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2020 Political System

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Hello everyone, coming back at you with a LIVE UPDATE of the political system. This is everything that is set roughly in stone. Most of this won't change, aside from slight tweaks. This system is designed to completely eradicate and prevent the problems of this world. Ghost regions, the arms race manpower meta, all of that. There are many locks in place to prevent a faction from snowballing or holding massive amounts of manpower. This, however, will come with its faults. Activity is essentially a requirement, and while there will be exceptions if there are IRL issues, there will be a lot more strictness with this. As for the links, well, here they all are. There's five in total.

The War System. This for the most part hasn't changed.
Region Rules. There are some minor changes, but isn't too different either.
Settlements and Manpower. A lot of changes, take a read!
Political Hexmap. Last, but not least, the hexmap for the new world.
Standard Unit Types. Here are the units!

This thread will not be open, though I...

Notice of Voided RP [11/25/2019] [Nevermind read the second post]

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After a player report was made it was brought to the attention of moderation team that there were a number of unintentional lore violations involving the incorrect use of magic regarding the RP surrounding Kelsier’s death.

The list goes as follows:

The spell used upon Kelsier, “Cognitia Paralysis”, grants the user “invulnerability to any type of damage/harm for the duration of this spell and two posts.” The duration being for three emotes.

Sigmar stabbed Kelsier in the leg on turn one of the spell being active, meaning this leg wound would be negated.

2nd turn of the spell being active, Sigmar tried to throw Kelsier, this entire throw would've been negated by the invulnerability and causing inconsistencies with the rest of the rp, but we will continue.

3rd turn Sigmar stabs him in the chest, and while this hit wouldn’t have been able to hit regardless due to the chainmail and plate, the magic would also negate it from hitting his armor.

4th turn of protection active, 1st after spell ended, he would twist/pull the sword out of his gut. Once again, this would have been negated by the spell as it was dependent on the emote prior to have been dealt.

Because of this situation and the large number of lore violations and magic inconsistencies used to...

Important CiT Informational Update Pertaining to Exodus Preparations

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Important CiT Announcement
This upcoming exodus there was mention for the possibility of repaying players an arune sum based on their materials. However, during my time getting help on producing a system for it and working on players’ nine items in the background, I came to the realization that paying back potentially large sums of arunes to the playerbase for materials (that are generally free anyways) is not only a horrible idea, but has the potential for abuse by the player base, and at the same time, is difficult to moderate.

Another thing is, CIT has been getting reports of confusion on the beforehand announced 9 item info logging for the Exodus. Here, I am linking it again at the bottom of this post. Please read it and reread it, as I’ve worded it to be as easy to understand as possible. Do not ask anyone else your questions on this. They go to me. Nobody else. The last thing I want is confusion, and asking the wrong person only gives the risk of getting the wrong answer.

You can log in one character with their nine items as the current time. Your other characters can go through,
but will not be involved in the Exodus Arc until after, unless you want to roleplay them without their items.

(This being temporary as dwarven vaults will be accessible later after they are pasted in, and with the help of CIT for updating and checking the viability of having...

Notice of recent theft

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Hello, Moderation team here. We’ve recently had a number of items taken from players dwarven storage micro-vaults. If you happen to have had any items missing from your vault or have recently been given any items by the user 723ctttt please contact moderation.

Also, a reminder to remember to lock the doors of your vault with the /lock command. Otherwise, it’s very easy for someone to use the command themselves on the doors to your vaults and be able to open them from the outside and take the items inside of your microvault!

Those who have been known to have items stolen from their micro-vaults are as follows:













Pre-Exodus 9 Item Preparation

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Hello! As you are all aware, one of the steps prior to exodus (whenever that phase specifically starts), is the logging of nine specific items relevant to a single character to be chosen to enter the new world for the Event Arc however LT/ET plans on carrying that out. Don't take this announcement as any indication of the End of the World's closeness, as I am potentially doing this very early.

All that I require of those intending to go through [insert means of world transfer here] for Kyle's event arc, or the new world in general, is their forum account name, the name of their character they intend to take through this arc, and confirmation of having the nine specific items they desire to bring on a specific line of their inventory.

For further details, you are obligated to click the link
here and do what it requests.

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