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As the final "SLRUCHP" of the veil tear closed behind him, Thaddeus cry for mercy quickly turned to that of a lack of air. Slowly, his body forced out a last breath, begging to pull in air but instead being met with vacuum, and the compression of his lungs. The feeling was terrifying, and also extremely painful..his blessing forced him to be unable to die without severing his head-that means suffocation was a pain he would have to endure maybe forever, as his lungs began to shrink.

But despite the doom and gloom, the initial pain-his eyes were stunned by what he saw.

Countless planets dotted the landscape around. Some gray and made of metal. Others green and flourishing like his own. light permeated each one, but what was even more strange was the countless, prismatic white paths that surrounded everything-connecting planets to one another, to the very heavens. Far, far above-one could make out the realm of Venti, the White tower. But only rubble, and a sickly purple fog remained. In fact, that sickly purple fog seemed to be infesting many of the paths about, and all but covering the place Thaddeus called home. Beyond that..an endless blackness that filled him with a very familiar dread of destruction..and absence.

Perhaps this was his reality now, and he would be stuck here forever. Only the gods truly know what awaited him here.



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After floating and clutching for a few moments, Thaddeus realized soon that he had plenty of time, his eyes perceived what he could. His objective was home, and he knew some of the veil, but no man has ever had first hand experience such as this. He knew what the purple fog indicated. The war in the heavens apparently stretched much further than his home. Shaking and weak, stuttering and panicked, Thaddeus called the whip to his hand, something that came with him in the end. He didn't know if it'd work to the same effect as he floated, but this was his only chance. He looked for anything solid and began extending his whip appropriately to what he perceived. In slow motion, Thaddeus brought his arm back and arced it forwards, the whip seeming like it was going through syrup as it floated. He looked past one of the worlds for a moment as the whip aimed to connect with one of these 'roads'. The inky blackness made his stomach sink even further through the choking, though he tried not to think on it. His goal was to get onto something he could truly hold or grasp.

Here, he felt beyond the reach of the Lady. He felt beyond the reach of anyone or anything he could feasibly think of. It was him alone who would have to find his way home.

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