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568sa9/DracoSky20 ban appeal (1 Viewer)


Hello, around a year ago, I got mixed up in some rp, that was not exactly ok by server rules, so I took it to skype, this is the reason I believe I was banned, though I was never told why exactly, even when I asked. I had asked for an appeal in the past, but let my frustration and pride cloud my judgment against the one who banned me, for I felt wronged. Now a year later, I feel I have matured past these feelings, and realize that I was in the wrong. I truly apologize for how I treated a staff member after my ban, and for what I believe I did wrong, and vow never to do any form of erp in skype involving aeither players. I wish to return because a friend I would like to play with plays this server, and she believes its time that I tried again, to express my deepest sorrow to have had to leave the server over such foolish acts of pride, and stupitedy on my part. So I hope that I can have the second chance that I was never given, and prove that I can be a good member of the community, thank you for your time, and I hope you accept my apology


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Unfortunately we do not feel a return to the server would be appropriate. You do not seem to fully understand the reason for your ban, nor the severity of the roleplay you decided to carry out and thus the ban will remain in place. This application has been declined, moving to archives.

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