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A Letter to our Ally (1 Viewer)


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King Perise ( @Lilbren2u ),

I hope your reign continues to prosper. With our continued alliance and our common foe of Foli, the Reiklands ask for your assistance. Specifically, we ask for any blessed under your rule to travel to the Reiklands to join our own blessed in a tactic we believe will slow down Foli's forces; blessing major sources of freshwater, specifically the waterfall north of the Reiklands that feeds into our major waterways. If this turns out to be a success, this tactic could be applied to other bodies of water in our lands and yours as well. However, we require as many blessed as possible to help lessen the strain on each individual, as well as the fact we are blessing large bodies of water and not simply small containers. If further discussion is needed I am willing to visit Folset and talk face to face.

I hope our kingdoms can work together once more to defeat Foli and her minions.

Vultog, Chief of Mundas'Ranaz on behalf of the Reiklands and Konig Avel

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