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Hanging on fine parchment, written with eloquent ink, wherever it may go, is a flier, pinned to boards and posts depicting the opening of the Noctis Woodworks in Folset, saying;

The Noctis Woodworks, located in Tyr'Velon has recently re-opened from its last place in Camara de Lobos and has many different types of woodworks available for purchase, ranging from bows and staffs to the finest of figure carvings! The current owner of the shop, Ishani de Noctis, is an expert woodworker and is now taking requests, for a certain price, of course. Letters can be sent ahead to either the shop itself or to the White Palace in the city of Tyr'Velon, or you may head to the woodworking shop to make requests or browse the soon to be made collection of purchase-able merchandise!



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If you would like to get in contact with me OOCly to set up a roleplay to speak, message me on discord; Vyniel#2412

You can also contact me through a forum PM message or an IC letter posted here or elsewhere in the in character forum.


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