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    [Private Organizations] Progression Update - March

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    With the end of the Ignis-Irae war and the creation of a brief, if fruitful period of time between cataclysms came a season of new opportunities for many of those who stood in the shadow of the great kings and champions of the realms. Many of such burgeoning enterprises, organizations and businesses take their first initiatives in a world in suspense, preparing their next steps, some more roguish then others. We intend to maintain a monthly progression system for these organizations, guilds and ventures starting from now on. Here is the first monthly report on the development of the Private Organizations for the month of March 2021.


    The following knowledge is NOT public, and is only privy to the groups mentioned by name and the individuals involved in the concerned ventures or locally affected (E.g. If you weren't told that you know, you don't know).





    The Goldhunde Company


    The northern mercenary company’s efforts this year have paid off in their vigilance and astute preparations. A round of fortification operations have seen the adventurers, hedge knights and battalions of crossbow-trained mercenaries become properly equipped with wintering gear, freshly-crafted equipment and supplies, and further knowledge about the manifestations and potential appearances of the impending voidic enemy. An extensive scouting network has allowed the Goldhunde Company to gain a firm bearing on the situation of their direct regional surroundings, revealing that, thus far, no local happenings or threats have taken place in the region of Himmelsrand. Additionally, rounds of logistic preparations have created long-lasting reserves of food and supplies to last an unspecified number of IC years should the Company’s holdings become isolated.






    Company of Strangers [Public name: Sweet Lukey Farms]


    The new, ambitious startup’s business has taken a positive turn as Sweet Lukey Farms have been alleged to have had a positive growth and profit ratio in the last year. Sweet Lukey Farms has been able to stockpile an undisclosed amount of product, and has grown it’s customer and employee base, gaining gleaming support from the locals in the small hamlet of Saint-Marie. Several local businesses and rival landowners start to notice the growing business, some with distrust, others with welcome expectations. Thus far, Sweet Lukey Farms remains a minor player in Lucienne affairs and out of the government’s general awareness. Sweet Lukey Farms and it’s branches may consider future expansion in a, for the time being, peaceful market with many opportunities.


    Outlaw Clans


    Rogue’s Landing


    Bishop’s growing band has success in it’s fortification operation, with the dredging work finishing successfully. With the success of it’s tiresome activity, Rogue’s Landing becomes able to expand its operations and strengthens the security of its assets and it’s fleet. Ilysari royal authorities are vaguely aware of the movements and of the venture, yet not of it’s aim or of much of the proceedings, as Rogue’s Landing’s hideout remains out of their area of influence. Otherwise, the Organization retains its confidential and hidden nature.




    For further information on the PO (Private Organisations) system, consult the following threads:


    [Written by Val/@Arcturio]


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