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A Letter to the Phoenix King [Private] (1 Viewer)


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A letter would arrive directly to the Phoenix King, Vulmar Dawn-Lyren. The handwriting looks softer.. more rounded.. like it was from a younger hand.

"To the Phoenix King, Vulmar Dawn-Lyren,

I fear that things have gotten out of hand.. over a mere accident. My Hibernias wish went too far.. and my ability to stay within the Reiksheer seems to be compromised. I will be resigning from the Reiksheer next chance I get. In the meantime.. I must request two things-

One, I wish to request the same protection that you offered Vultog when a similar situation happened. My situation isn't as dire as his was.. though I will admit I don't trust some individuals.

Two, I wish to push on the meeting I requested a couple septs ago regarding a private matter. As of now.. it is of utmost important.. and will prove to possibly be a lengthy meeting.

I hope this letter finds you well.. and I wish I wasn't writing to you with such a poor circumstance surrounding it. Please do not disclose the information written here.. and I hope that you are the only one reading this.

With utmost regards, Wulfrun Annex"

On the bottom of the letter.. a little Phoenix would be scribbled. A makeshift stamp at the bottom.. seemingly to be there for no reason.

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