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Notice of moderation decisions 12/12/18

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Howdy Aethier!

On 12/12/18, moderation had made a decision to issue a verbal warning with regards to alleged rp that was the result of metagamed information regarding investigation of player characters by Folset. However, after new evidence has been brought forward and reviewed, we of moderation have decided to reverse upon previous decision. The original course of rp is allowed to continue as it was and we of moderation apologize for any inconvenience made on the players involved upon the previous decision.

Thank you, and enjoy the holiday season

-Moderation Team

Christmas Raffle 2018

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I'm hosting this December a bit of a classic event I used to do at this time of the year.

This Christmas I am hosting an Aethier Community Raffle!

The Prizes are as follows:
  1. A single gift purchase on any platform (Preferably Steam) of up-to $50
  2. Metal Gear Solid 5 [Steam Key]
  3. Cities Skylines [Steam Key]
  4. A Patron 7 Rank [Can be Gifted]
  5. A 1 Year Subscriber Rank [Can be Gifted]
Additonal Prizes Submitted by Users:
  • Howdy, while perhaps not as viable as a game or patron rank, I would care to submit offering to do a Fullbody character piece / Faction sigil for someone.Contact via forums or Redwall#1048 on discord

Note: You may select your prize from the above, and will be selected in the order you are drawn from the raffle.

Raffle Entries can be earned through the following:
  • 1 Entry for each person listed on the Top 10 for playtime this month
  • 1 Entry for each person with one or more donations this month
  • 1 Additional Entry for every $20 Donated to the server this month[Applies to the person who buys the transaction in the event of gifts]
  • Entries can also be won by attending and winning various competitions through the month
  • 1 Entry will be given for the best Hibernia wish this year
  • 1 Raffle Entry will be given...

Service Update: 05/12/2018

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The Following Updates Were worked on by:
Serethia Serethia

New Systems have been tested by:
This update has not been tested.
Main Notes:
  • None
  • The "Verify Me" channel has been changed to "The Greylist Zone", which is now for Non white-listed users to be able to communicate with the community, and Welcome Team.
    • This channel is not for requesting permissions, as this is to be done via the automated link.
  • Thread owners can now unlock/lock their threads, along with removing other peoples posts at will.
  • User registration and profile editing has been fixed, as the "Required" gender field was found to have no options. This has been fixed, and the field has been both populated, and taken off of required.
  • Google Docs Support has been added. A guide can be found here:
  • The Navigation bar has been slightly modified again from:

Bungeecord Proxy:
  • None
Roleplay Server:
  • Automated reboot scheduled every 24 hours at 10am GMT (5am EST)
  • You can now use "/n" in chat to trigger a new text line. This is...

Major Update: 01/12/2018 - 02/12/2018

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The Following Updates Were worked on by:
Serethia Serethia - Developer
@Ash10744 - Developer
@Fern - Technical Support Administrator​

New Systems have been observationally tested by:

Main Notes:
  • XenForo (The forums) has been completely reinstalled from scratch
  • Discord, The Minecraft Server, and the forums can now all be linked together. Once completed, this will work as a bridge and synchronise your ranks across the servers.
    • The discord link is automatic with the Public discord server and should work instantly.
    • The Minesync link updates immediately when linking originally, then only updates once per hour after this. (This means it can take upto 2 hours for donation ranks to syncrhonise across site when purchased)

  • All permissions on the Community discord are now automated and match your forum permissions. Please link your forum account here:
  • The Community discord will now send automated messages to the relevant channels, when either an Announcement, Service Update, Calendar Event, or Lore Update is posted.

  • The new white-list form has been added and...

Dwarven Vault Region Recovery

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With the loss of regions we will need people who had a vault to fill out the following app to recover the region so they can be accessed. In the mean time if you need anything from your vault please contact a moderator. Thank you for your understanding.

Vault Number:

The Aethier Network (All Servers)


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