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A Bodiless Casket (1 Viewer)


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A rather heavy and large box travelling by carriage soon arrived at the foot of the keep of the Reikland Capital city, two elven soldiers lifting it up and carrying it up the many stairs. If they were stopped, they would merely set the box down, offer short bows and proceed back down the steps and to their carriage. They gave no words other than, "A delivery for the Konig," and expected, nor took any response, another courier needing to be used in order to respond.

Upon the box's nails being pried open and it loosened, a faint foul smell would protrude through and within would be the battered steel plate armor and repeating crossbow of a familiar Bounty Hunter that served beneath Avel Maddoc. Crumpled in a corner would be the helmet, completely destroyed and crushed into a ball of metal and burnt hair and flesh, the metal visibly having heat damage upon its surface. This would be the cause of the smell, but the rest of the armor was cleaned, even polished.

A letter sat neatly on the top, written with an eloquent hand in a fine, common cursive, sealed in a pressed wax,

"Konig Avel Maddoc,
I would first like to apologize for the state you find the helmet, but I couldn't seem to find a way to repair it in the state it is. I also apologize for the lack of remains for your bounty hunter, but the body was taken to the Spirit Tree according to my knowledge. I am sure you can find it there. She was dealt the justice necessary for the crimes of treason and attempted murder of royal Folset family members. She was accused and dealt with as deemed fit according to the laws of the lands of Folset. I hope you understand and if you have any inquiry or wish to speak in person, let me know.

The Queen of the Holy Kingdom of Folset,



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