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CiT Seeking New Members!

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Hello! It is Crach once again, and this is a fairly simple post that doesn't need too much over-detailing. Currently I am seeking new applicants for Custom Items Team, more specifically for members who can consistently process Custom Item Applications and Material Applications in a timely manner. The help is heavily appreciated! You may create an application here.

The application deadline will be March 31st, 2019. (31/3/19)

If you have any odd questions, feel free to message me either through forums @Crach an Craite or [COLOR=rgb(147...

Custom Items Pricing Change Announcement!

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This is important!
Admittedly, I should have made this post far earlier and it had slipped my mind entirely. What came along with the new item tagging system briefly explained here, was a new pricing system. Prices for items are now dependent upon item type, a few examples being: Artifice, Fauna, Miscellaneous, etc... As well as being dependent upon rarity: Common, Rare, Legendary. At first glance it may seem like a lot, as it is a rather large change from the previous system, however the alterations were made with intent to be as close to the old values as possible, without biting a horrendous chunk out of your medieval-bitcoin wallet.

Lilbren was gracious enough to snip out the current image of
our wonderful sheet to show the category and rarity prices now.

Obviously it's not really a letter-grade anymore now, which is great since
the vile letter-grades slowly ended up losing their meaning as time progressed.

All information regarding Custom Items can be found...

January Taxes

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Please Read EVERYTHING Before Posting Taxes. Money Will NOT Be Refunded For Mistakes.
Taxes will not be counted if you do not screenshot "/money log" properly read the How to pay the taxes section. Additionally EACH REGION NEEDS A SEPARATE TRANSACTION IN THE MONEY LOG. ONE LUMP SOME WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY IT WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.

The following is the active tax sheet for this month.
If your region owes more than one month's taxes, then the rights to the region may be revoked or the price temporarily increased until repaid in full. Please watch for the percentages of your region on the tax sheet, and adapt accordingly for the month.

Tax Sheet

The Due date for the taxes is February 11th 2018 at midnight (PST).

The late fee will take effect thereafter until the February 18th 2018, in which the thread will become locked at midnight.

Play me some of that Event Team Music [Team Leader Announcement]

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Hi everyone,

While some of you may know who I am, others may not; so hellohihey I'm monomyth, let me introduce myself.
I'm a Creative Writing student attending a four-year university in New Jersey (where I live).
I may not have been on Event Team prior, but I have actual and realized experience DMing and writing for interactive-storytelling-settings.

I have some visions that I want to actualize during my time as ETL, but I'd also like to acknowledge that the system works as is.
I'm not going to reinvent the wheel with the team, but I would like to push it into the following directions;

1) More events that impact the world in a meaningful way, allowing for unforeseen repercussions that will make the continent appear living,
2) More random events (even fluff events) to make the world appear lived in,
3) Coordination with Build Team to make more cool things,
4) Encourage more events and recruit more DMs.

As always, if anyone has any questions, my PMs are always open-- monomyth#5803 on Discord.
If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see in Event Team, I'm...​

Service Update: 06/01/2019 - Subscriber & Patron Ranks Update

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The Following Updates Were worked on by:
@Serethia [Developer]​

New Systems have been tested by:

Disclaimer: The updates listed below are still subject to change. If you have any question about these changes then please ask in this thread! We are also open to additional suggestions on how we can further improve the patron Ranks & Subscriber. You can find a full list of all available perks here: Link
Main Notes:
  • The Following Changes have been made to the following Permission Groups/Patron Ranks Ingame:
    • Peasant (Whitelisted)
      • Removed the unintended ability to sometimes use colors in the chat window. This was unintended
      • Player Vault Access has been moved to Patron1.
    • Patron1
      • The Ability to use /fly has been moved to Patron 2
        • NOTE: Please see the "Known Issues" section of this post for how to get access to fly back if you had it before!
    • Patron2
      • The ability to use /fly has been moved to this rank and above
    • Patron3
      • "/ptime" and "/ptime" reset have been added
    • Patron4
      • "/fbt" has been added (Fullbright)
    • Patron5
      • Large Storage Vaults can be claimed for Free at this rank.
    • Patron6
      • Remains...

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