golem core enabled and is able to function with it. The material of the golem would not classify it otherwise.

    Grimoire: The Out-Of-Character storage of a character’s spells or abilities.

    • Magecraft Grimoire: The storage for a mage’s spells.
    • Ritualistic Knowledge: The storage for a shaman’s spells.
    • Runic Journals: The storage for a runecrafter’s spells.
    • Draconic Powers: The storage of a dragonmarked’s spells.
    • Language Repository: The storage of a feyspeaker’s spells.
    • Divinity Grimoire: The storage of a divine blessed’s abilities.
    • Demonic Abilities: The storage of a demonbranded’s abilities.

    Holy: Things by or relating directly to the gods. Usually objects or people that have been granted boons by deities.

    Homunculi: Artificially created living creatures without soul. 

    Illusion: Sensory deceptions of sight, taste, sound, etc

    Incorporeal: Physical beings which are not tangible, such as certain types of undead.

    Immunity: The complete inability to be affected by something. Ex: unable to be harmed by fire.

    Instant/Instantaneous: A spell, ability, or effect which happens immediately on the user’s turn.

    Line of Sight: The ability to see a target, usually in regards to launching a projectile.

    Mundane: Anything which is not aura, shakti, or mana being directly manipulated through magic or other means.

    Object: Anything which is not sentient or living.

    Person: Any sentient, humanoid creature.

    Plane: A realm that is not necessarily tied to one another by space. Ex: The elemental planes, the divine realms, etc.

    Planet: A realm which is outside of the reach of the original planet divided by space in spherical shapes.

    Profane/Unholy: Any concept, idea, spell, etc. which is in direct opposition to the designs of the divine.

    Projectile: Any object, spell, etc. which is launched towards a specific target.

    Relic: An item which is granted by a deity or demon. These also act as a casting instrument for the one using Aura. Relics count as an attuned item.

    • Holy Relic: The relic granted by a deity.
    • Pact Relic: The relic granted by a demon.

    Resistance: The partial immunity of something to something else. This can include reduced damage or effects from said thing.

    Rest: How resources are usually recharged. The character must be out of a stressful scenario and only be partaking in minor activities such as eating, drinking, sleeping, exercise, etc.

    Root/Snare: The legs of the target are bound, not allowing for movement but allowing for casting if able.


    Sentience: The ability to understand, think, process, and react.

    • Natural Sentience: A creature which is born, is sentient, and has a soul with the ability to develop an aurum. 
    • Artificial Sentience: A thing which is not born, but is sentient and lacks a soul with the ability to develop an aurum.

    Spell: Effects made with shakti or mana.

    Stressful Scenario/Situation: A stressful scenario is any scenario which is innately dangerous such as combat or healing another.

    Stun: An effect which prevents the affected from moving, acting, casting, etc. for a certain duration.

    Tangible: The ability to interact with something directly, whether real or not.

    Target: The creature or object which is the aim of a projectile or effect.

    Turn/Emote: A turn is the full round of posts made by players and returning back to the original post.

    Trait: A permanent, usually soulbound effect which persists on a person from varying sources.

    Undead: Creatures that are raised through profane powers which have marred their souls. These could be physical undead or incorporeal undead.

    Vaya: The things relating to the elemental planes.

    • Vaya Lord: Some of the most powerful beings originating and propagating the ideas of their elements.
    • Spirit: Spirits are beings which originated in the elemental planes, but came to inhabit and possess certain aspects of the mortal realms. Ex: Rivers are usually inhabited by water spirits, caves inhabited by earth spirits, etc.

    Veil: A plane between planes which mana is known to flow through. The veil ties together nearly all planes.

    Void: The idea of absence, the antithesis of aura, shakti, and mana.

    Vulnerability: The partial sensitivity of something to something else. This can include increased damage or effects from said thing.

    Wound: Any damage which has been done to a target.

    • Minor: Minor cuts, scrapes, and bruises.
    • Mild: Lacerations, minor (hairline) fractures, punctures, and gashes requiring sutures.
    • Moderate: Broken bones, minor blood loss, second degree burns, minor appendages (fingers, toes, etc.)
    • Severe: Third degree burns, major blood loss, major lacerations, large gashes, large/deep puncture wounds, etc.
    • Lethal: Fatal wounds, organ damage, missing limbs, etc.
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