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[!] Luca DuPont yawned briefly, night was drawing closer and it would soon be time for the little lord to bathe and go to sleep, yet he noticed that from the window he was able to see the first smatterings of rain tapping gently against the glass. It'd had been a little while since he had seen rain and quickly jumped to his feet before beginning to navigate his way out into the courtyard that preceded the Lisela keep. He stood motionless in front of the fountain, turning his gaze upwards at the rain. Eyes closed, he smiled as he felt the rain begin to increase in intensity, his slightly curled brown hair beginning to stick to his face from the wetness. It was getting colder at nights so the freshness of the water brought goosebumps to the surface of his skin. It was peaceful, especially for the bubbly young boy. He began to briefly think back on what happened recently. [!]

[!] He thought about that day in the capital, he'd gone to see his cousin and met Thaddeus and his Aunt instead. They went to make cookies, but something Luca said made them both upset, which also made his mother upset when she arrived. He frowned, angry with himself that he had made the people he loved upset. He also thought about what his mother said, how her and Thaddeus were in love {"Whatever than means.."}. But he was confused why Aunt Coralie and his mother were arguing about him. He must have done something wrong. Then the other day he met Liko, the lost man. He gave him food because he was lost and hungry, and he showed Luca his magic sword. Luca was determined to have one soon, and would be sure to ask his mother if he could go with the man to Folset to get one. [!]

[!] But one thing stuck in his mind, his conversation with Lucrece about becoming a knight. Luca knew he wanted to be the best knight ever, protecting everyone and slaying evil creatures. The conversation would cement Luca's goal for the foreseeable future, a goal that would guide him through his nearing education that would follow his seventh birthday in a few septs. Luca was determined to do his best and not let anyone down. [!]

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