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The inappropriately named: “2nd Company - The Foreign Legion” lead by one Avalten male, "Manfred Auralein", is herby and officially and formally denounced by the Maddocian Administration and the Reiksheer upper echelon. This is the Second Public Count Denounciation on one "Manfred Auralein" by the Reikland Administration. They are deemed to be a band of ‘Brigands’ lead by an illegitimate and falsely self proclaimed ‘kommondant’ to whom holds no affiliation or ties with the Reiksheer or the Maddocian administration. The Reiklands formally denies any and all implications of responsibility or liability of this hostile bands conduct and confirms to hold no affiliation whatsoever. Reikvolk are advised to be weary of the beholder of the name ‘Manfred Auralein’ and his involvement in this "Foreign Legion" and Aversia is reminded that the Reiksheer and Maddocian Administration has no desire nor need for a ‘Foreign Legion’ or extending branch within the already established forces. Therefore a summons has been made for Manfred Auralein to present himself before the crown and cease any and all means of production of this "Foreign Legion". "This Foreign Legion" until further notice has been declared to be an undocumented brigand and armed militant force. This denunciation is effective immediately and shall conform to the following edicts and laws.

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