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Vultog needed something, anything to do. He was draining the stores of every bar in Highmeadow, his head was surrounded by storm clouds, and being around anyone made him cranky. Everyone except his animals... well most of his animals. One in particular was a fearsome sort, and refused to be an ally of Vultog through traditional means. He needed to find another way, which he believed he already knew; Lovepetal, which could stir feelings of loyalty if prepared correctly. However, the alchemist lacked such knowledge, and was unsure of even where to begin as he had not dipped his hand in the practice for some time. So he decided to write a letter to a man who invited him to visit whenever he wished, to see if the promise still held.

King Perise of Folset ( @Lilbren2u ),

First of all, I congratulate your new status as a father. It is a tough job at times, but a rewarding one and I could not be prouder of my own sons. As for me, many septs ago you welcomed me to your home whenever I wished it. Now I write to you to accept that offer in hopes that we could side by side as alchemists. As rumor has it, Lovepetal can be prepared to stir feelings of 'love' or more specifically loyalty into the person or creature who ingests it. I believe we can work together to unlock this secret, not to maliciously induce love on any race but to instead use its power to help tame the most fearsome of creatures as we both tend to exotic animals and both know that some do not easily wish to be cared by our hands. I hope such a project interests you and we can work together in the future.

Vultog, Chief of Mundas'Ranaz


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