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As Above, So Below

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"What...are you?"

These were the last words spoken before the Prime Evil of Pride,
Astaroth, was ripped in half by the mysterious, demon-like being. In truth, it didn't know itself. It was vengeful, angry..hungry. And all it sought was food, and power..the power to do..what? What was it again? It couldn't remember.

It felt as if it had been shattered into a million pieces, and only by eating the strongest of this place it could realize what it was. Yet a red haze clouded over its vision as it sat upon the throne of Pride, staring out across the hundreds of guards, courtiers and other beings that now lay as nothing but entrails in the wake of its rampage.

As it finished its meal it exited the palace, watching as thousands of demonic beings lines up across the plaza, kneeling to their new lord. Power felt good..but something was missing. This wasn't its home, was it? Chaos, destruction..this was not what it sought, but it needed it so to survive for now..

The ground shook above for a moment, as the drums of war beat across the overworld. It looked up, and for a brief moment, it remembered. It's red eyes lit aglow with hellish rage, and it looked to the world above which it had faint memories of that faded as fast as they came. It soon looked back down, and began marching toward...

Public Announcement Regarding OOC Rumors

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There have been disturbing rumors circulating OOCly about the community member TZUGARIS of which have been discovered to be untrue. Those of whom were involved in its circulation have been warned accordingly and moderation would like to remind the server population that spreading of such rumors will not be tolerated, be it to this member of the community or any other player. Any further spreading of rumors will similarly be dealt with accordingly. The player involved has asked for the specific rumor to not be mentioned and therefore will remain undisclosed. Those of whom are involved are well aware of which rumor this is and moderation invites anyone who hears further rumors regarding this player to report it to the team accordingly as we take this particular issue rather seriously.

Thank you for your time and have a pleasant evening.

Service Update: 21/01/2019

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The Following are a set of public updates that have taken place recently on the Aethier Infrastructure, including a "Coming Soon" list.

Aethier RP Server:
  • Hyperdrive installed and Setup ready for the deployment of Waypoints. The system is online for public use, and can be accessed at any time using /warps
  • "/fbt" has been reactivated for Patron4+, Subscriber and Relevant Teams
  • Subscribers have been given full access to "/fly" early as part of the Early Access Scheme.
  • FAWE has been temporarilly removed and replaced with standard worldedit until a Stable FAWE build is available.
    • FACTION TEAM: Please consult the following to see how to transfer builds between the two servers.
    • Please be advised that Standard worldedit should be used sparingly during peak times, and worldedit performed kept to an absolute minimum to refuce the possibility of crashes from large edits.
    • This version of worldedit is FULLY stable and has no known issues aside being a little slow and running on the main thread, so again, please keep edits reasonable.
  • Optimisation fixes have been implimented to combat the 1.14.4 Lag issues.
  • The dynmap cave layer has been made available (may not be rendered correctly)
  • Playervaults and the storage...

Job Listing: Welcome Team Leader

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The Following is a listing to guage interest in the possible Team Leader Position becoming available for the Welcome Team. Please be advised that no formal resignation has been made yet, so there is no current guarantee this position will become available.

Due to personal reasons, @Redwall has expresssed desire to step down from this position and and take some time away.

Welcome Team is responsible for the following:

Additional duties may be required during the position.

What is a team leader?
A team leader is the sole decision making authority over one of the Aethier Teams. The positions primary responsibility involved ensuring that any tasks related to the team get done. This is more of a delegation/management role. Team leaders are also responsible for hiring/firing the members for their own team and are allowed to do so entirely at their discretion. Team leaders are responsibile for handing IA reports against their own team members. Additional Rules & Policies will apply to active team leaders.

What can i do as a team leader?
A team leader can within reason change any policy and decide on the processes of how exactly players can request, use and recieve services relevant to their department in any way that complies with policy, and is in not any way malicious.

Team leaders are also invited into serverwide decision making conversations, are...

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