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Notice of Illegitimate Silvenium

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Hello all.

Moderation team is asking that, for the time being, people stop trading Silvenium. We are currently investigating the possibility that a lot of illegitimate Silvenium material items have been placed into circulation around the server.

First off, we’d like to apologize for any inconvenience this might bring and we’d like you to know we’ll be working hard to bring this situation. We hope to get this sorted out by this upcoming weekend

Secondly, rest assured that if anyone has spent arunes or traded for Silvenium that turns out to be illegitimate they will be refunded for the metal.

CiT Update - 9/9/19

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Hello! Time for another CiT Update. This one is in regards to the scavenging/melting down of smithed crafts, and providing a final window for players who still have raw material items that are not up to date, or have yet to be converted post-Lore Cull.

For the melting down of crafted items, this ability is now reserved for master smiths only. The return rate for this is also set to 50% of the cost of material used to make the item rounded down. The reasoning for this is that the previous system had an unwritten 100% return rate, and made this easy to abuse, as it wasn’t locked behind any profession rank. The information has been placed in Material Gathering & Cultivation Systems & Misc. Info. Of which will also be renamed to Material Gathering Information.

The second part of this is that all players have until October (1/10/19) to have their old materials updated to the new system.
Following this period, any old material items will be considered invalid. There has been more than enough time to request a CiT member to come and have these things brought up to date or replaced, so this a final shot at doing so if you’ve been holding off on asking. Regular custom items however may still be...

Aethier: Sundered World

CiT Update - 11/8/19

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Hello! Time for another CiT Update! This one is bigger than the previous few, and comes with a lot of good news for Armorsmiths, some updating of information that was mistakenly not written down anywhere or partly out of date, and some very interesting developments for those with Divinity.

The first major update to the good ol'
Weight Req Sheet, is the addition of specific weight requirements for Neck, Wrist, and Finger-based jewelry. As well as the addition of an amount for the metal additions of most shields. (All-Wood Shields need not apply.)

Neck Jewelry = 100 grams of metal

Wrist Jewelry = 50 grams of metal
Finger Jewelry = 25 grams of metal

Shield Boss/+Rim = 1 kilogram of metal

A rule is now in place that denies attempts to melt down/scavenge any resources from existing Crate-Items. Should you have any old crate items, you should [COLOR=rgb(235, 107...

July Taxes!

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Please Read EVERYTHING Before Posting Taxes. Money Will NOT Be Refunded For Mistakes.

Taxes will not be counted if you do not screenshot the transaction properly, read the 'How to pay the taxes' section. Additionally EACH REGION NEEDS A SEPARATE TRANSACTION IN THE SCREENSHOT. ONE LUMP SOME WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY IT WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.

The following is the active tax sheet for this month.
If your region owes more than one month's taxes, then the rights to the region may be revoked or the price temporarily increased until repaid in full. Please watch for the percentages of your region on the tax sheet, and adapt accordingly for the month.

Tax Sheet

The Due date for the taxes is August 7th 2019 at midnight (PST).

The late fee will take effect thereafter until the August 14th 2019, in which the thread will become locked at midnight.

How to pay the taxes:
To pay the taxes for your region, please pay the "Tax Amount" to "AethierServer" and post a screenshot of the transaction from the confirmation into this thread saying what region it is for inside that screenshot and then post it inside this thread. Upon verification of the screenshot, the spreadsheet will...

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