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Vultog sat in his office surrounded by the great stone of the Highmeadow castle. He was alone, only accompanied by flickering candles. The orc had once more spoken to Umaroth, and once more it turned into an argument. Once more he felt isolated from his love. Once more he was left to his own devices unable to move forward. Every now and then the servants walking by the room would hear a roar, furniture being thrown, paper being furiously torn asunder. The office soon devolved into a mess resembling the fallout of a storm, with Vultog as its center. He stood there, breathing heavily with fists clenched as he looked at the chaos around him when his eyes fell onto what remained of his research from Sterk. It was the words of Gor Thalar, where "an unannounced anger can devolve into opportunity on the long-term, than falling short used poorly in a quick manner." He slowly digested what was said, and how Umaroth still said to love him. Despite it all, he loved her back with all of his heart. So slowly he placed his desk back right side up and searched through the rubble for as much blank paper as he could. The entire night was spent writing different versions of the same message. Some versions were pages long, others merely a sentence, and most ended up on the floor torn in half. In time, however, Vultog's work would conclude with a finalized product. Was he happy? No, but he knew he could do any better. Copies of this letter would be sent to a variety of persons across the lands of Aversia, including to Spinner ( @changelingirl ) and Ramsey (@Redwall), Snowheart ( @Vmwareguy2 ), Arya ( @truspartan ), Avel ( @ZooGarrus ) and Eleanora ( @RoguishLaughter ), Alok (@Lizardd_ ), Finesse ( @Hawthorne ), Vitae ( @Vex ), and to some surprise Putyati ( @avemechanicus ).

To [Name],

I write to you all not as a chieftain, not as a warrior or a noble, but as a friend. It is no secret that my relationship with Umaroth has turned for the worse. She refused to speak to me, and when she does it is always that of criticism or disappointment directed towards my rage. I want to do better, for her, my children, and my tribe. I do not know how to proceed except that I will need help from those who know me best and have held faith in me. That is why I write to you as well as others, seeking your help along with the rest of friends. I am lost, and need guidance to find my way.



Nature's Guardian
A letter would return to Ugadhol’Groper sealed by brown wax pressed with the Tui'leere's Triskelion and Elm leaves by the hand of a Tui'leere Sinnehliv. She'd hand it to one of the outer guards and asks it to be sent to the chief or his wife.


I have attempted in the past to show you how to remain calm, but it has not worked. If you seem to be at a point where you are starting to see the results of anger, then I will give you another chance to listen. We may meet at the Spirit Isles or I can travel to you, whatever works best. My anger ended in my death a world ago, and that is something you need to come to realize. No one is beyond anger, but everyone can be above it with practice.

May your roots grow deep,


The One and Only Tru Spartan
The letter sits cold and unopened on Arya's desk. There was a growing stack of other letters as well and this was one of many. Where was she? What was she doing? A mystery.*

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