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✠ Furtum Notitia II ✠ (Search for a Queen) (1 Viewer)


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A bloodied bird and a castrated rat... two symbols that had now become widespread in the Reiklands and realms beyond. As much as many Reikvolk and Reiksheer alike attempted to remove them from the public eye, their image persisted. Rumors of their meaning, as well as the meaning of the text often found below them, circulated across the entirety Aethius. Every individual had their own opinion or interpretation. This ubiquitousness would make it fairly simple for Adolphus to gain copies of the posters himself, tucking them carefully into the dark cloth of his tunic. Mounting his horse once again, he would depart from Highmeadow, traveling on the eastward road. He'd stop at Romelle first, and then Wolfmarsch. Spending a few septs in each city, he'd travel to each and every printing works capable of producing such art in large enough quantities. As expected, none claimed the work, although some presumably recognized the style and make of the design or parchment. Members of the same trade would no doubt be well familiar with their competition. If they did indeed recognize the shop that the works could be attributed to, he'd remount, making his journey to Everhollow. Even if he were to find the specific shop on the island itself, it would end up making no difference. The trail was cold. No one could give him even a fragment of information as to what direction the Queen might have traveled, much less as to what her current whereabouts might be. He had spent plenty of time and effort just to get to this point, but the ending of leads was no surprise to Adolphus. The task given to him by the Lord General was an impossible one, of this he knew.

However, the agent would not return to Highmeadow empty-handed. At least, not without trying every available option. Luckily, the large number of resources made available to him by his position made it possible for him to try even the most expensive of methods. Ironically, he made use of the very same press that the Queen likely used, although for a different purpose entirely. Carefully, he composed a letter, written in delicate strokes and precise lettering. Offering the men a sizable sum of arunes in return for two dozen copies, Adolphus advised the scribes at the printing shop to use their finest parchment and ink. After the copies were made, he also advised the printers to seal each letter in red wax, using a stamp he obtained from his saddlebags. After being sealed and tied in black silk, Adolphus took the letters to couriers throughout the city, ordering them in all sorts of different directions. He told none to journey to the Reiklands, though- a waste of money and time, no doubt. His orders usually consisted of giving them the name of a city, before telling them to spend at least ten septs in their respective locations. They were to explore the streets, taverns, and any other public venue, keeping an eye out for women of Eleanora's description and asking locals if they had seen someone similar. If they were to find the Queen, they were to offer her the letter promptly. If this plan proved successful, Eleanora would find the seal of the letter easily recognizable. The distinctive rider and wyvern were marked proudly upon the wax; It was the seal of house Kolchrave. Of course, this plan was a rather last-ditch effort. It was rather likely that none of the couriers would find the Queen, or that she would reject the letter entirely. Adolphus had accepted this fact, but the outcome of the mission still left him on edge. He did not like being left to sit on his hands and wait.




To the true Queen of the Reiklands, Eleanora var Maddoc,

I will make this missive as concise and direct as possible, as it is of the utmost importance that you make a decision regarding it as soon as possible. If it is true that you believe Konig Avel var Maddoc has committed any act of adultery, regardless of circumstance, then it is vital you testify as to such in an official trial. Having already spoken with Lord General Sigmund var Kolchrave, I can guarantee your person will not be harmed during, prior to, or after the trial. However, it is understandable for this promise to sound resoundingly hollow, as we are in sworn service to the Konig himself. As this is the case, I would suggest you find at least a single person to guard you who is not a sworn servant of the Reik. Before you travel back to Highmeadow, however, it is also vital we meet in person, so that I can confirm your identity and give you more details as to how this process should take place. If you follow so far, please follow my instructions, and write me a response including a place and time for us to meet. I recommend you suggest a public place, far from the Reiklands territory.

If you currently don't follow, that is understandable. The simple answer is that the slander of the Konig is considered a crime. In most cases, slander of nobility is labeled as a meager crime, as according to section 1(a) of the Grand Codex. However, due to the extent of the spread and impact of your actions, the Reichlicher may go as far as to label it as an act of treason or conspiracy against the state, especially given that you've fled the Reik. According to sections 3(a) and 3(b), these crimes are punishable by Execution, Maiming, etc. They are recognized as being at the most heinous level of criminal activity. So, why should you return to the Reiklands at all? Well, if you should try and avoid a trial altogether, I have no doubts that you will be found eventually. After all, I was able to get this letter to you fairly easily, no? Should the Reichlicher eventually decide that you are an actual target, the Reikswehr as a whole would have little trouble cooperating with all realms of Aethius until you are found and brought to justice. However, as threatening as this letter may seem, there is still hope for you. If your claim of adultery is proven true, it can no longer be argued that you committed an act of true slander. In that case, it may result in an acquittal of all possible charges against you, as well as the appropriate punishment for the accused. I hope that clears up any misconceptions and illustrates the reason for this letter and its directions.

With hopes of your quick response,

Adolphus Annon Kolchrave

Official Agent of the Reikswehr.



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