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Changes to Hero Units!

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Hey everyone! I'm here to announce a brief change to the political system. This is a change I've been thinking about, but with tensions rising up and the question of wars approaching, I decided now would be a better time to release this. The change is straight forward, and is as follows. A Faction may only have up to two hero units. No more than that. This is to make some units be a lot more unique and special to a certain faction, as opposed to a faction having a lot of units that just makes the entire army feel comprised of special units, and to make things feel more simplistic. If you have more than two Hero Units, you need to remove them down to the limit.

The First Great Banquet

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Fliers waive across the realm, put up by criers who seem as if they had seen the Gods themselves. They cry out in fervor as they also post them across every board in every part of town.

"The great God of Adventure, and the whole of the Pantheon invite you, from across them Multiverse-to come to the grand Banquet of the Gods. Within this banquet lies games, gambling, activities, and the best show across the infinite. The divine blessed pitched in heavy competition against one another in a series of activities created by the Pantheon to test their mettle."

On the bottom of the Fliers, the holy Symbol of Oklamat radiates divine power..and below are a list of the activities to sign up in.

P.S: Any healers that are non-divine are requested to assist in making sure that those wounded do not stay that way for long.
[Ascended Included]



Hi Everyone! This is a bit of an Experiment Event I want to do, and it will be likely the first of many that will happen over the course of the Server's history, focused on the Divinity users and a few others that may hit the roll of the dice to enter, be they mages, shamans or normal people! A suite of Activities will be going on, and Signups will be open to those interested in participating in them.


CiT Update - 14/7/19

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Hello! Time for a small CiT update. This one primarily related to the removal of a system we've deemed unnecessary and in poor form for the server. As of now, you may no longer import rare materials for arunes in Custom Item Applications.

For reference to the old system, here is how it was written:

- "2. Component rarity. Items with rarities of Rare can be ‘imported’ or ‘purchased’ as part of the creation RP if one does not have an item or prior approved gathering RP for that material. For each material acquired this way add 40,000 * x to the price where x is that material’s rarity. Materials that are imported will not receive discounts of any kind. The price is firm."

Not only would it result in ludicrous item prices, it would also bring material items into the IC sphere from an OOC method, that we deemed would make little sense in game. Especially with the abundance of nodes, the separate cultivation system as it is currently written, and node-sites. The removal of this will likely affect very little, to none of you.

For other miscellaneous changes, some information contained in the Misc...

Service Update: 05/07/2019

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Please note that the following may be added to throughout the day.

The Following Updates Were worked on by:


New Systems have been tested by:
Main Notes:
  • The Ingame Warnings tool has been removed due to its inefficiency. This has been replaced with expanded support for warnings to be issued directly to forum accounts.
    • Litebans is going to continue to be maintained for its Banning functionality, however the current system (plugin) has repeatedly failed to notify players of warnings they are recieving whilst offline.
  • Litebans has been extended to cover the full network and not just the RP server.
  • A security issue has been patched regarding the direct connection ports to the Roleplay Server was actually open. This has now been closed, and hackers can no longer bypass the Proxy server and gain unauthorised access to team accounts.
  • A new bot has been added to help with Audit Trails
  • Alerts have been split into an "Event" and "Announcement" tag. Players may join these tags by using "?rank event" or "?rank announcement" in #bot-commands
    • New players are automatically given these roles when joining the server and instead may Opt out at their discretion.
  • As part of the Automation Project, the Manage Roles permission has been removed from all groups on the Public Discord. All settings are now...

Custom Items Team Update - 29/6/19

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Hello! Time for another CiT update!

This one isn't too large, but may come as a disappointment to some...

So to get the bad news out of the way first, the amounts gathered from the Cultivation System in regards to trees has been reduced from "two Large and three small logs," to only one, and the amount of fruits gathered to one. This is per tree. This was purely due to the amount of tree-groves made, and the massive number of trees within each grove.

To add on, in regards to Material Applications, it is important to keep in mind that applications are only for common materials, and are now at a soft-cap of 8-12 material items based on the writing, as these applications should only depicts amounts gather-able by a single character over a small portion of time. Also keep in mind, material gathering for common items is place-able within the custom item application the materials are being gathered for.

-Common Material Apps have a...

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