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To The Southern Ondera,

Your letter has not gone without notice by the Kingdom of Elves. I thank you for your watchful gaze as this Kingdom is lead to one as a beacon of prosperity, and progress - which shall tear down the forces that threaten our world's balance. We shall not only destroy the Harbinger of Entropy, but ensure the world - Elf and Leonin alike - will be prepared for the next incursion they are to face. To accomplish this ward against the Harbinger, I seek to evoke projects large, and small alike to benefit all peoples. One project has already been heard by one of your vassals - Snowheart of the Tui'leree Grove. I shall be nuturing the Isle of Atholore, which has been ravished of its once prosperous jungles by Hurricane Vulraz, and further choked from recouperation by the only now lifted worldfog. I recognize your people's great familiarity with not only the jungles I seek to revitalize, but the forces of nature, and natural order of this world. To discuss further this proposed project between both of our peoples, I invite you to the White Palace - along with any of those of the Luk'Mali you believe pertinent to this discussion. I hope this letter may find its return to you well, and may your people prosper.




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