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    Username: Nebula Creme

    Alts: 0MoonCake0

    Character’s Name: Kol

    Teacher [if applicable]: Irene Merrigold


    Aurum Type: The Spark

    Tier: Novice

    Stance: Specialist

    Mana: 20

    Known Disciplines:

    • Sanguimancy

    Active Catalysts:


    Known Spells



    Name: Kneel [Profane]

    Mana: 3

    Disciplines: Sanguimancy

    Concentration: Medium

    Cast Time: Three Turns

    Duration: Three Turns

    Range: Fifteen Meters

    Effect: The caster manipulates the body of a target in range to force them to kneel for the duration of this ability. While kneeling, this spell functions like a root. The target still has free range of upper body movement.



    Name: Hardening

    Mana: 4

    Disciplines: Sanguimancy

    Concentration: Low

    Cast Time: Two Turns

    Duration: Fifteen Turns

    Range: Self

    Effect: The caster protectively hardens their skin to act like steel armor. This armor does not serve to protect against any magical/other attacks besides the mundane, just like regular armor would. However, this armor does allow the caster to continue using spells while it is active.



    Name: Bloodbolt

    Mana: 3

    Disciplines: Sanguimancy

    Concentration: Medium

    Cast Time: Two Turns

    Duration: Instant

    Range: Fifteen Meters

    Effect: The caster creates a bolt of blood within their hand and launches it forwards at a target within range. Upon impact, this bolt causes a puncture wound the size of a human fist. Metal armor will protect the target from this spell and cloth armor such as gambeson will lessen the blow to a small/light wound. This spell follows Projectile Rules.


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