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    [Private Organizations] Progression Update - April

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    Here is the second monthly report on the development of the Private Organisations for the month of April 2021. Organisations entrench themselves, and new ones are born, whilst others sit on acquired gains. With the impending arrival of the great voidic doom, many make extra preparations and foster new ties, whilst others appear pessimistic. One thing is certain; none will be truly spared of the effects of the coming crisis.


    The following knowledge is NOT public, and is only privy to the groups mentioned by name and the individuals involved in the concerned ventures or locally affected.





    The Goldhunde Company


    The contracting operations led by the Goldenhunde Company within the Vaedran Archduchy bear fruit. The fostering of better relations, as well as the upcoming construction of a Goldenhunde fortified holding are seen with auspicious eyes by both the Vaedran State and the local populace. Additional presence of Goldenhunde agents, mercenaries and new customers for the local merchant population helps in improving the image of the newcomers, bringing much goodwill towards the future of Goldenhunde contracting within the Archduchy. The services that will be soon offered in the holding are thoroughly spread throughout the populace, and the knowledge that a commercial and potential future military contracting for the Company by the Vaedran state is briefly the talk of most pubs and inns- partly in thanks to the local presence of several dozen mercenaries making themselves known and carousing in town very extensively.


    The Solarii Order


    The newly-established Solarii Order strikes out boldly this month, taking the righteous initiative against the impending Voidic threat. A detachment of around fifty professional crusading knights, alongside camp aides, watchmen and other support staff leave the Dawncrest Monastery in New Valta, temporarily leaving a skeleton crew, as they march North-Eastwards. At the shores of the central lake of Ardemor, where the infamous Fog Wall seats, the crusaders of the Solarii Order successfully establish a forward camp, henceforth designated “Checkpoint Reyda''. There, the Order entrenches and fortifies the narrow pass against further Voidic incursions, intending to serve as a first line of warning and defense should the Void move against New Valta. Meanwhile, the skeleton crew left behind in Dawncrest becomes close friends with each other, as they spend several nights playing dice and learning about one another whilst their Order brothers and sisters are away.

    [New Private Organization]





    Company of Strangers [Public name: Sweet Lukey Farms]


    Sweet Lukey Farms continues on their public relations spree, successfully dispatching a band of Skralyn marauders that assailed the good people of the farming hamlet of St. Marie. Always seeing new opportunities, the executive of the Company of Strangers seizes the chance presented and successfully “adapts” the methods of attack previously used by the Skrayln for their own personal future usage. Unfortunate, yet acceptable loss is incurred by the Syndicate, however, when it is reported to the top brass that a freak accident in the deep caused the sad passing of one [1] Sentinel and four [4] Henchmen, lost during a construction mishap. Beyond such passing, Sweet Lukey Farms considers itself on schedule, and the desired plans are accomplished without further issues, as their transportation network continues to grow. 


    The Broodfall Syndicate


    The Broodfall Syndicate sees it’s birth in the undercity of the Delucan Republic, away from prying eyes, ready to begin it’s operations at the earliest.

    [New Private Organization]


    The Kast Company


    The Kast Company is formed by it’s industrious and eponymous founder, Mathaeus Kast. It’s defense solutions, armaments and other devices will soon enter many a market, based in the valois kingdom of Lucienne.

    [New Private Organization]



    Outlaw Clans


    Rogue’s Landing


    Bishop’s growing naval army continues it’s operations as planned, as the ship is steered into calm waters this month.

    [No submitted operations]





    For further information on the PO (Private Organizations) system, consult the following threads:


    [Written by Val/ @Arcturio]


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