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Smoke rose through the caverns, bellowing out of the front gate of the old Dwarven Fortress. Within it, stood proud six dwarves; small in stature but large in their collective will. Nearly three years since the ancient halls of Gundir fell to the reaver menace, these few survivors have found themselves a new fortress; far from the clutches of the reavers, and the mistakes of old. The newly renamed Kazadrek now stood as the last bastion of the earthborn. Through hard work, ingenuity and guile that can only be found among Gund’s Folk; the ancient halls of this once great fortress were rid of the crystal plague. Days passed, and the smoke cleared from the old halls of the karak, and with it cleared the path for the dwarves for many years to come.

Posted to friendly cities across Aversia was a simple message, often spread through mouth to ear and in local pubs, written first in
the dwarven runes and then in the common tongue, for those who’d have lost their ancestral ways.

"For far too long have we been subject to the poor circumstances that have befallen the Dawi folk,
and forced to live among the Surface-dwellers, far from a warm hearth and stout dwarven walls.
No Dwarf should have to stand for this, and from this day forth they no longer will!
We call upon all of our brothers from all walks of life to make to trek to our isles,
and work alongside us in constructing a true homeland for the Dawi folk, one that was always meant to be."

Below, upon every poster, would be drawn a somewhat rudimentary map, showing the continent of aversia and the small island inhabiting the north east corner. Somewhere in the center, near a large lake there would be a red X with an arrow pointing to it, and the runic drawing of a dwarven axe. Elsewhere, as the fliers began to spread and word of the resurgence of the Karaz Ankor, the dwarven community, began to be known by the surface-folk; work would begin on restoring the Dwarven fortress to its former glory, and rebuilding it in the image of Gund’s ancestral line.

Credit: @Arcturio and @dogbew


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