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The following would be distributed within the Reiklands, however the contents of the message may even spread beyond to the bordering lands from circulation by couriers or caravans.
35555arkon, would be traitors, imposters and conspirators. One Manfred Auralein has been apprehended in the middle of an elaborate ploy against the Reikland upper echelon and has met his fate at the chopping block as per public execution. The sentence was carried out by the Lord General, Anthony Sigmund var Kolchrave himself alongside the Kommondant, Ser Ludwig Arden the Dauntless and a fellow Soldaten of the Reiksheer. Let it be known that any and all threats, especially those that are domestic, shall be appropriately dealt with. And a candle shall be lit on any and all falsehoods. The severed head of Manfred Auralein can be found displayed upon pike within the regions of Northern Casimir for any curious onlooker therefore Beware! There shall be blood to imposters that falsely wear familial names of prestigious and historical houses for personal gain.

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