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Holy crap we can put our own Custom Titles?
Vultog writies a letter.... and it gets sent. Do we really need these paragraphs?

To King Garai ( @Vadokim ) of Mandaraz,

First of all I congratulate you on your rising as King. Many of my friends have faith in you and I hope that such ascension will lead to a quick end of the conflict plaguing your people. I write to you as a manner of business; I remember talks from your people about hunting a dragon. If you are successful in that adventure, I would like to acquire some of the blood from the dragon; a liter at the least but I will take more if you choose to spare it. I am willing to either pay or trade instead, perhaps some of my Hero's Ebony that I have grown or other items in my possession. If needed I can visit to further discuss the details of this transaction, but for now I hope you the best for you and your kingdom.

Vultog, Chieftain of Mundas'Ranaz


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