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A notice was broadcast throughout the lands of Florentia, making the knowledge of the decree therewithin common.

The King of Florentia has fallen greviously and terminally ill. As such Claude Duval, First of His Name is no longer able to rule. In his stead, Thaddeus Artorius is pronounced Lord Protector, until his heir, Lucréce Duval, come of age. During this interregnum, Thaddeus Artorius, Duke of Marsailles is charged with the protection of Florentia, her people, its borders and realm. Any decisions which which would majorly alter the course of Florentia or its laws must be discussed with the heir apparent. May the Gods give him guidance during this fraught time.

In Nomine Patris et Matris et Erro.


Kemetic Aesthetic
The state of affairs in Florentia is not widely-known in Mutajara, spare for the rumors that get passed among traders and travelers. One day, while inspecting a shipment of Natron from the North-East, the Mutajaran Wardens hear news of the King's illness. That evening, they report it to Garai, their de-facto Commander. He seems concerned.
"Gravely ill, they are saying. The Kingdom is to be put under control of a Duke."
The other guard adds, "Of Marseilles."
Garai sits quietly at the table, eating supper alongside the Wardens.
"If they are in danger, then we will lend aid. First, with information. There are foul things lurking in the sandstorm, and there's no telling if it will find its way North."
The guards seem confused.
"You mean to say we're going to-"
he interjected, "But keep this between us. I don't want to get an earful from the Council in the morning about what I should or shouldn't do."
Later on, Garai does what he thinks is right.

In a display of good faith, he drafts two letters: one to the ailing King, and a second to the Duke.

Al Roi de Florentia, C L A U D E

"Rumors of your ailing health fill me with great sorrow. May your Kingdom remain stable in these trying times.

If you would accept it, I offer the finest physicians in our province to lend their expertise.
Sickness is a wicked beast to conquer, but it is not impervious."

Compliments of Mandaraz. You have my prayers,
Desde el Exarcha De Mutajara, G A R A I


Al Duc de Marseilles,

"You do not know me, but I know you. My people have treated with you in matters regarding the pyramid. Now,

however, there are more pressing matters at hand. The desert is beset by sandstorms, obscuring
marauding parties of Northern Mercenaries, vengeful Rahktari, and dragons.

I know not if these threats will converge North, but they have been a thorn in Mutajara's neck for many months.
If you wish to secure the desert and receive more intelligence, I pledge my support. Stability

is in the best interest of every province, regardless of our histories."

May you walk a righteous path,
Desde el Exarcha De Mutajara, G A R A I


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