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    Lore Journal 2021 Onwards

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    • 3 weeks later...

    Hello for the second time this year everyone! While there's not many major lore updates, we have a few major announcements alongside more minor changes and major ones.


    In an effort to further improve our communication with the community, on February 21, 2021 at 5 PM EST Lore Team will be having a Public Meeting with the playerbase. Below is a link to a Feedback Form we would like for you all to fill out. This form will close on February 6, 2021 at 10 PM EST so please submit your feedback in before then! Lore Team will discuss the feedback independently and then come to discuss with the community further during the public meeting about what the results of the suggestions are.




    Strength and Speed have been updated to a 2.0 version, with better descriptors and general changes. These are ONLY to strength, though. Speed remains mostly the same barring the difficulty of hitting smaller targets with ranged weaponry.

    Strength and Speed


    Magic and Feyspeak Soulsight abilities are getting split into two new tools. Check the Souls base tree for mana to see the two new soulsight variants.


    Magic also has a couple new base spells.

    Spells for item crafting have been added as base spells to the Terramancy (Spell: Forge) and Biomancy (Spell: Woodworking) base trees.

    With this addition, Basic Biomancy in the base tree was tweaked to clarify it cannot be used to create custom items.

    The Enchantment of Mind Protection has been updated.


    Polymorphing is undergoing a major change to set it the way that it was more envisioned to be, and for all intents and purposes will act differently on all levels of Aurum.


    • Polymorphs will occur in two variants, illusionary/Skin deep and completely, but channeled.
      • In the case of skin deep, one will only look the part and it will be permanent, but they will receive none of the traits of the race nor the ability to interbreed or be that race in any effective way.
      • In the case of complete polymorphing, it is temporary, but channeled. While being channeled like other spells, nothing else can be casted, but you will get the traits of that race and everything which goes along with it.
    • Shapeshifting (The act of turning into an animal or beast) is unaffected.
    • Those who have polymorphing in feyspeak can contact @natureluvr to get themselves sorted out.


    • Polymorphs will occur in one variant, being illusionary/skin deep.
      • In the case of skin deep, one will only look the part and it will be permanent, but they will receive none of the traits of the race nor the ability to interbreed or be that race in any effective way.
    • Shapeshifting (The act of turning into an animal or beast) is unaffected.


    • Can no longer polymorph others.

    All concentration breaking abilities are currently being edited to reflect that they will break all forms of concentration regardless of aurum type. If you have a spell that is not from the base trees but it has the stipulation “non-divine” in it somewhere that involve breaking concentration, contact Gina because chances are that stipulation can be removed now. This is to put these abilities in line with the dictionary and tether the power gap a bit.


    Shifters no longer have any indication of being a shifter upon their soul. Knocking out or using alchemicals that cause uncontrollable polymorphing are among some of the ways to solve this issue.


    Fallen have received a couple touch ups, including the ability that, in exchange for being mundane, allows them to be entirely concealed and unable to be spotted. Also generally some mental clarifications and changes.


    A few new standardized inventions/alchemicals!

    Holyman's Chalk

    Gallant's Luminosity

    Shifters Madness


    These animals have received a minor touch up.

    Gelatinous Ooze


    Aoressan Camel


    You can now request permanent polymorphs via NSCA, but keep in mind the reasons myst be for storytelling and genuine reason, and as such will be rather harsh.


    There are other things coming, as always the workload does not cease, but we are beginning the transferral of Aethier's lore onto a Wiki, so content may slow down somewhat. Forward warning!

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    As a minor issue lost in translation to note for everyone, it was previously said that all mana and shakti based abilities could remove their non-divine/non-aura stipulations for everything; that was a mix up. The stipulation can only be removed for CONCENTRATION BREAKING SPELLS AND ABILITIES.

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    • 4 weeks later...

    A tweaking of the definition of Profane Psionics, to take into account what the Pantheon truly cares about.

    Profane Rules

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    • 2 weeks later...

    Hey everyone! Just a few systematic updates as the Wiki nears its completion. The lore team has not stopped working since we have implemented the freeze to allow the wiki to finish at an accelerated pace. The amount of stuff is getting a bit staggering, even for me, but the wait will be over soon! For now, enjoy these clarifications and definition changes!


    Dragonmarks have been updated to clarify the effects of what occurs if your patron dragon goes kaput and kicks the bucket :(.


    Anybody who has spells or abilities that creates a custom disease needs to have it applied via a lore submission as well. We want to use your cool diseases too you know!


    Feyspeak has received a major update to make it more unique to itself, as all cast times are now relegated to 2 turns or less for the most part, but their mana costs have received a minor increase. They are meant to be rapid casters, and shouting isn't a slow process like magecraft. Any additional question can be thrown toward @natureluvr and the thread will be updated ASAP.


    As a reminder, mind wipe abilities have a hard cap now, 2 OOC weeks with or without consent.


    Mundanes now have a third profession slot! As long as you do NOT posess an Aurum, you can have a third (3) profession slots total. You lose one when you gain an Aurum.


    Transmutation has been and will be specified that you MUST have held and/or worked with with the material to transmute something into it, including proof.


    And finally, Feats have been replaced! All systems now posses a different section of explanation as to why you deserve the progression you desire in different fashions. I'd check it out and get a feel. Every aurum app section requests a different form of progression for your characters in a concise manner. Not quite bullet points, but not 2 paragraphs either.

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    • 4 weeks later...

    (I promise this isn't an april fools joke)


    Starting from now on, and if it's mentioned anywhere let me know so we can edit it, Primary approved apps do not count toward your upstanding app limit. If one of your apps in a section is primary approved, it does not count as an application that is up.

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    Minor, or I guess major thing for many:

    Lesser Divinity is now the starting point if a player wants to apply to participate in the Divinity system. From this point, the only other method to enter the Divinity system is for Lore Team to grant a character Divinity at the Lesser Divine or Blessed Rank. Ranking up is slightly altered, when progressing from Lesser Divine -> Blessed. As this rank up is non-applicable, instead Lore Team must grant Blessed status. From Blessed rank onwards, the system continues as per status quo.


    Expect a lot of content releases and changes soon, as the Wiki is complete, barring training and translation of the new threads to it. It's gonna be rough at first due to us being rookies for the whole thing, but bear with us!

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