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A letter written in Common would arrive at the supposed or hopeful residence or workplace of Lillium Mal'arn, stamped with a wax seal that took the form of a burning rose. The return address was to the Highmeadow Garrison.


"To the esteemed Lady Lillium Mal'arn,

I am Johannes Fisher, and I have heard from some various sources of your fine workmanship as a Tailor and craftsmen. I send this letter to see whether I could make a request for your services.

See, I am in possession of a fine White Stag Pelt, of which was gifted to me. With the increasing dangers from both divine and draconian kinds, I am seeking protection for myself and those I aim to serve. A cloak then would be of great service to me in this, especially considering the properties that are told regarding the pelts of white stags. It would honor me greatly if you would consider creating a cloak designed both for protection against the elements, and for concealment of the user from peering eyes. Making it ready to be used on horseback would also be an important element of its design.

Thank you for taking the time to read, and perhaps consider, this request. I will of course pay full price in arunes, according to your usual fees for such a cloak.

Signed, Johannes Fisher
Soldat of the Reiksheer"


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A letter would be returned, oddly enough, by a fruit bat. It would offer a few small squeaks once the letter is taken before fluttering off.
Dear Johannes Fisher,

Currently at this time I have quite a few commissions I must complete before the tide of Hibernias ends. I have found myself quite busy and will have to decline this offer at the current moment. My husband would be rather irate if I overworked myself. I'm flattered that you think highly of my craft, but I cannot take on more, as I still need to care for my family and those in Tyr'Valta. I do hope you understand, and hope that you may find another soon. If not, it will be some time before I am able to take on commissions once more.

Lillium Mal'arn

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