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    CIT Update Notes March 12th, 2021

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    • -Team Leader

    Custom Items Team Update

    March 12th, 2021

    Notes: This will be broken down into two sections. The first section is for

    general custom item updates for applications. The second section will

    discuss a joint update between CIT, Lore Team, and Faction Team.

    Any questions can be asked HERE.

    This is my first update thread so I hope you will like it.


    Custom Item Updates

    • The maximum number of item apps you may apply for has been increased to TWO (2) a day, with a max of TEN (10) a week.
      • This is with the future goal of moving back up to a larger number, but as I get used to my role and what my team can feasibly handle, this is the new maximum we will allow.
    • The Quality discount is being reintroduced, but with specific parameters. The Excellence discount is NOT being implemented.
      • This will be a discount of 5,000 arunes.
      • Effort must be put into your roleplay on the application. This does not necessarily mean length, but there should be thought put into what you write.
      • Please understand that each reviewer is different, and that this discount is subjective to what the reviewer decides. Please do not argue or have a bad attitude towards the team if you are not given it, there are always future apps!
    • A clarification of material embellishments is being implemented. There will be three levels. 
      • Plating a weapon in another material will require equivalent amounts. This is the ONLY level where embellished materials that affect profane will actually affect them in combat.
        • Ex. You make a longsword of steel, but wish to plate it in gold to fight profane. You used 1kg for the steel, so you must use 1kg of gold.
      • Lining or half-plating will require half of the material amount. Profane creatures will not be affected by the embellished material.
        • Ex. Using the same longsword, you would use 500g of gold.
      • Engravings or simple decorations will require 1/5th of the material amount. Profane creatures will not be affected.
        • Ex. Using the same longsword, you would use 200g of gold.
    • Blacksmith material amounts have been added to the Crafting Requirements Sheet.
      • Caps for staves: 200g
      • Horseshoes: 250g per shoe
    • A warning system has been put in place, rather than an instant item app ban. Keep this in mind! Rudeness and aggressiveness will still not be tolerated.


    Joint FT/CIT/LT Updates - Airships and Naval Ships

    @Brogan @Kyle1322

    • A rundown of the Airship process:
      • Lore Approval is required for the Amenity in your Region
      • FT Approval and acceptance of Airship Dock Amenity
      • CiT App for Item for airship
    • Airship Item Rules:
      • The only way to get an airship of any kind is through this process, and the region owner is the only one who can apply for the items!
      • Should an item be transferred between players, you must notify CIT and FT.
      • You MUST have an item for airships. They will be free.
    • Clarification on Naval Ships: This may change, pending FT updates!
      • Currently, usage in war requires a Region and Manpower. 
      • Cannot be used to affect MP, stealing ships does not affect manpower. 
      • Item optional for standard/common ship. 
      • Special ships (enchanted, special devices, etc.) require an invention or enchanted item app and require a custom item.
        • Using these in a war requires an HUA (Hero Unit Application).


    So yeah that should be everything! Thank you for reading ^-^

    Bookwormpower out! Peace!

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