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    Godswar Saga: The Journeys End

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    [I will be writing snippets of these leading up to the void arc, to show the differing perspectives and choices that have led us to this point.]


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    The skies above Miklagard were dark and violet, another symptom of the ever present voidal invasion during the third era. The capital city of the Heilig empire lay in ruins, it’s best defenders laying amongst the rubble, felled alongside the very beacon of spirit they failed to protect. As the last of the survivors fought a hopeless retreat to the docks, the sky was alight as he was in combat with what was once his son. Tiberius Rhett de Leon, Karl von Amador and many others bled as they managed to get aboard the ships, with only forty survivors out of the over two hundred-thousand people in the city at the start of the sept. Another drop in the cup of the lives that have been lost to the threat of the void.


    Across the rest of the realm, the mortals fought a losing battle as inch by inch of land was ceded to the endless war machine of the void. Death was certain for them, yet they fought against an overwhelming enemy they could never defeat, no matter the hope and smiles they shared. In a sense, the All-Father felt some kind of sympathy for them, if not a quiet pity. Every cycle came and went, and countless people died over and over to reach the same foregone conclusion. They would lose. We, would lose. 


    Gasping and surprised, the blade defeated the gods defense and plunged into his chest, tearing out the other side and impaling his avatar. This was the fortieth time it happened in the span of ten seconds. No matter what change he made, what shift he did-it ended the same way. Every perspective and chance he saw was defeat. There was no way out of this fight that did not involve his avatars death. The All-Father thought perhaps his direct intervention could change the result of a losing battle, but that was futile. They will find his chamber, but it will be too late.


    The mortals had gotten the farthest they ever had, but it was still not enough. He could not recreate the same variable again, and he cannot return it back to what it once was now that the cycle had already begun. He would have to start back at square one again..and lose countless more lives in an endless ocean of blood and death. His dying avatar grasps the edges of the blade in his chest, and he feels for the first time something that has been absent in his mind since he created Vikret. Isolation.




    He shouts out, mostly to himself. A brief modicum of weakness creeps within him, and his eyes fill with darkness, using the little Exia he possesses to tear himself away from the weapon of Vindicus and transports him back to Aveterinity. Vindicus looks at where his father was, perplexed..and furious. He shouts out to him, but he cannot hear the last words he speaks before the All-Father's mind goes dark. After some time he awakens in his plane, looking about with panic as he realized how much time had passed. He scrambled, once again finding the timeline he ejected himself from. His eyes grew weary as he watched them prepare for the final assault at Miklagard to try and escape the void..but without his essence, they are doomed to die. Why did he run? He had never ran from such things before, and in doing so, has spelled doom for them in the process.


    "I failed them."


    A black frustration fills his heart. A feeling such as fear has never occurred within him, and yet he ran. He presses his avatar's dying hand against the proverbial window into the timeline. He tries to channel the last of his leaking power to change something..anything that he could muster. To salvage the mistake he made by running. But it is all for naught. His power isn't large enough to change anything within that timeline anymore. They are doomed to die like all the others, and he will have to start all over agai-


    His eyes open wide and is startled as the timeline begins to shift and turn..and a shard of his power forms into Tiberius hands. He should not be capable of doing this. Something else was assisting him, yet he could not tell who or what. As the task was completed, and the last of his power temporarily faded from using Exia, he uttered a single word.




    Was all he could muster before his avatar collapsed. In the background, two violet eyes could be seen hanging above the mast, silently pondering if that was the right decision in the end.

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    The girl  awakens with a cold sweat knitted on her brow. Her eyes take a moment to dart around at the unfamiliar, cold tent around her, and she was moments away from panic before she began to remember the events leading to her current predicament. She is safe, if only for now since the northerners brought her here in a sort of pitiful asylum from the empire. As she moves to throw the fur blanket off her form, she stands slowly and looks about the old tent. The campfire that the others built for her is all but cinders now, but Cassandra should be coming around to bring more firewood any time. Yesterday it was Brynjar, and the day before it was Freydis. As she exits the tent flap and looks around, the windy breeze hits her lithe and now mostly mortal form. She can't feel anything that well since most of her divinity was taken by Vindicus, so both the cold and the heat don't bother her very much. She goes to sit down on the log beside the tent, her mind becoming fuzzy for a moment as tears welled in her eyes. A pinprick of sadness eats at her, yet her mind can hardly feel it, even as as her body begins to burst into tears. She felt the memories slowly unlock themselves one at a time, and it all came rushing back.


    "So if I corrupt the heart of that wretched tree-you'll let me live?"


    "You will not be the same as you are now, but in a sense..yes. You will not be known as one of the vanquished."


    The dark clad woman stood there, speaking with her as if she was somehow equal, trying to convince her of a deal that didn't sit right, for many reasons. They may be speaking honestly, but it is a twisted honesty that she offers out. She could tell that what they meant was a far shot from the second chance at life she really wanted. She soon reached out her hand to grasp the woman's who had already extended their own with that signature wicked grin.


    "We have a deal, then."


    She spoke out emptily. As if. She would try to find a way to beat them from the inside, as the goddess knew her own power likely more then any others of the pantheon did. Her best option is to do what her namesake does best at that point, as much as she hated it. She could easily destroy the woman, but the demigods combat prowess surpassed even the All-Father, if she had to garner a guess.


    She breathed out a bit of the frost cold air, placing one hand in her chin as she covered her head with the hood they gave her. She wiped away the tears she could that didn't freeze on her face and chin and looked about, thinking to herself. All it took was a moment of hesitation for it all to go wrong.


    "Foli, Don't you dare finish what you're doing!"




    "No buts! Stop it! We can still win this!"


    She stopped. her hand, rife with the chaotic energies that were destroying the Divine servant Iris returned to her form for but a second before it happened. She had been given hope by the one person she trusted, no matter how abusive their relationship had been. But when the blade tore through her chest from behind, and her divinity was torn asunder from her form, and into the Demigod waiting behind her. She remembers an immense pain, and then a creeping darkness.


    Despite the wound not existing, she grasped onto where it had harmed her, squinting from the phantom pain that radiated from it. Her own divinity was probably being used against the mortals as she sat here idly by..and the end of the world would approach all the faster for it. But not everything was gone. She was tenacious, she had to be-maybe she could still make a difference, no matter how minor. She slapped her face a few times, jumping shortly after as she heard the noise of men in the distance. As she climbed the hill and saw a small patrol of heilig soldiers, she looked down to her hands, balling them into regretful fists. If she was going to make it out of this, or make a difference at all, she was going to need to bloody her hands.


    "Sorry, Cass..I'm gonna have to break my promise. I can't let it end here. Maybe I'll make it up to your kids one day."


    Her eyes lit violet with what little divinity she had, and she began moving toward the soldiers..

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    A breath exhaled from Vittalion as he sat upon the top of the tallest mountain in Aestatia..the footfalls of snow and rock behind him melted with the steam of an unnatural energy that poured from his body, fighting with the very origin he once was. As the Demigod found a proper spot to overlook the valleys of civilization, the home he once was raised from, his eyes were clouded with darkness. His body was trying to tear itself apart from his recent run in with the primordial known as Abscence, yet he felt no pain or suffering from it. His arms molted and split, the very ligaments of flesh that made him human covered in a black substance that reformed and renewed the things it annihilated with just a touch. He could feel his divinity, what was once an essential half of his form, corrupt and turn into something new..something different. Despite these changes, these new things he had learned, he did not oppose it. Hearing the voice of a primordial alone would certainly be enough to destroy ones soul, and drive one to madness-yet he somehow survived, even persevered past it. How surprised the ancient one was when Vittalion replied back, still capable of speech despite the immense pressure it exerted. His thoughts were interrupted by light footfalls upon the snow behind him, and the aura of divinity began to be felt in his presence.


    "Are you sure this is the path you are going to take, Vittalion? If you do..there is only death and sadness where you will venture."


    The steps of the goddess of life touched the ground, staring at the cancerous Exia infesting his form. She hesitated, but perhaps out of respect of a final moment, Vittalion did not strike back against her.


    "The path I now tread is not one I can take back, even if I desired to return to what once was..no, I believe even if I managed to somehow save myself from it, I would go right back to such a solution. My anger toward my father, toward all of them cannot be overstated. I cannot even think about their faces without feeling a black pit of anger well within me at their selfishness, their lack of the very things they gave us, expecting it to go well when they could not understand that which they created."


    The man looked over at the woman, her form now twisted by the Exia that further flowed through his veins. His very purpose, his feelings were beginning to be overridden, yet he did not stop it, or even fight back. Arvora sighed, looking at him pitifully as his body suffered and was torn to pieces under the growths of the black substance.


    "If this is what you choose.."


    "It is."


    He decisively replied. After a moment, the woman soon stood up, her face frowning as she lost yet another child to something she couldn't help but feel like she should be able to solve. As she began to move away, a final word was spoken by the man, his voice twisted and changed from the process he underwent, yet filled perhaps with the final moments of sympathy which quickly was being erased.


    "Thank you..Arvora. You were like a second mother to me."


    She seemed to pause at that, turning to look at him a final time with a few tears welling up in her eyes at the abomination that he was becoming. Despite knowing it was wrong, that she could end it here, the words he spoke paralyzed her more then any poison or physical harm ever could. She spat out a reply, choking the last of her regrets down yet again.


    "If I was..then you would have listened to what I have to say."


    A chuckle came from him at her reply, and he lifted himself off his feet. He quietly looked to the sky, which was filled with countless stars of the night which had once brought him hope even on the darkest of times. Part of him begged for them to change his mind with their glimmers and special sight, but despite the hope it still brought mortals, he now saw and knew them as nothing more then countless burning balls of flame. The final words of the goddess of life radiated in his mind as she disappeared from sight, and her aura faded away. Perhaps there was a different path he could have took, instead of turning against everything he had originally fought for. He cleared his head of such thoughts quickly, as with his new purpose, there would be no time for what ifs or could have been's.


    Now, there was only bringing forth what will be.


    "İ̸̛̱͚̥͇͗̂̓'̶̬̱̓̈̑̎̓̚m̵͍͓̤̬̚͠͠ ̶͓̑̇͗̑͝S̸͇̾͌ő̵̻̠̕͝r̸͎͈̐̈̎r̸̓̅̈́̍̾͜ý̴̟̯̜̳̭̈́̕"


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