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The stone was suffocating. It closed around her astride and above wherever Lucy was in the place she called home. This was new new, but it had been something she resigned herself to. After all, this was the only other home she knew. Now, however, a few words had reminded her to consider that she could leave whenever she wanted to.
"You don't have to."
Lucy replayed it again as she sorted through the mess that her bag had become. It was not that she hated it here. Many times she had felt happy in Highmeadow. Making clothes, meeting new people, even being a maid. Still, there was a thought buried deep under her determination to live in this place. The thought told her she didn't belong. Could one want and not want in equal measure?
Now her bag only contained essentials to travel and the book she held dear. Everything was in order. Soon, the note she had left with the head maid explaining her departure would reach Avel Maddoc. When she leaves, the door is left open behind her.

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