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A Call to Arms (1 Viewer)


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"I... I usually don't conside such measures, but in this case, and in future cases, doing this appears to be the only reasonable way to progress. Sacrifices must be made..." repeated a weakened Hyssir'larhaa over and over again in frost and cold, vomiting, and barely conscious anymore. With the last remainders of his strength, he dictated and a few letters were written on the side by his acolyte.

To the Blessed of Morto,​

It is rare indeed that I shed the pride of dragons, however, to preserve a future for both my kin and offsprings, I call upon you to fulfill your sworn duties. Myself, powerless against foes of any kind, can't accomplish feats such as cleansing or vanquishing an ancient corruption akin to this. Thus I beg of you, lend me your aid in cleansing the spirit of my ancestors, and remove the corruption from therein once and for all.​

I shall arrive in Highmeadow within a forthnight.

Yours truly,
Hyssir'larhaa Aardynar​


"Address the other one to Sigal Erenus... and make it fast, we are running out of time... I can't hold this much longer... perhaps a few days, then it is free..." And thus he was brought to his feet by several others, and thus began the strugglesome march down South toward the Reiklands.

To Sigal Erenus,
It has been a while, old maester... However, pleasantries must be put aside. Hereby, you receive the summons of Hyssir'larhaa Aardynar who has had to face a great calamity within himself for the longest time. A corruption courses through him. As his last bastion, he turned toward a few able to cleanse this ancestral spirit of his, since he has become powerless and sickened by said corruption.

I beg of you, meet us in the City of Highmeadow within a forthnight.

Yours truly, Xyl Taran Tinvaak,
Scholar under Aardynar
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[!] *As the letter reached Goslynn, he surmised he had a few septs to prepare for this... Hyssir'larhaa. The Sentinel pondered on what this could truly mean. Of course, ancestors to cleanse was his specialty, but he had never met the man and felt somewhat perplexed. He saw no use to pen a letter, but after inquiring around, would warn guardsman to keep an eye out for the danakov's arrival and direct him towards Askeladden's office. In the meantime, Goslynn readied silver, holy water and encense to cleanse whatever curse or corruption he expected to encounter.* [!]


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*Sigal looked upon the letter with a course of concern...A sickness? No it had to be more than this, an old acquaintence for certain, yet he has never known such urgency from him. He turned to Ciyera who had been asleep beside him, he would have to go home for a while. The Honeymoon will have to wait. He took to his staff and garnered his usual Druidic attire. He would have to leave now should be wish to make it to highmeadow within the alloted time. Another sleepless night for sure.

He left his beloved a letter explaining the circumstance of his disappearence within the night, it wasnt the first time he had done this but he felt he should let her rest.

he boarded the carriage at the earliest break of dawn. Homeward bound.*

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