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Potential Emergency Update

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After reviewing the performance stats for the past week, honestly the Minecraft 1.14.4 update looks dire. I wont lie.

This update clearly is coded poorly, and the lag issues with are bordering the server actually being playable or not. See the stats for yourself:

When the player count goes above 50, the server's TPS starts to drop. The TPS means Ticks per second. To run properly, Minecraft should be running at 20 per second. Think of this as the server's framerate. How many times it does- everything per second. (It also appears as though when players started to spread out, and the chunks loaded increased, this also had a serious effect)

As this drops, the server tries to compensate, slowing down chunk loads, disabling the physics engine, lowering spawn rates, and so on. What i can dedude, is that this has nothing to do with the server host or how its set up, This is an issue with Minecraft 1.14.4 itself.

To fix this, and since we cant backdate maps, The best bet we have is to update to 1.15.1, however to do this we will sacrifice the, barely working MPM.

What do you all think. Worth the risk?

when the [Team Leader Announcement]

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Hi everyone,

I'm limited, and after Kaoiyr stepped down, I applied for the FT Lead job and was given it for some reason. I don't plan to do much to the systems right now (though I do have some ideas once all the regions are settled) and will only change things once Kaoiyr's system has been playtested. There isn't much else to say, so have a good day.

please enjoy the following gif at your leisure as well:

EXODUS; What the heck is happening?!

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Perhaps a bit of a misstep in the great calamity and cacophony of organization and mental gymnastics still ongoing in the background as we sort everything out, one somewhat large issue presented itself to the entire plan; the players have no idea what the heck is going on! In terms of stuff actually affecting YOU (a lot of the other stuff is mind-numbing and you probably don't wanna hear it anyways) here is a detailed game plan and list, a timeline of sorts of what will be occurring in the future until "Aethier" as you know it is back to full and working capacity.

Current Impending barriers;
World Border
Lack of Dynmap
Lack of Camps
Lack of Regions
Inability to access islands/continents. [Except Adelona, the east, and the Spirit Isles]
Apps and Cool stuff are offline!!

January 9th;
The northern Continent after its event at 6 EST becomes available for private and public events.
World border does minor expansion.

January 10th;
All apps and powers come back online except magic items.
Refer to the Lore journal for magic items disclaimers.

January 12th;
The western Continent after its event at 6 EST becomes available for private and public events.
All islands can now be traveled to.
Camps can be established everywhere [Ask an FT or ET member! They have to ask the Loremaster or FT lead before doing so!]
Dynmap becomes available as the city of Drakonspyre is revealed.

January 30th;
Exploration phase ends, Colonization phase begins and region production on the...

Job Listing: Faction Team Leader

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While a decision has not formally been made yet, I'd like to put forward a listing to guage interest in the possible Team Leader Position becoming available for the faction team.

Due to personal reasons, Kaoiyr has expresssed desire to step down from this position.

Faction Team is responsible for the following:

Additional duties may be required during the position.

What is a team leader?
A team leader is the sole decision making authority over one of the Aethier Teams. The positions primary responsibility involved ensuring that any tasks related to the team get done. This is more of a delegation/management role. Team leaders are also responsible for hiring/firing the members for their own team and are allowed to do so entirely at their discretion. Team leaders are responsibile for handing IA reports against their own team members.

What can i do as a team leader?
A team leader can within reason change any policy and decide on the processes of how exactly players can request, use and recieve services relevant to their department in any way that complies with policy, and is in not any way malicious.

Team leaders are also invited into serverwide decision making conversations, are authorised to speak on behalf of their team in any circumstance. There are various other perks to the job, however most of these will be explained at the interview/induction phase.

What are the...

Major Content Expansion - Update to 1.14.4

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PLEASE NOTE: The following update is relevant to the 1.14.4 Server which will be released at (Approximatley) Midnight GMT (Or 7pm EST - 28/12/2019) after the EXODUS event intermission. None of the below changes have been implimented on the existing 1.12.2 Server that is in service until then.

Aethier has updated to 1.14.4, and in additional to several other releases, these are the updates/changes that have taken place for this new update.

Central Aethier Infrastructure:
  • New Server Host has been Rented on a 12 Month Lease with OVH. The new server is located in London UK and costs slightly more per month to run, but is statistically three times as powerful as our previous host
    • Specs:
      • Intel Xeon-E 2288G - 8c/ 16t - 3.7GHz/ 5GHz
      • 128GB DDR4 ECC 2666MHz
      • Disks: 2x960GB SSD NVMe Soft RAID + 2x6TB HDD SATA Soft RAID
      • Network: 1GBPS(2GBPS Burst) downlink with 10GBPS uplink.
      • Operating System: VMWareESXI
  • Updates VM's to latest Linux Distrubutions and Windows instances to Server 2019.
  • Automated SSL certificates using WAF.
  • Fully Integrated Firewall solution.
  • Integrated a new Network Security Model, Isolated sensitive Data Streams from the Public Internet.
  • Intrusion Protection Module has been added
  • Essential Management Ports have been closed and are to be done using a Secure Procedure for accessing internal Systems.
  • All Environments and Services...

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