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Vultog at Highmeadow:
It had not been a day since Vultog had sent out the letter, and already there was a knock on his door at his office in Highmeadow. He had spent the last few hours trying to clean his own mess, moving furniture back into place and sorting through the many books, documents, and so forth. Yet at the knock of the door he hesitantly placed his current stacks of papers down on the desk and unlocked the wooden barrier. On the other side was the Queen of the Reiklands, Eleanora who wished to discuss her purchase of the orc’s Hero’s Ebony. After a little haggling and final transaction, she then brought up the subject of his letter. Unexpectedly to the orc, Eleanora expressed surprise on receiving a letter and instead of offering personal advice like requested she offered political advice. To do so, however, she asked Vultog to join her to the Obelisk of Sterk. Putting aside his initial confusion and concern, the Landgrave decided to let his Queen have the benefit of the doubt; he hoped all would reveal in time.

Eleanora at Highmeadow:

Eleanora arrived at the orc’s office, firstly to get the purchase of the woods done and out of the way so she could get to the other task at hand. That task being the letter Vultog had sent her. While she felt for him that his personal life was in shambles, that was not of great concern to her, as it was not her business. This being verbalized to the orc when she brought up the letter. She viewed Vultog as a friend, one of the few people in Highmeadow these days who did not manage to constantly grind her gears. Though she was not happy with some of the political scuffles the orc had caused and gotten himself into. She wished to take him to the Obelisk in order to allow the man some reflection, among other things that were in the back of her mind she had not yet decided on. They were drastic and could lead to many instances of bad.

Vultog Heading to the Obelisk

On the way out of the castle, the pair came across Klaus who the Eleanora requested to also follow her to the Obelisk due to a previous arrangement. While Vultog was not happy about this, he said nothing; if the Queen wished it he follow. The orc’s initial feelings of perplexment had not faded, but he continued to suppress. At this point there would be no answers until they had arrived at their destination.

Eleanora heading to the Obelisk:

The feeling of guilt weighing throughout her body as there was potentially more to what the woman was going to do with Vultog at the Obelisk besides just speak to him She was not a cold-blooded killer, nor did she want to use death as an instrument, but there were few ways to convince someone headstrong to start over, though he had sought help, she did not fully think he was going to listen to her. She had sighed as she saw Klaus, surprised the man had turned up so quickly after she had summoned him to make sure nothing more was to be needed in the ways of the desert. She at him come with them, it could bite her in the ass, but could also provide a cover should she need one.

Vultog arriving at the Obelisk:

The trio arrived at the front of the Obelisk of Sterk, its dwarven architecture restored in its all of its glory. Vultog had helped discover its ruins with Eleanora and Sigal, where they met the last of the Sisters of the Sword and her sons and mage had turned back time to reverse the years of wear and tear. This time, however, they were alone. Still there was a sense of comfort that the orc experienced being near an object symbolizing honor and strength. The Queen ordered the Klaus to wait to the side while asking the Chieftain to join her through the gates.

Eleanora arriving at the Obelisk:

The northern born woman was still not set on what she wished to do, if she was going to do it. However, she still did not trust that the Chieftan would not be entirely headstrong over advice being given to him despite the fact he had asked for help. The many instances of build that brought them here flickered through her mind. She spoke to Klaus briefly, still hoping that bringing him here would not bite her in the ass should she go through with the plan in the back of her mind. Sending Klaus off to the sidelines, she turned to Vultog to speak to him.

Vultog sitting down in prayer right up to the murder:

With the Queen and Chieftain alone, finally whatever Eleanora had in mind would come to fruition. She instructed Vultog to kneel in front the Obelisk in prayer, to which he obliged. While his faith in Sterk had been shaken as he learned more of the nature of the gods, it was the words of on her followers and kin, Gor Thalar, that had resonated with him enough to seek help and it was those words which he reflected upon now. Humility, honor, origin, bonds, famil-

Eleanora up to the time of the murder:

She spoke to Vultog, having brought him to the Obelisk because of their shared faith in Sterk. As well as the events that had happened here, the information gained. The ability of the group with the help of Sigal’s spell to restore the monument of Mother War. Restoration, renewal, strength, origin, things she hoped to guide the Chieftan through should he revive. Her hand moving to the axe on her side, though still hesitant to draw it.

Eleanora continued:

In the end, she did draw the axe. The upgraded version of the axe she had been given many years ago, it had carried her through many battles, altercations and expeditions. And here should would use it in an attempt to help a friend start anew. It was not the best of plans, but it was one where she could control some of what was happening. She was not one for manipulation, or puppeteering. rather liked to have all ducks in a row. The guilt washed over her body the moment the axe was drawn off her side, it increasing as the weapon flew through the hair. The sickening sound of metal meeting flesh and skull. The moment the axe hit his skull she felt sick to her stomach. “Sterk forgive me” being one of the many things that she said in a whispered tone. Klaus rushed to the two as soon as it happened, and Eleanora gave him an ultimatum. He could turn her in to her husband, or he could help her.

Vultog’s Last moments:

Pain. That was all he felt in his last moments of this life. The pain of an axe in his head causing death to quickly tighten its grasp. The pain of betrayal from one he believed he could have trusted. But most of all the pain of leaving his tribe, his family, Uluthrek, Ugvahol, Umaroth. Never able to make amends and tell them one last time he loved them all. Never to...


Vultog’s body would be found in front of the Obelisk, with signs of the orc falling in combat defending himself and the structure he care to reflect at. Notably, it seemed the orc has been stripped of any weapons and other valuables on him except a copy of his letter directed to no particular person with his bloody fingerprints on the mentions of his wife, now in the hands of the Konig who had been informed of the scene.

Eleanora returned to the Reikland after her coverups and meeting with Klaus. The woman knew she left a lot to chance in this, but she had faith it could go to plan. She would wait for the Chieftan’s revival, to be a helping hand in shaping his mindset and turning him for the better.
OOC: Written in collaboration with @TheCreatorT. All parts in green were written by him.


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