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Major Content Expansion - Update to 1.14.4

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PLEASE NOTE: The following update is relevant to the 1.14.4 Server which will be released at (Approximatley) Midnight GMT (Or 7pm EST - 28/12/2019) after the EXODUS event intermission. None of the below changes have been implimented on the existing 1.12.2 Server that is in service until then.

Aethier has updated to 1.14.4, and in additional to several other releases, these are the updates/changes that have taken place for this new update.

Central Aethier Infrastructure:
  • New Server Host has been Rented on a 12 Month Lease with OVH. The new server is located in London UK and costs slightly more per month to run, but is statistically three times as powerful as our previous host
    • Specs:
      • Intel Xeon-E 2288G - 8c/ 16t - 3.7GHz/ 5GHz
      • 128GB DDR4 ECC 2666MHz
      • Disks: 2x960GB SSD NVMe Soft RAID + 2x6TB HDD SATA Soft RAID
      • Network: 1GBPS(2GBPS Burst) downlink with 10GBPS uplink.
      • Operating System: VMWareESXI
  • Updates VM's to latest Linux Distrubutions and Windows instances to Server 2019.
  • Automated SSL certificates using WAF.
  • Fully Integrated Firewall solution.
  • Integrated a new Network Security Model, Isolated sensitive Data Streams from the Public Internet.
  • Intrusion Protection Module has been added
  • Essential Management Ports have been closed and are to be done using a Secure Procedure for accessing internal Systems.
  • All Environments and Services...

Exodus CiT Informational Update (25/12/19)

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Hello! This should be a relatively small announcement going through Exodus, but the information within the "Custom Items: Applications, Information, and Rules" section of the Forums has received massive updates in preparation for Exodus.

These changes involve a complete restructuring of the Lore Item Rules:

  • It has been split into two sections: Lore Item Rules & Application Rules
  • Rules 1, 5, & 6 under Application Rules are new additions. 5 is a reworked description of the old Rule 8, which was originally very long, complicated, and deprecated in regards to copy pasting writing in applications.
  • Rule 5 under Lore Item Rules is not necessarily new, but was previously unwritten.
  • Other Rules have been touched up to be less confusing, or given slight clarification.

The information on Material Gathering has been restructured to reflect post-exodus changes:
  • The Cultivation System Section has been removed, as the On-Forum Cultivation System is to be replaced with the current Node System under Lore Team....

Exodus Information: 12/17/2019

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Exodus is in a little over a week; Operations Team has been hard at work ensuring that the transition to the new server, along with your experience in the new world, will be as smooth and seamless as possible. All players should be made aware of the following information:
  • Everything in your inventory, aside from your nine copied items created by the Custom Items Team, should be stored. There will be no way to retrieve the items once the new world begins.
  • Items in your ender chest will be wiped. Again, there will be no way to retrieve the items once the new world begins.
  • Dwarven storage vaults will be protected, as well as PlayerVaults. Put anything you'd like to keep in there.
As for the creative world:
  • The creative world will be built from the ground-up, ensuring better performance.
  • Builds in the creative world will not be lost; however, WorldEdit, or FAWE, will be disabled for an unknown amount of time until it becomes more stable for 1.14.4.
  • The creative world will shut down on the 26th of December and will be unavailable until the new world. At worst, it will be released by January 14th, but we expect it to come much sooner.

Any questions can be directed to me in Discord @ sherlock#5986. Happy holidays!

CiT Mini-Announcement (15/12/19)

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I've been made aware of a trend involving players posting applications for others, using other characters in applications, or other actions in Custom Item Applications related to the above. Do not do this. If there is an application made for a character not your own, it will be declined. This is because it comes of as deceptive, a bit meta-gamey, and is highly questionable if it slips through, even if there was no intended maliciousness behind the making of the application. The only exception to this rule are applications being collaborated on ICly between the two or more craftsmen involved. In those cases, the other(s) helping must reply to the application with confirmation.

There will be revisions to the CiT required information sections and other similar sections during Exodus. When the time comes, I would strongly recommend players going over them as to prevent being left behind on current systems information.

Also! Very important!
The new official deadline for getting your shulker box items sorted is the 25th of December. I have this list
[COLOR=rgb(26, 188...​

2020 Political System

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Hello everyone, coming back at you with a LIVE UPDATE of the political system. This is everything that is set roughly in stone. Most of this won't change, aside from slight tweaks. This system is designed to completely eradicate and prevent the problems of this world. Ghost regions, the arms race manpower meta, all of that. There are many locks in place to prevent a faction from snowballing or holding massive amounts of manpower. This, however, will come with its faults. Activity is essentially a requirement, and while there will be exceptions if there are IRL issues, there will be a lot more strictness with this. As for the links, well, here they all are. There's five in total.

The War System. This for the most part hasn't changed.
Region Rules. There are some minor changes, but isn't too different either.
Settlements and Manpower. A lot of changes, take a read!
Political Hexmap. Last, but not least, the hexmap for the new world.
Standard Unit Types. Here are the units!

This thread will not be open, though I...

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