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A report emerges from the desk of the Konig on the events of the high stakes clash that occurred between the embodiments of the Lady Sterk and the Lord Veltes. Something seemed to take a turning point during the conflict as the daughter overpowered the man and her renowned ax dug into his chest. Avel was not quite sure of what happened. Avel sighed as he picked up the quill to write the decree, as his wife had dedicated years of her life to both Sterk and Veltes in her faith and quests in this world and the old. He hated to condemn the goddess, but he knew not that the actions were not her own but that of Foli. Thus the decree emerges.

"Let it hereby be known that the Goddess Sterk has taken great violence against her father Veltes. It is not known whether or not the Lord survived the fall of his daughter’s ax into his chest. Until further notice, the War Goddess Sterk has now declared a traitor to the people of the realm and the citizens of the Reikland."


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With her ravens and the wanderers of her jarldom spread widely across the continent, Vinnagard’s jarl is aware of many details despite being far from the midst of the events; how there is a continent-wide glyphic circle potentially related to Foli, how the divine-blessed are empowered no more, and of course, the falling of Veltes by the Lady of War. When her raven reports back to her of the Reiklands’ decree, however, she audibly chuckles, throwing her head back gently from leaning over the windowsill. She scribbles a briefing of the raven’s report on a piece of parchment paper along with a summary of what had happened, tossing it on her father’s desk for him to catch up on it later. The queen, meanwhile, had a missive to write for the Reiklands. Delivered by one of her many ravens to the Highmeadow castle, the content is as follows:

Dear Konig of the Reiklands,

I’ve enjoyed hearing of this decree of yours regarding Lady Ardwen, the one I hear you address as Sterk. While I admire your boldness regarding the matter, I must remind you that you and I are all mortals. As prestigious a position we may hold above our kinsmen, this does not give either of us the right to judge whether a divine is traitorous against the Pantheon and declare it to the people of this realm at your whim; that is not our place and is up to the rest of the gods. Moreover, none of us, from what information I can garner, have clear insight on the reason behind the goddess’s actions. Our enemy is Chaos, one who has a notorious reputation for turning children and parents, brothers and sisters, and close friends against one another after all. Do not make rushed, preposterous conclusions from what little evidence we have and spread shame on the war goddess’s name so carelessly.

Með kveðju,


From the desk of the jarl, another announcement is made for the jarldom’s people and the rest of the continent; many of whom were likely perplexed by the news spread by the Reiklands regarding their patron goddess. Their words are spread quickly by criers and spokesmen to counter rumors, even further down in the south.

Foli’s twisted power should likely hold the blame for the War goddess’s actions. She is no traitor to the pantheon as of now until proven solidly otherwise; the truth has yet to have light shed upon it.


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