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    FT Systems Update: March 15th 2021

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    March 15th, 2021:


    If any wordings or mechanics are confusing feel free to ask questions on Faction Team Q&A


    Regions and Vouchers

    • Vouchers and Regions:
      • The Faction Team has implemented a Private Organization system, information can be found HERE.
      • Encampments have been removed.
      • The NPC guard rules have been edited to include Private Organization's Holdings in its parameters.


    War System and Manpower

    • Player Related War System Updates:
      • Neutral Mercenary Players have been replaced by Companies for the war system (In relation to the Private Organization system).
    • NPC/Manpower Related War System Updates:
      • The MP units of "Bowmen" and "Longbowmen" have been reworked to become "Bowmen" and "Crossbowmen".
      • The MP per airship ratio has been reduced to 1,500 MP per airship.
        • Reminder that you require a new airship item to represent your airship as of the last CiT update (They are free go read the update HERE).





    • Miscellaneous Updates:
      • None
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    There may be a common misunderstanding to how airships are obtained. 1500 MP is not the cost of the airship, the amount of airships a region can have circulating at any given time is determined by X=M/1500 rounded down. Where X is the region's maximum airship capacity and M is the region's base manpower. Airships only require 50MP to be crewed and even then only during wars or active conflicts.

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