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A Letter of Resignation
The Reiksritter Klaus von Scharnhorst received the notice, upon reading such his eye twitched. A quill was dipped into ink and thus, he wrote his letter.
My König Avel Maddoc,

I write this letter with a heavy heart. After serving faithfully under late Großer Kurfürst I have attempted my best to maintain the order and professionalism he had set. However, after the incident in the square, the case against a particular Hanese woman, and the blatant threats made against a people who's King had passed long ago, I write this letter to inform you that I, Klaus von Schanhorst, am resigning my title of Knight of the Summerlands effective immediately. I pray to the ever watchful Sol that he may watch over the land, people, and military I hold so dear to my heart.
Klaus von Scharnhorst


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