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    Castian Dawn-Lyren

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    Character Name: 

    Castian Dawn-Lyren





    Greater Demon: 






    Pact Relic:

    The Band of the Phoenix: Whilst wearing the ring, the branded’s speed and strength will rise to match his opponent. It will not decrease should the opponent be weaker than he. This will not go higher than tier eight.



    The Branded’s shadow seems elusive, twisting and morphing its shape in accordance with the branded’s own mood or thoughts. Sometimes, when the branded seems to linger in one place for too long, for a second it almost seems deep purple eyes narrow from the darkness behind him.







    ‘I've got Friends in High Places!” 
    Greater Demon: Astaroth
    Aura: Two 
    Cast Time: Two Turns
    Duration: Ten turns
    Range: Self
     Effects: The branded summons a clone of himself made out of marble with glowing purple hell-fire eyes. They will also have the same weapons that the branded has, minus any supernatural effects such as enchantments or the ability of their pact relic. Instead the weapon will be coated in purple hellfire, applying second degree burns on contact with exposed flesh and making a wound. Should the branded have no weapons on them, the clone will have a simple steel longsword coated in hellfire. This clone has the same strength and speed tier as the branded, however is vulnerable to blunt damage and resistant to piercing and slashing damage, due to the consistency of marble. This follows combat pet rules.
    ‘You Dare!?’
    Greater Demon: Astaroth
    Aura: 2 
    Cast Time: One Turn
    Duration: Instant, One Turn.
    Range: Self
    Effects: When the spell is cast, the branded causes all spells and ranged attacks on that turn to stop and return back to their master. The attacks follow the ranged rules, and the branded can choose to keep the original rolls, or roll themself.
    ‘Was that for me?’
    Greater Demon: Astaroth
    Aura: 3
    Cast Time: Three Turns
    Duration: Three Turns
    Range: Self
    Effects: The branded does not take well to being attacked. Upon casting, any melee attack done to the branded will reverse itself onto the aggressor, causing whatever wound they intended to do to the branded on themselves.
    ‘Mirror Mirror’
    Greater Demon: Astaroth
    Aura: Two
    Cast Time: Two Turns
    Duration: Two Turns
    Range: Ten meters
    Effects: The Branded traps their opponent in a circle of mirrors, all of which show the branded taunting them relentlessly, essentially rooting them in place. In order to escape the target must correctly identify the correct mirror to break, doing so by passing a DC14. Should they fail and choose incorrectly, the mirrors will all shatter covering the individual in a wave of hellfire which causes second degree burns to exposed skin, third if blessed or otherwise holy. 
    Greater Demon: Astaroth
    Aura: Passive
    Cast Time: Passive
    Duration: Passive
    Range: Fifteen metres 
    Effects: When presented with an opportunity to show off, the marked takes no time to express his talents openly. In order to do so, he gains a set bonus to any roll depending on the number of spectators present. The bonus works by adding +1 for every person within an area around the branded up to +4 where it is capped. 



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