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The arm was broken, that was to be sure. Bent at an impossible angle, it had to be set. Finn winced just looking at it, standing upright and looking at his patient with solemn eyes.

“It’s a clean break from what I can tell. I’ll need to set the bone before I can splint it- and it’s not going to be very… Humerus.” Finn smirked, looking expectantly at the only other occupant of the room.

No response, of course. Finn coughed. “Right, sorry... And sorry for this too.”

Finn placed his dominant hand on the upper part of the break, and his second below. Positioning the arm into the correct position, he swiftly jerked the bone into place.

His patient screamed in pain- or would’ve. But he was long dead. A body Vitae had procured that apparently could not be revived. It was weird to talk to a training body but Finn found it helped him relax while he worked.

Bone set, he made quick work of splinting it. Placing a splint on either side of the corpse’s arm, Finn tied it together with a linen bandage. He took care to position the forearm so that it was bent at a 90 degree angle, before making a sling to hold it all. It wasn’t necessary, but it was good practice, and that was the point.

Finn stepped back to admire his work. Glancing over to check his medical text to be sure that he had completed the procedure without error. The books that Goliath and Vitae had gifted him had served him well thus far.

But some things that could only be learned through practical experience. Speaking of-

Finn hefted the branch of oak in his arms, giving it a twirl as he hummed an old sea shanty. The branch hadn't broken when he had shattered both arms, so he was hoping the same could be said for the legs.

He’d get Vitae to heal the body before he practiced on the ribs.

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