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    ET Changelog - (02/05/21)


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    • -Team Leader

    The following changes have occurred via the ET meeting. There are many others things in the works as well, but will come later. All questions can be directed to @Cukie1


    Changes taking effect now:

    • Posting an event application now incurs a 3 OOC day cooldown after posting the event, so that people can no longer immediately post the part 2 to their event arcs or otherwise, allowing the next wave to be processed before a part 2 may occur. This will optimize ET's scheduling process quite a bit and allow events that are sometimes left behind to be picked up easier without clutter.
    • A system is being implemented (not enabled) that, on particularly busy months, we will be restricting factions to only being able to apply for one event at a time per faction. I.E Faction 1 has two groups wanting to do events, only one will be able to be applied for at any given time. This is to ensure that it does not get summarily clogged during particularly nasty months when ET is at reduced capacity or the volume of events is too large. The server will be notified via pings on discord and a thread on the month where it shall be activated.
    • Random events can now be requested without a ticket by enabling yourselves as available for random events by typing the /randomevent command! This will, when a dm desires to commit and do a random event, be able to access a list of people from those who have queued up. ET sees the list from those who have have queued the oldest to those who have most recently queued. Queuing up lasts for 2 hours or until you log out.
      • With this change, requesting random events are no longer allowed.
    • Players are allowed to dm for their own "Mini events" that allow them to go on tiny hunts or fun mundane things. Players are allowed to dm for others in this fashion as long as the creature that is being hunted is capable of being applied for by the player who is doing the hunting, not the DM themselves. (This follow the CIT material gathering rules.) Otherwise, they are unable to do so.
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