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Meanwhile, in the realm of the Divines...

The deity of chaos quietly tapped her fingers upon the cold, alien stone of her stolen throne, resting her face onto an open palm with the other. The battles for the pillars, the mortal deaths and the loss of many lives didn't phase her..much. A tinge of impatience adorned her visage as she sat within the realm of war, countless legions of soldiers under the Goddess of war's command going through portals to the other realms. Though this had been going for a while, some realms were far more resilient then others. It felt like nothing was happening in an infinite amount of time..

And then, progress.

Through two portals-chained down by violet locks were a figure of windy white, and a figure of pure sea blue. Both were tossed harshly onto the ground, their forms scraping against the rough stone and roughing up much like a porcelain floor against the skid mark of a shoe. They said nothing, and didn't even look anywhere but at the ground. A smile curled upon her face.

"Finally. I thought you would never find any of them. We can begin with the third phase with just the two, but I'd rather have the rest."
"That will take a bit more time, the other realms are far more..resistant to my...

Notice: Event Team Q/A Friday, April 5th at 6PM EST.

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For those of you not in the public discord, there will be a public Event Team Q/A on April 5th at 6PM EST on Teamspeak.
Attend if you want to voice your concerns!

(this post will be archived on April 5th at 5:59EST)

Another CiT Update

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CiT Announcement: March 23rd 2019

Wonderful News!
Hello! It is Crach once again for your [Insert large number here] announcement regarding CiT related things! Noting many alterations of the node system and material applications, there has been some small discussion between CiT, LT, and OT to decide on how material applications will be handled. As of March 23rd 2019, you will not require in-game items for common materials be it lore or irl regarding custom item applications, and may include the gathering for such items within their respective applications. Also, regarding discussion with LT, small crafts outside of a character's profession range but can be related to said character's already locked-in professions, can be crafted if done so if the craft is being done in relation to a full work within the character's profession range. Now isn't that just a confusing sentence? In a more easy to understand way, a character who is a weaponsmith, would be able to make the hafts of their arrows even if not a woodworker. The only catch is the material must be an irl material, and not purely a common-lore one. The profession being emulated also cannot be progressed, and this is subject to the item-app reviewer based on...

The Great Shattering

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The shockwave that spread through the world was not one of anger, or of rash action. It was methodical, prepared-planned far more in advance then anyone could have expected from the Maiden of Chaos. From the edges of Belinard to the distant shores of Bannesiel, all wondered in both fear and silent curiosity just what had been wrought upon this world.

For the past few Years, every so often a strange landmark would rise from the ground, in particular areas that seemed to carry no rhyme or reason, save for that they emboldened a theme of history within the lands they sprouted from. They seemed to appear after some great threat that had come and passed within the regions, or if a small incursion had been properly repelled from their lands. Regardless of how- these "Pillars" have risen, Twelve in all, across the landscape.

And now, they have been activated, their dark deeds coming full circle.

Beams of pure violet light now pierce the skies from each pillar, creating an unseen barrier over the plane of mortals that has had an immediate effect on those connected to the Divine. Terrible feelings have overcome them, of pain wrenching from their very form as if their souls separated from their bodies..and then a feeling of weakness for septs afterwards. Those not connected to...

Service Update: 13/03/2018

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This Update log is a backlog of recent updates, and does not pertain specifically to things that have changed today!

The Following Updates Were worked on by:

New Systems have been tested by:
Main Notes:
  • Aethiers Primary Web Server software has been changed from Apache2 to Windows IIS with FastCGI.
  • Various performance improvements have been made to the MariaDB Setup.
  • CoreProtect can now properly log messages over 250 characters long, instead of failing due to the prefixing data exceeding the limit of the Database.
  • .schematic files work properly again with the Aethier FAWE upload/download service.
  • Guest chat has been trialled, however has been disabled.
  • Posts made in the forum gallery will now automatically post to the Discord "#arte-chat" channel.
  • All whitelisted users no longer get warned by the bot when posting links in unauthorised channels.
  • The Letter/Word count has been re-added to the editor. You can now choose a setting for it too, as found on the Preferences page
  • Black, and Dark grey have...

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