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"Ah...fines for spreading these..?"
A soft chuckle could be heard through the office, as he sent a letter containing one of the posters off.
"Take this...And make many...many more. And spread it through the other kingdoms."
He whispered to a servant. And off they went, a number of child laborers going off to spread copies of the posters through the major cities.
They would pop out of the sewer vents, through door holes in the middle of the night, and the like.


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Unfortunately for the children and malefactor, the Mittlereik's armed forces and Constabulary have been put on high alert. They had been issued orders to report and act upon all suspicious activity. The Reikskanzler will have a series of children delivered to her office. She will curtly inquire who is responsible for circulating this information. The Chancellor sends men to arrest each person involved and guide them to the dungeons for interrogations.



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Any posters of the like that find their way into Tyr'Arien are collected by the garrison and deposed of, or burned on sight by the Exarch. Whatever grates they came from will be cleared and all entrances to the sewers monitored by the local Wardens. A message is sent to her head of guardsmen, Daegon, to make him aware of the matter as well. Any children found in possession of these posters will be given a day of bread and escorted from the city with a firm message or given to the local foster services.

@JaktheDimon since these are your kids apparently???


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From the Kingdom of Folset, the child laborers would be stopped in their tracks as they arrived through odd means within Tyr'velon. The guards did not act with extreme force as instead a representative from the guard force brought it up to those of the White Palace.

In particular, the Archmagus rose a brow as he nodded- then going to meet with the laborers to discern just whom sent them there, them being promised safety within the kingdom in exchange for the information. However, fearing there being a plot demanding the Crown's attention- he'd scry into their minds should his attempts be met with failure.

Afterwards, his results would be delivered to the Crown along with the rest of the council members.


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In the northern reaches of Folset the response and swift as militant settlements would be expected to. The garrisons along the wall of Tyr'Wyrstel, Tyr'Drucaron, and Tyr'Feredir would respond as the regular patrols came across the propaganda being strung up by hired children. All of the caught offenders would immediately be brought into custody with a few being sent to the capital for interrogation. The rest were conscripted into fierce indoctrination and training for the next generation of defenders of the Great Folset Wall.



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"...What, this again?"

Finn walks along with one of the posters that he'd found in Tyr'Arien, reading it over again. He felt like the gossip was already growing stale.

He'd pause and fold the poster up, making a paper airplane out of the smear piece. With a little aeromancy it was on its way, out of sight and out of mind.

Finn wondered what the kitchen staff had made for lunch...


Raethal Brodielonde pondered their intentions for a while, for no doubt these posters would eventually reach one of the most outlying of lands, the Exarchy of Tyr'Thocia. It was rare, admittedly, for foreigners to arrive on his lands, no less children, and child labourers at that. As the Exarch, it fell to him to send these child labourers away. Guards would surely have rounded up any child labourers as they would then be brought before him, while the posters themselves confiscated. Besides, the nature of such posters gave him pause. Alas, the Lord of the Isles made sure they were given appropriate provisions to go on their way, and henceforth were sent so. He then returned to his studies.

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