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Notification of Voided Roleplay

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On behalf of Moderation Team, I am issuing a notice of voided roleplay for the fight that occurred in the tavern on the Spirit Isle on March 9/10. All roleplay occurring related to this instance is therefore also voided.

Some of the players who were involved in the roleplay and are directly impacted by this void will be tagged below.

@FunnyMann @Flobin_ @Mana @Eternal Dementia @TheVoiden

Event Team, the update info you've been waiting for!

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Hello everyone, due to some recent changes regarding Event policies and changes to the team as a whole following the recent Exodus, we’ve decided its important for the playerbase to be aware of certain key changes that directly affect their event experience and application process. Listed below are said changes:

Event Applications

  • Players can now only apply for a maximum of two events per month and this is being actively tracked.
    • Players seen to be having other people creating events for them to avoid willing their cap will be subject to a formal warning and subsequent event bans if the behaviour continues.
    • Players are still expected to apply a minimum of four days before their selected event date.
  • Players are not permitted to request specific DM’s for events, or be DM’ed by their friends on Event Team unless part of a specific eventline that that DM is running.
  • Players can request DM’s in public chat to do small events for them, but DM’s are under no obligation to do so and this is not to happen in private. A decision made to ensure DM’s don’t just do things for their friends.
  • Random events are held at the discretion and pleasure of the DM, harassing DM’s to do these events will not be tolerated.
  • Events such as exploring ruins, dungeon delving, interacting with NPC...

Notice of Voided RP

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Cheechar's character Harabi was not in fact killed in an event that took place on March 7th, due to misconduct of the DM the Gamemaster decided to overturn this decision. Any roleplay that involved Harabi being dead is now void.

Region/Faction Description Application Thread

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Please copy paste the following form and fill it out for your region if you are a region owner. This will be used in the new player guide for region/faction descriptions. Thank you!

Region Name:
Common Character Types: (significant things like common races/classes)
Accepting New Players?:
Can new player characters leave the faction freely IC if they do not feel it is a good fit for their character? [Y/N]

DNR Policy Update

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Hello Aversians!

Not often I make two updates in a day (Sorry about that!)

As of today, we have made amendments to the DNR policy for Aethier, what it means, and how such affects members of the community.

With this update, we have elected that going forward, we will be giving full transparency as to this list, including why people are on this list. In addition, we are now defining conditions as to how this will be used and why. We do not expect in future for this to be a frequent thing to ever come up, however its simply there in the best interests of protecting the community from the more serious offenses that occur in the community. Moderation also is now being heavily weight into these decisions (even more so than before).

Due to this policy change, we are also revoking the DNR status of the following people as they no longer fit the requirements to be classified on this list:
  • Desolator
  • Frenchy
  • Friosis
  • GermanTacos
  • Hugh
  • Sams0knite
  • Spawnmeme
  • The Moontani
The above players will not have their prior DNR reasons listed publicly in the interest of giving these people a second chance so to speak. Please note however that being removed from the DNR still requires a ban, and these players have been moved to the sole jurisdiction of the moderation team, and they will be solely handled by such going forward!

Please see the following links to see the updated policy, including the lists for such going forward...

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