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The following would be delivered via courier ahead of time,
a sweaty young lad to whom would transfer the sealed letter to the figures of Florentia, indicating for it to reach the hands of the administration.
Greetings to her excellence,
I’m writing to you from within Highmeadow to firstly express my apologies for having not attended ceremonies under your name in the past, for I’ve been bed-stricken until oh so recently. Though, through the favours of the blessed above I’ve been brought to good health. With vitality like never before. As such I wish to pay homage and pay my respects to thine administration and converse on a topic matter in particular that I find personally worthy of raising in conversation. Naturally, I patiently await an opportunity to travel to new lands and explore the sandy landscapes for myself and hopefully expand my horizons.

-Lord General Anthony Sigmund var Kolchrave


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A letter was returned with the courier that was sent to Florentia. Proficient housing and comfort was supplied to the man during his stay in the temperate climate. The letter which he returned with did not have Lucrèce's handwriting, but instead that of one of her secretaries. Her royal seal was waxed over, closing the letter and ensuring its authenticity.
Lord General Kolchrave,

Your interest in my lands is a welcome sight to see. For too long have the Reiklands remained quiet in their discussions with my people. You will be welcomed into our Holy lands with open arms. I am near available for discussion within the Castle Florentia. A shame, I was just in your capital some days ago. Perhaps we passed by one another. I hope to hear of your continued good health.

Lucrèce Duval, Crown Princess of Florentia, Duchess of Piermont


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