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    Andrew D'Caligo Grimoire: Edition 00


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    - Grimoire -
    Andrew D’Caligo




    OOC Information:

    Username: Ohmshakalaka

    Alts: n/a

    Character’s Name: Andrew D’Caligo

    Teacher [if applicable]: Morozova Zmeya


    Aurum Information:

    Aurum Type: Spark

    Tier: Spark

    Stance: None

    Mana: 20

    Known Disciplines:

    • Alteration
    • Biomancy
    • Erebomancy
    • Space


    Catalysts & Spells

    • n/a


    Known Spells:




    Spell Name: Transmutation 

    Mana: 5

    Disciplines: Alteration

    Concentration: High

    Cast Time: 3 Turns

    Spell Duration: Instant

    Range: Touch, 1 Material


    Spell Effect: The caster is able to turn one material into another material of the same rarity/danger tier that they have held/worked with before. Materials can only be converted when raw, and cannot be transmuted once they have already been made into a craft. Materials cannot be converted into something dissimilar from their base i.e. stone cannot be turned to wood, hide cannot be turned to metal, wood cannot be turned into hide, etc. Additionally, this spell has no effect on Legendary materials of any kind, cannot transmute anything into Arcamite, and does not work on animal parts from creatures who are danger tiers monstrous or mythic. This spell can only be cast three times a month.






    Spell Name: Woodworking

    Mana: 1 per Turn

    Discipline: Biomancy

    Concentration: High

    Cast Time: 2 Turns

    Spell Duration: Channeled

    Range: 5 Meters


    Spell Effect: The caster is able to freely manipulate wood in range (i.e. shaping, sharpening, etc). This can only be done for wood that the caster has a proficiency to work with. Items can be created by this spell, but are subject to the CIT requirement sheets as per usual when creating an item. This spell does not alter CiT requirements in any way, nor does it provide more material that is manipulated than would be obtained mundanely. Creating any kind of weapon or shield with this spell requires at least 2 turns.


    Spell Name: Ensnare

    Mana: 3

    Discipline: Biomancy

    Concentration: Medium

    Cast Time: 3 Turns

    Spell Duration: 3 Turns

    Range: 15 Meters


    Spell Effect: The caster summons a barrage of vines to entangle a target of the mage’s choosing. These vines bind the feet of the target, restraining their movement and rendering them rooted for the duration.






    Spell Name: Shadowstep

    Mana: 2

    Discipline: Erebomancy

    Concentration: Low

    Cast Time: 2 Turns

    Spell Duration: Instant

    Range: 15 Meters


    Spell Effect: The caster disperses in a cloak of shadows before manifesting in nearby darkness fifteen meters away. The darkness must be large enough to contain a standing person, though the person does not need to be entirely obscured by it.






    Spell Name: Portal

    Mana: 4

    Disciplines: Space

    Concentration: Medium

    Cast Time: 3 Turns

    Spell Duration: Instant, 3 Turns

    Range: Line of Sight, 3x3 Meters


    Spell Effect: The caster opens a 3x3 meter portal to any place they are familiar with. The portal opens within line of sight and may exit anywhere within the continent. This portal is only able to be sustained for three turns. People cannot be portaled into direct danger, such as over spikes, lava, etc. nor can people be portaled into smaller spaces such as a cell, carriage, etc.


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