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when you apply for HR but get confused and end up as Faction Team Leader [Team Leader Announcement]

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This isn't HR..

Hey everyone! It's your certainly most hopefully favorite person on the entire server, ya boy, me. I am the third to be on the throne of Faction Team, First of His Name, and King of Progression, Politics, and Build Teams. And oh boy, is the realm not looking so hot. You might be wondering what I intend on doing about the political system, and I'll think about releasing some public tidbits on the direction I'm heading with it so everyone isn't hanging in suspense. Right now, it is still in brainstorming, so nothing is 100%. If you haven't found out already either from perhaps atrocious formatting or the lack of spice to make this thread pretty, I'm not great at announcements. This is just an @everyone ping so everyone knows that I am the new team leader.


Custom Item Team Bulk-Update

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Hello! It is I, Crach, with a relatively small update pertaining to Bulk-Purchasing amounts that a lot of you should find convenient.

When it comes to item creation, we have decided to lift the cap of 5 or more items needing bulk approval. Now craftsmen may apply for what would normally be considered bulk amounts, only if they are above Novice crafting rank, and have the necessary materials in their inventory. (This applies for common-tier crafts as well.)

Note that creating this amount of items although no longer requiring bulk, does not consider it a bulk purchase, and is not subject to receiving the bulk discount. The Bulk discount is only to be applied to crafts of Common make, for a faction, and carrying that faction's name within the item's name, and being made by a Bulk Approved character. Rules relating to Bulk Purchasing are visible here.

You may also learn how to apply to be a bulk purchaser here.
If you have any questions, feel free to message @Crach an...

Custom Items Update

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This is a small informational update covering some missing information and some new information pertaining to the recent Lore Team update

Any consumable based items that reach 0 uses (or are single use) are to be disposed of using the /dispose command. Any consumable means any consumable, being alchemicals, scrolls, arrows, etc. Players found holding onto items set to 0 uses should dispose of them properly, and can be punished for holding onto said item(s).

Also by Lore-Team decree, a mage may only enchant/create two scrolls within any two week period.

That should be all, have a wonderful day!

April Taxes

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Please Read EVERYTHING Before Posting Taxes. Money Will NOT Be Refunded For Mistakes.
Taxes will not be counted if you do not screenshot "/money log" properly read the How to pay the taxes section. Additionally EACH REGION NEEDS A SEPARATE TRANSACTION IN THE MONEY LOG. ONE LUMP SOME WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY IT WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.

The following is the active tax sheet for this month.
If your region owes more than one month's taxes, then the rights to the region may be revoked or the price temporarily increased until repaid in full. Please watch for the percentages of your region on the tax sheet, and adapt accordingly for the month.

Tax Sheet

The Due date for the taxes is April 31th 2019 at midnight (PST).

The late fee will take effect thereafter until the April 7th 2019, in which the thread will become locked at midnight.

Mini-CiT Update

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Hello! It is Crach for another CiT Update!

This update is
very small, simply providing some written clarification for systems that were originally lost/missing/unwritten. They are as follows:

Pertaining to the Maturity Times for In-Game Animal-Items:
Common: 1-2 OOC Weeks from app-creation time. Will be from the time the animal was obtained if it is from an event.
Rare: 3-4 OOC Weeks from app-creation time. Will be from the time the animal was obtained if it is from an event.
Rare (Event Monster): 2-3 OOC Months
Legendary (All-around): 2-3 OOC Months

This may appear to be a lot at first glance, but it is in fact a
reduction, we feel people shouldn't wait about half a year or rarely longer to use an item, as well as to set some consistency.

Moving on, we are also setting down base prices for the alteration of IC items, not affecting small changes like renaming, grammatical corrections or etc.

Pertaining to Alteration Prices:
Common: 10,000...

Minecraft Server Status

Teamspeak: ts3.aethier.co.uk

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