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    April Fools - Major Service Update: 1st April 2021

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    • -Founder

    The Following Updates Were worked on by:


    New Systems have been tested by:
    Some guy we paid to try and break into the datacenter to see how long it'd take to get caught
    Unpopular Opinions, and clear Bias.

    Main Notes:


    • Elytras are now permitted items, though have unstable behaviour when attempting to glide.
    • We are running a special promotion on the Contribution store today. Buy two, get two, and double the satisfaction!
    • You can no longer apply for events. This should solve the issue with events occasionally getting missed.
    • Custom Items team now offer every 10th item free as part of a new loyalty program
    • Welcome Team: all players whitelisted prior to 2021 must now re-whitelist to ensure roleplay quality remains up to standard
    • Bans are being handed out like candy, people who send moderation a frog emoji will be banned and set free.
    • In preparation for the upcoming discord sale to microsoft, we are currently preparing to return to AOL messenger, or Teamspeak, mayve even Ventrillo.
    • The Aethier Hytale server is now online, and will be taking applications soon.
    • We are hiring a new Team leader, but you can only apply if you can guess the team.
    • Kyle has renewed his contract for an additional 4 years as loremaster, with a negotiated 10% payrise.



    • Mee6 acually Disabled.
    • We finally got partnership!
    • At some point today, a random user will be selected and given a free month of subscriber.




    • The forums no longer support embedding google docs.
    • We removed the Angry rating, to try and promote community happiness and positivity.
    • The Konami code when entered on the forums now reveals a secret.


    Waterfall Proxy:


    • The tablist has been tweaked, but in ways your mortal eyes may never comprehend.
    • Players will be now be randomly redirected to the Aethier Minigames Server when logging in, but not all the time.


    Roleplay Server:


    • The Experiments will now occur Bi-Weekly
    • Floor space has repeatedly been mentioned as an issue, so we are now advising users to use the cielings to make the most of their houses.
    • Mysterious glyphs have appeared on the map that when read by specific individuals allow the usage and casting of special abilities simply by saying the words, though we dont yet know where these glyphs are, or who can read them.
    • Fovamai has been revived.
    • A sign will be hidden at some point today, containing freebies for the store.
    • All players are now logged in coreprotect, not just the bad ones.
    • Gathering around a campfire and changing incoherently may occasionally cause things to happen.
    • Matekai are now afraid of Anti Sea Bear Circles, and will not attack characters who properly draw and utilise them.
    • Random events now include being haunted by dead player characters, but only on Halloween.
    • Any character who collects and eats a large number of easter eggs, may gain a lot of weight.
    • Removed Mundane.
    • Node respawns have been tweaked, and are now per person instead of global.
    • Disconnecting from the server without saying goodbye to a god of your choosing may result in divine retribution, but usually only if you've already annoyed them.
    • The Lirram are returning, check our the new lore page for the release date!
    • Auction House Tax has been increased from 5% to 10%, but will temporarilly go back to 5% if you ask Oklamat nicely before listing your item.
    • Added Herobrine


    Creative Server:


    • Plot Restrictions Removed
    • Worldedit no longer requires an application, the pencil icon is just for show now to those dedicated to the BETA test.
    • Subscribers now have infinite plots


    Known Issues:


    • Aethier is still operating without many known issues
    • We're still using minecraft as our platform, despite there not being a better choice right now.



    If you have any issues that are NOT listed above, please let us know! There is a possibility that we may have missed things from this update log. If so, we will try to edit in such information later.

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