The Great Shattering

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The shockwave that spread through the world was not one of anger, or of rash action. It was methodical, prepared-planned far more in advance then anyone could have expected from the Maiden of Chaos. From the edges of Belinard to the distant shores of Bannesiel, all wondered in both fear and silent curiosity just what had been wrought upon this world.

For the past few Years, every so often a strange landmark would rise from the ground, in particular areas that seemed to carry no rhyme or reason, save for that they emboldened a theme of history within the lands they sprouted from. They seemed to appear after some great threat that had come and passed within the regions, or if a small incursion had been properly repelled from their lands. Regardless of how- these "Pillars" have risen, Twelve in all, across the landscape.

And now, they have been activated, their dark deeds coming full circle.

Beams of pure violet light now pierce the skies from each pillar, creating an unseen barrier over the plane of mortals that has had an immediate effect on those connected to the Divine. Terrible feelings have overcome them, of pain wrenching from their very form as if their souls separated from their bodies..and then a feeling of weakness for septs afterwards. Those not connected to...

Team Leader Update 02/03/19

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Team Leader Meeting Changelog

Lore Team & Faction Team:
After discussion between Team leaders and the two associated team leaders in question, a resolution to an issue in making faction team less random has resulted in the official transference of the Professions system to the delegation and authority of the lore team fully.

Moderation Team:
After discussion of additional rules to help ensure the stability of the server and the containment of toxicity, as well as preparation for the new material gathering system, the following rules will be added to the Code of Conduct valid immediately:

23.) De-Whitelisting
Moderation and the Whitelisting Team reserve the right to de-whitelist players under one or more of the following conditions. Under the notion that the player needs to re-evaluate their readiness for the Aethier Roleplay Environment, or their participation in the community.

  • The player is deemed ‘not ready’ for the server through displays of behavior but these behaviors do not necessarily warrant a warning or a ban. (Ex. Immaturity in roleplay not specified to character personality | General OOC...

February Taxes

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Please Read EVERYTHING Before Posting Taxes. Money Will NOT Be Refunded For Mistakes.
Taxes will not be counted if you do not screenshot "/money log" properly read the How to pay the taxes section. Additionally EACH REGION NEEDS A SEPARATE TRANSACTION IN THE MONEY LOG. ONE LUMP SOME WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY IT WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.

The following is the active tax sheet for this month.
If your region owes more than one month's taxes, then the rights to the region may be revoked or the price temporarily increased until repaid in full. Please watch for the percentages of your region on the tax sheet, and adapt accordingly for the month.

Tax Sheet

The Due date for the taxes is March 7th 2018 at midnight (PST).

The late fee will take effect thereafter until the March 14th 2018, in which the thread will become locked at midnight.

Play me some of that Event Team Music [Team Leader Announcement]

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Hi everyone,

While some of you may know who I am, others may not; so hellohihey I'm monomyth, let me introduce myself.
I'm a Creative Writing student attending a four-year university in New Jersey (where I live).
I may not have been on Event Team prior, but I have actual and realized experience DMing and writing for interactive-storytelling-settings.

I have some visions that I want to actualize during my time as ETL, but I'd also like to acknowledge that the system works as is.
I'm not going to reinvent the wheel with the team, but I would like to push it into the following directions;

1) More events that impact the world in a meaningful way, allowing for unforeseen repercussions that will make the continent appear living,
2) More random events (even fluff events) to make the world appear lived in,
3) Coordination with Build Team to make more cool things,
4) Encourage more events and recruit more DMs.

As always, if anyone has any questions, my PMs are always open-- monomyth#5803 on Discord.
If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see in Event Team, I'm...​

Dwarven Vault Region Recovery

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With the loss of regions we will need people who had a vault to fill out the following app to recover the region so they can be accessed. In the mean time if you need anything from your vault please contact a moderator. Thank you for your understanding.

Vault Number:

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