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Notice of recent theft

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Hello, Moderation team here. We’ve recently had a number of items taken from players dwarven storage micro-vaults. If you happen to have had any items missing from your vault or have recently been given any items by the user 723ctttt please contact moderation.

Also, a reminder to remember to lock the doors of your vault with the /lock command. Otherwise, it’s very easy for someone to use the command themselves on the doors to your vaults and be able to open them from the outside and take the items inside of your microvault!

Those who have been known to have items stolen from their micro-vaults are as follows:













Pre-Exodus 9 Item Preparation

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Hello! As you are all aware, one of the steps prior to exodus (whenever that phase specifically starts), is the logging of nine specific items relevant to a single character to be chosen to enter the new world for the Event Arc however LT/ET plans on carrying that out. Don't take this announcement as any indication of the End of the World's closeness, as I am potentially doing this very early.

All that I require of those intending to go through [insert means of world transfer here] for Kyle's event arc, or the new world in general, is their forum account name, the name of their character they intend to take through this arc, and confirmation of having the nine specific items they desire to bring on a specific line of their inventory.

For further details, you are obligated to click the link
here and do what it requests.

The Great Split

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The cultists chanted, their candles and chalk laid upon the stone. A circle of magic so large it could rival the diameter of the tower Foli erupted from the earth. Each rune, each sigil lit up with violet energies, transferring to the next. Even without the staff, they would have their result. The end demanded it so. The man in the center released his collected divine energies he absorbed, killing every other cultist within the center, including himself as the sigil lit up with their blood spilled onto the stone.

And then the very world itself cracked nearly in twain.

The explosion was deafening, and the power of its shockwave shattered every piece of glass, both ornamental and functional without a second thought. The very ground around the mountains cracked open like an eggshell, and magma poured out from all sides, decimating any chance of survival that those near the explosion had with them. From Frjalstad to Tyr'Varune, the smoke and flame could be seen as it covered the skies above with ash and soot. Even the Aestatians, the Hanese-all could see what just occurred.

To those near the center that were not instantly vaporized, they would be deaf for the rest of their lives, as the volcanic eruption sent such a sound that the world itself heard it four, no-five times over. Rubble was thrown into the air, going across the...

CiT Update - 30/9/19

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CiT Update time. The changes carried in this one pertain to the Weight-Requirements sheet, as well as reverting a previous change. We also want to set in a very minor change regarding the taming of common-tier animals, specify some minor rules regarding naming items, and provide some easy access understanding of what CiT will be doing pre and post exodus. There will also be minor updates to the CiT Information Thread’s rules section to better sorted and easier to read through, though this will be done in the background over time and is not the highest priority.


Additions and Changes to the
  • Slightly reduced metal requirement for rapiers from 800 grams...

Halt on Regions (Factions Team)

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Before you panic, let me get this one clear.

Regions currently applied for will be gone through and dealt with, and the dwarves already have an exception to this time limit for their next region, as I doubt they will be able to finish it before the deadline.

Starting October 1st, 2019 at 12 AM PST, I will no longer be accepting new region applications. This means I will not be pasting additional regions on the map. Minor edits are fine, but additions and new settlements/buildings/etc. will no longer be approved until January 1st, 2020.

If you were in the middle of building a region and think you won't be able to get it done in time for the deadline, please PM me and we can work things out. Again, dwarves have an automatic exception, as I am aware they have been constructing a region for a few months.​

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