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A breach of contract (2 Viewers)

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A single poster hangs on the now closed gates to the castle of Sonaris

"So i've been pondering on this one for a while.. and my inability to track you down as of late left me with little choice other than to leave this note in hopes you find it, eventually.

Sonaris was meant to be ran by a 'Neutral Party', and for a while this was indeed the thing.. but it seems one got a little too power hungry as of late.. and fell victim to my rival and his ideals of world domination and the rest. This.. 'Dylamere' empire is as much of a farse as that stupid island and its hideous inhabitants in the first place.. However much i despise those foul creatures.. Emever are nothing more than a waste of magical energy..

None the less, its high tide i call upon The Contract of Sonaris paragraph 5 which reads 'Erika Semori has the right to reclaim the city at any point in the event that circumstances should call for it'.

My sole reasoning is based now that i beleive that there is a bias in ownership and i can not allow this to further. Whilst i have my own personal opinions on the 'Empire' controlling it, i would rather the Capital city be ran by someone of a neutral political Alignment.

This is not to be treated as a threat or an act of war, more a breach of agreement. Otherwise, Enur, i wish you the best of luck with your 'Empire', and i severely hope you never fall victim to that Monster you seem to be so fond of.. I never stop having nightmares of what i had to do the last time those creatures got 'too powerful'.. Don't ever take what he has to offer, its all just part of his plan.. Although like the rest my warning will likely be ignored and you'll eventually learn to regret it the hard way..

The castle guards will open the castle upon every scheduled Council of Aethius Meeting.

Untill then, Erika."
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